To: Provincial Government of Ontario

Make the Green Changes Possible to Stop Climate Change!

Ontario is the second highest greenhouse gas emitting province in Canada. In 2017, the entire province produced roughly 159 megatonnes (159 billion kilograms) of carbon dioxide in a single year, a number that only slightly diminished within the following 5 years due to the pandemic. And what did a large chunk of that stifling quantity come from? Why, our everyday gas-guzzling modes of transportation!

Transportation in Ontario accounts for around 30-40% of all emissions; that means of that 159 megatonnes, 47.7 – 63.6 megatonnes were from people just driving around going about their business. That’s a staggering amount, and one that doesn’t look like it will be going down any time soon.

We’ve made leaps and bounds in the electric car industry, a clean green alternative transportation that produces none of the toxic emission their gasoline counterparts cough up, and they’re now even dropping within the affordable price range! But there’s still an underlying problem that’s holding people back from making the switch. There’s nowhere to charge them! A lot of modern houses and apartments exclude the signature feature of a driveway, preventing homeowners from having easy access to outlets, especially when extension cords only reach so far. No available power makes equals a useless vehicle and a very unappealing option to consumers.

But what if there were public charging stations around the province?

With charging stations available in and around public and residential areas, everyone would be more encouraged to purchase these planet saving vehicles, a critical step in fighting the devastating global catastrophe of climate change. No more gas-guzzling vehicles would cut out a huge chunk of the province’s disastrous CO2 emissions burning away the entire planet.

Not only that but switching to electric powered vehicles is vital financial step for the transportation industry. Fossil fuels are running out; while the exact date varies depending on the study, the prediction is that fossil fuels will run dry within the next 20-50 years max. This will make extraction and mining of the non-renewable source that much more expensive as deeper and more extensive efforts will be needed to reach it. And since fossil fuels take thousands of years to form, it won’t be coming back any time soon. Without the switch to electric transportation, we would be left stranded chasing after a dying money pit industry.

We are calling on the government to take the initiative and install public charging stations province-wide for everyday use. This kind of step is essential for ensuring the future of our planet and all its inhabitants is a bright one. The red light has already been given, if drastic action isn’t taken, it’ll soon be too late!

Why is this important?

Climate change is one of the world's biggest global catastrophes to date as it eats away at the planet every day. We've seen the destruction and horror it can cause; vicious floods and hurricanes, lethal droughts and heat waves, dying coral reefs, horrendous wildfires and all of it just the beginning if everything is left as it is. This is an emergency situation because if action isn't taken right now, it's going to be too late to repair the damage and no one will be safe.

Fossil fuels of all kinds and in every industry have to be fazed out; this is an unarguable and vital step to save the planet and everyone on it. That includes the transportation industry, one of Ontario's leading producers of carbon emissions.

With the amount of carbon emissions produced yearly on a global scale from the transportation industry, it would be impossible to end the climate crisis without the switch to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles provide a green alternative to their dirty gas-powered polluting counterparts, running solely on a lithium battery that's completely devoid of damaging fossil fuels. No fossil fuels means no carbon pollution.

The world is falling apart under our feet, and yet corporations and governments seem to dragging theirs. The progress being made is slow and/or hitting constant roadblocks that stall or drag out the critical steps the planet needs immediately.

It's time to pick up the pace!

My hope is that this campaign will help make the transition to a greener brighter future easier for everyone. This fight isn't over yet and I won't stand by and watch our home be destroyed while everyone suffer along the way.