• Premier John Horgan: create a provincial heat response plan now
    During last summer’s heat wave, I was luckily able to spend $700 on an AC unit just in time to find some relief. While those 600 people were in an actual fatal emergency, my partner and their two cats were feeling very stressed and desperate in their hot 1950s building in south Vancouver. In the 1950s the buildings were made to store and hold heat because they had little clue the opposite was a more vital need. They didn’t expect the changes in the climate we’ve seen now. Luckily I could house my partner and their cats for a couple weeks, and we made it through with the AC. Not everyone was as lucky — but the most vulnerable in our communities shouldn’t have had to spend hundreds to survive. As British Columbians, we are currently living in fear of unnecessary deaths and climate hardship this summer and into the future. We need government action right now. Sources [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-heat-dome-coroners-report-1.6480026?utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit
 [2] see [1] 
 [3] https://council.vancouver.ca/20210720/documents/b5.pdf [4] https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/10/05/canada-disastrous-impact-extreme-heat
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  • Preserve our bees - eliminate the use of neonicotinoids in agriculture
    Bees are critical to life on earth. They maintain the wellbeing of our ecosystems and pollinate a third of the crops we consume, providing pollination services valued at $2 billion to Canadian farmers every year. [1] Without them, Canada’s food system would collapse. Neonicotinoids were banned by the European Union two years ago because of their devastating impact on bee populations. [2] Neonicotinoids can kill insects on contact, interrupt their ability to navigate and reproduce [3] and threaten to poison our fish, our water, and the foods we eat. In 2018, the Ministry of Health promised to ban the use of neonicotinoids in Canada. But last year, they quietly walked back on their commitment — trading out a decisive neonicotinoid ban with half-measures that come nowhere close to meeting the scale of the problem. [4] It’s time for our government to follow the example of the European Union and ban the use of neonicotinoids. We need to stop the use of this chemical to preserve our environment and stop poisoning ourselves! Sources [1] https://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/pollinators/documents/AgCanadaNativePollinators.pdf [2] https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/neonics-neonicotinoids-banned-european-union-protect-bees-pollinators-environment-science-spd [3] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2021/05/31/news/bees-dying-toxic-chemicals-feds-wont-save-them [4] https://www.ctvnews.ca/climate-and-environment/canada-rejects-outright-ban-on-bee-killing-pesticides-1.5370556
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  • Curriculum Change, Not Climate Change
    "Observed increases in well-mixed greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations since around 1750 are unequivocally caused by human activities...Each of the last four decades has been successively warmer than any decade that preceded it since 1850." -IPCC Assessment report 6, working group 1 https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg1/downloads/report/IPCC_AR6_WGI_Full_Report.pdf The climate crisis does not end here. We know what we need to do to lower emissions. It is essential and only fair for students to have required and updated climate curriculum to spread the awareness we need as fast as we need it.
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  • Stop the export of Canadian fossil fuel electricity to the USA
    Stop greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel (natural gas and coal) power stations in Alberta and BC which would generate up to 10,000,000 Megawatt-hours per year of electricity exported to the USA for a period of 10 years. This would produce up to 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide addition to Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. The intention of the petition is to ensure that the Canada Energy Regulator refuses to authorize the application by Heartland Generation Ltd. dated 13 August 2021 to export this energy. The recent IPCC report has stated in no uncertain terms that fossil fuel emissions are driving climate change and that these emissions must be reduced as soon as possible to avoid future climate catastrophe. This application to export electricity which would increase Canada's emissions is unconscionable.
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  • Vaccine mandate for healthcare and education workers in Ontario
    This is a matter of public health. We need to protect the most vulnerable including children who can't be vaccinated yet, people who are sick, people with disabilities and the elderly. The delta variant is more contagious and more dangerous. We can't afford to sit and watch another wave take over. It's time to act.
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  • Demand a Green Tomorrow for Ontario
    This year alone, we have seen an unprecedented amount of disasters all over the world, such as deadly heat waves, wildfires, tornadoes, over one billion sea creatures possibly boiling to death in the oceans, melting icecaps causing northern parts of the world to become inhospitable, to countless floods and other major disasters. All of these issues and much more serve as a grim reminder that the Earth is a fragile place that requires immediate action. Climate science has shown us time and time again that our way of living is unsustainable, but those in power refuse to acknowledge these facts for monetary gain. The worst is yet to come, and we will be the ones to inherit a desolate planet if we do not do our part. Not our children, or our children's children, but those of us here now. We at Green Tomorrow Niagara refuse this fate, and so we are calling on you to stand with us and demand more from your leaders, and prove to all that sustainable is attainable.
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  • A People-First Climate Plan
    Join us - Because now we are older, wiser, angrier. Because we know that action builds hope.
