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Leadnow is an independent advocacy organization that runs campaigns on the major issues of our time, engages people in participatory decision-making, and organizes in communities across Canada. We envision a country where people work together to create an open democracy, a fair economy, a healthy environment, and a justice society.

How does you.leadnow.ca work?

you.leadnow.ca is an online campaign platform powered by Leadnow where you can start, run, and win your own campaigns, with support from our team.

Maybe you want to save a local school from being closed, or maybe you want to see a national strategy to improve public transit in cities across the country. Big or small, Leadnow created this platform for anyone to use. We invite people to start campaigns on a wide range of issues, as long as they're not defamatory, discriminatory or illegal.

You.leadnow.ca puts Leadnow’s tools at your fingertips. With support all along the way, you can start your petition, email your supporters, organise events and win your campaign!

Ready to start your campaign? Here are some useful tips to get you started.

Who is using you.leadnow.ca?

Most you.leadnow.ca campaigns are started by regular people who want to make their voices heard.

We've also had a number of progressive organisations and groups use you.leadnow.ca to give their campaigns a boost. If you'd like to learn more about how your organisation can use you.leadnow.ca, click here.