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To: Loblaws Board of Directors

Tell Loblaws: Reinstate "Hero Pay" For Frontline Workers

Tell Loblaws: Reinstate "Hero Pay" For Frontline Workers

Reinstate the $2/hr "hero pay" for frontline workers immediately and for the duration of the COVID crisis

Why is this important?

The pandemic has laid bare exactly who the truly essential workers are. While many well-paid workers work from their homes, it is the bravery and determination of front-line workers that are keeping our nation moving through the pandemic.

That includes grocery store workers, many of whom make barely above minimum wage.

At the start of the pandemic, Loblaws guaranteed those workers a $2/hr increase in "hero pay" - a modest increase for people who are literally putting their lives on the line so that we can eat.

But Loblaw's cancelled the hero pay when cases declined over summer.

Now, cases have reached record levels and are still climbing - but not only has Loblaw's refused to reinstate the hero pay, they've instead chosen to increase the amount of money going to their wealthiest shareholders through dividends.

It's profit over people, and brave grocery store workers deserve better.

Sign your name to demand Loblaw's reinstate hero pay immediately for the essential heroes keeping food on our tables.

Reasons for signing

  • I work as an essential worker and have been since the pandemic started. We are at risk everyday because we work in the COVID sess pools and so much so that I had COVID and I got it from work. If I’m putting myself and my loved ones at risk by being here almost daily, I think myself along with my peers deserve at least $5-$10 extra dollars! We work for a billion dollar company and they’re giving us scraps while we make them more and more revenue. It’s BS.
  • Loblaws is making record profits and not supporting their essential workers
  • They are called essential workers for a reason yet they aren't paid like it


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