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  • Create a National Bus Service Now
    Greyhound is pulling its services out of Canada, leaving many rural and low-income communities stranded. [1] It’s a massive loss to all of us who rely on Greyhound to get to work, visit our families, and access critical services. Private companies are clamouring to fill the gap Greyhound left behind — but they’re fully prepared to abandon remote and Indigenous communities in favour of more lucrative routes. [2] This move could mean social and economic isolation for thousands. And for many Indigenous women, the difference between a bus ride and a hitchhike could be life and death. [3] With entire communities deserted for the bottom line, it’s never been more clear that we need a publicly funded, national bus service that is safe, reliable, and affordable. The federal government is in crisis talks to replace Greyhound — and companies like Megabus are fighting hard to get in on the new market. [4] Time is short — but a massive injection of public pressure could be enough to force a publicly-funded national bus service into the federal conversation. Will you add your name to stand up for accessible, affordable, and green transportation for all? [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/greyhound-canada-1.6025276 [2] https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/greyhound-bus-column-don-pittis-1.6026564 [3] https://globalnews.ca/news/7860104/greyhound-closure-disaster-communities/ [4] https://globalnews.ca/news/7863365/megabus-ottawa-toronto-kingston-greyhound-canada/
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  • Honour your pledge, un-appoint Norm Sterling as head of the Greenbelt Council
    The Greenbelt provides Ontarians with a massive water and air filter, a sustainable food supply, and generates $9 Billion in jobs annually. The establishment of the Greenbelt is the primary reason why Ontario was able to meet its commitment to GHG emission reduction; forest ecosystems of the Greenbelt sequester 137,000 tonnes of carbon annually. The Greenbelt is also plays a vital role in restraining the type of urban sprawl that is motivated by developer greed rather than the municipal need. Undermining its well-established role now will only set back future generations and handcuff government from responding responsibly to our climate change goals.
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  • Kingston Banks - Stop Funding Climate Chaos!
    You do business in our community. It is on you to invest in the future of our community, and of our planet, not profit from its destruction. This November, the COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow will see governments up their ambition on climate action, and the institutions in their respective countries must do the same. Long-term commitments to zero out emissions are vital, but so are the short- and medium-term actions necessary to keep warming under 1.5°C. As one of the world's biggest bankers of climate chaos, you have an outsize responsibility to take immediate action.
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  • Withdraw all Grassy Territory from mining and mineral exploration now!
    A mining company is applying to drill for Gold in Grassy Narrows Territory against Grassy Narrows’ will. This could lead to a dangerous gold mine that would compound the harm that mercury, clearcut logging, hydro dams and residential schools have already done to Grassy Narrows’ lives, lands, and way of life. This violation of Grassy Narrows’ Land Declaration is an important threat to Grassy Narrows’ self-determination, rights and culture. Tell Minister Rickford to deny Trillium Gold’s permit to drill at the Leo Project, and withdraw Grassy Narrows Territory from mining activity. Sign our petition calling on Minister Rickford to withdraw all Grassy Territory form mining and mineral exploration now!
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  • Sauvons le versant de Sainte-Julie du mont Saint-Bruno – Déboisement imminent
    Plus que jamais la destruction de ce milieu est un non-sens pour plusieurs raisons : · Parce que le site visé par ce développement abrite au moins une espèce protégée par la Loi sur les espèces menacées et vulnérables. · Parce que malgré des demandes de citoyens visant à s’assurer que le projet soit basé sur des études récentes, à notre connaissance, les dernières études environnementales effectuées datent de 2012 ; · Parce que ce boisé situé en bordure d’une réserve naturelle agit comme zone tampon du Mont Saint-Bruno. Ce parc de la SEPAQ est sous pression, avec plus d’un million de visiteurs par année. Il est reconnu qu’une plus grande surface de conservation contribuera à sa santé à long terme ; · Pour éviter de créer une cicatrice permanente entre 3 zones protégées : 1) Une Réserve Naturelle au Sud ; 2) Un terrain fédéral qui est l’habitat d’espèces animales en péril, dont la rainette faux-grillon à l’Est et 3) Une zone de conservation appartenant à la ville de Sainte-Julie et menant à l’entrée du parc de la SEPAQ à l’Ouest ; · Par cohérence avec la Politique de l’arbre de la Ville de Sainte-Julie qui mentionne la participation au développement des corridors forestiers ; · Parce que la conception du projet implique la construction d’un deuxième accès pour les services d’urgence, ce qui représente encore plus de déboisement et de destruction de milieux naturels riches en biodiversité ; · Parce que ce projet implique du dynamitage dans le roc, une activité hautement intrusive et destructrice ; · Parce que près de la moitié des quinze (15) résidences de prestige se retrouveraient à moins de 600 mètres de la carrière ce qui ne respecte pas la distance minimale exigée lors de l’installation de nouvelles carrières. · Parce que la ville reconnaît que les coûts sont un défi pour ce projet de quinze (15) maisons, d’un seul côté de rue, qui pourrait s’échelonner sur des décennies pour se réaliser pleinement ; · Pour protéger la santé et le bien-être de nos communautés au lieu de quinze (15) futures résidences de prestige. Pourquoi faut-il agir maintenant ? Depuis trop longtemps, l'aménagement des villes en Montérégie a été planifié de manière non durable, c’est-à-dire au détriment des milieux naturels qui sont aujourd’hui de plus en plus reconnus comme des infrastructures vertes qui rendent d’importants services écosystémiques. Chaque signature recueillie ajoute du poids à nos démarches et démontre la volonté des citoyens pour une préservation saine et nécessaire de nos espaces verts, et plus spécifiquement celui du versant Sainte-Julie du mont Saint-Bruno. En signant, vous ajoutez votre voix pour la préservation, pour la conservation et pour la protection de la nature. Parce que la nature n’a pas de voix si nous ne la défendons pas.
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