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To: Premier Horgan

Stop All Work at the Site C Dam Now

Site C has dangerous stability issues and its costs are ballooning. An open letter from prominent British Columbians has called on the Premier to immediately halt work at the site and appoint an independent panel of experts to assess the situation. The letter demands that work not resume at Site C unless the panel finds that the geotechnical issues can be resolved safely and at no additional cost.

Join former CEO of BC Hydro Marc Eliesen, UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and others in signing your name to the open letter by signing this petition.

Read the letter here:

Why is this important?

The B.C. government must stop throwing good money after bad into the unneeded Site C dam. In July, BC Hydro belatedly admitted that serious geotechnical issues had materialized at Site C and that the fix was unclear. Before any more work continues, and any more of our billions are potentially wasted, the Premier must call for an independent expert review with full public transparency. BC taxpayers and Hydro ratepayers deserve to know what they are paying for. If the independent expert panel finds that this project can't be fixed or that attempted fixes will cost billions more, cancellation of the project must be on the table. These billions can be put to much better use helping families, businesses and all British Columbians to weather the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more information on the Site C dam, see


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