• Support striking workers – stop Doug Ford from selling off the LCBO!
    Doug Ford is trying to privatize the LCBO – destroying good jobs and starving our public services of funding.  Just last year, profits from the LCBO – an Ontario Crown Corporation – provided $2.58 billion dollars of funding for education, healthcare and other public services.  But if Ford’s plan for privatizing alcohol sales goes through – those profits will go straight to the pockets of billionaires of big box stores like Galen Weston.  Striking LCBO workers are hitting the picket lines to fight back against Doug Ford’s plan – which would erode the good union jobs LCBO provides and deals a hefty blow to public services funding.  We can’t let Doug Ford get away with this. Together, let’s keep the LCBO public. Add your name to show support for the striking LCBO workers and demand Ford back off his plan for privatization. One of the best ways to support striking workers is to visit a picket line: ​​https://opseu.org/news/support-striking-lcbo-workers-find-a-picket-location-near-you/237391/
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  • Petition Condemning York University Administration and Supporting Encamped Student Protestors
    1. Protecting Free Speech: The right to free speech is a cornerstone of democratic societies. When universities, which should be bastions of open discourse and critical thinking, suppress lawful protest, it threatens everyone's freedom to express their views. 2. Upholding Human Rights: The situation at York University highlights broader issues of human rights and justice. Supporting the protestors means standing up against the oppression and silencing of marginalized voices, particularly those advocating for the rights of Palestinians. 3. Academic Freedom: Universities should be places where ideas can be freely discussed and debated. Actions that punish students for their political views undermine academic freedom and the integrity of educational institutions. 4. Solidarity with Students: The students at York University are exercising their rights to peaceful protest and free expression. Showing solidarity with them reinforces the importance of these rights for all students and supports the next generation of activists and leaders. 5. Preventing Precedent: If York University's actions go unchallenged, it sets a dangerous precedent for other institutions to follow. It's crucial to push back against such measures to prevent a wider erosion of rights on campuses and beyond. 6. Moral Responsibility: Witnessing injustice and remaining silent contributes to the perpetuation of that injustice. By taking action, you help to create a more just and equitable society. 7. Global Impact: The issues raised by the protestors at York University resonate beyond Canada. They are part of a larger global struggle for human rights and against systemic oppression. Your support contributes to a worldwide movement for justice. 8. Empowering Change: Every voice and action counts in the fight for justice. By caring and taking a stand, you join a collective effort that can bring about meaningful change and hold those in power accountable. Caring about this issue means standing up for fundamental rights, supporting those who are fighting for justice, and contributing to a society where freedom of expression and human rights are respected and upheld.
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  • Penticton, Lower the Voting Age to 16
    Youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow. They are eager to make a difference and are more than capable to adopt the right of voting - now. Youth can often feel discouraged by news in the world and helpless. Giving 16-year-olds the right to vote will help youth realize the potential they have and give them the ability to make that small difference. I learned about the importance of youth in democracy from my grade 8 teacher. The knowledge I gained helped me grow into a more confident student who could make a difference by following their passions. Lowering the voting age will open up the possibilities for youth. They will feel valued in our society and eager to be involved. Give youth this opportunity - and they can give back.
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    Created by Youth Council Penticton
  • Stop Bill 20!
    This legislation is truly undemocratic at its core. At a municipal level, we take pride in voting for local people who know the local issues to be mayor and council and represent their areas fairly and informatively. Bill 20 would render municipal elections pointless and would give the province far too much power over a jurisdiction that is not theirs and they actually hardly fund anymore. Please join the campaign to stop Bill 20 before it destroys our cities and our province. Let's stop this nonsense!
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    Created by Kevin Hope
  • Stop blocking a safe future for our kids
    From letting ultra-rich oil companies off the hook for hundreds of millions in oil well clean up fees, to spreading misinformation on clean electricity and blocking new renewable energy projects — it seems every time we turn on the news, Smith is doing something else to prop up the oil and gas industry and block any shot we have at a livable, thriving, Alberta. Our children deserve to live in a province that is safe. They deserve to grow up without the threat of increasingly destructive wildfires hanging over their heads, without fear of what the future will bring. Despite what our Premier says, Albertans, not oil and gas companies, will build the future of our province. As parents, we won’t sit by quietly while Premier Smith gambles with our childrens’ future. If thousands of Albertans speak up now, it could shine a spotlight on Smith’s shady, unjustifiable actions, and send a powerful message that the safety of our families is non-negotiable, and she won’t get her way without a fight. Join us in calling on Premier Smith to stop shilling for billion dollar oil corporations, and work to build and protect a thriving, climate-safe future for our kids. Add your name to the open letter now. Sources [1] https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2023/02/10/Danielle-Smith-Gift-Oil-Companies/ [2] https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/rural-municipalities-call-for-end-to-oil-industry-tax-break-7298673 [3] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-marketing-campaign-kenneth-wong-danielle-smith-1.6982839 [4] https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/commentary/article-albertas-new-tell-the-feds-ads-are-a-naked-ploy-to-unyieldingly-serve/ [5] https://www.theenergymix.com/alberta-renewables-moratorium-hits-118-projects-worth-33b-affects-24000-jobs [6] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/danielle-smith-oil-gas-emissions-cap-reaction-unconstitutional-analysis-1.7052731
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  • Canada: End the Sudanese War
    Sudanese people cannot continue to fight the RSF and SAF alone, the international community must support Sudanese liberation. They want to live free of violent and oppressive military-rule. A humanitarian catastrophe is growing with the following simultaneous crises: - 24.7 million are in need of CRITICAL humanitarian support - 70-80% of hospitals are out of service in conflict areas - Reported widespread rape and sexual violence are being used as a weapon of war against Sudanese women and children - 20.3 million people are critically food insecure - 19 million children are out of school
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    Created by Jei Phang
  • Support the OEB - Tell Doug Ford we want affordable clean heating in Ontario
    Since this ruling, Doug Ford’s government has said they will legislate to overthrow the OEB’s decision in favour of Enbridge and devleopers, who are furious right now. [2] The OEB’s landmark decision could encourage developers to install more affordable and energy efficient heating systems - facilitating the transition from heating Ontario’s buildings with fossil gas to green solutions such as geo-thermal and heat pumps, while also reducing energy bills for homeowners and tenants. Doug Ford’s government is standing in the way. If thousands of Ontarians show support for the recent OEB ruling, and for measures that will protect homeowners and renters and incentivize clean energy options, we can discourage the Ford government from intervening with legislation. Tell Doug Ford and Energy Minister Todd Smith - Hands off the OEB, Ontarians want affordable, green heating. Sources: [1] The Narwal: https://thenarwhal.ca/ontario-energy-board-enbridge-gas/#:~:text=In%20December%202023%2C%20the%20Ontario,fuel%20use%20is%20winding%20down.&text=Days%20before%20Christmas%2C%20Ontario's%20energy,decision%20and%20a%20fiery%20response. [2] CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-energy-board-overruled-todd-smith-1.7068120
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  • Environmental and advocacy organizations: Stop using unethical Facebook/Meta
    Given concerns relating to misinformation, negative impacts on our society and democracy, impact on mental health, privacy, etc. it is imperative for us to move away from Facebook. And, progressive advocacy, environmental and humanitarian organizations such as Leadnow, CARE Canada, Oxfam, David Suzuki Foundation, Nature Conservancy, Nature Canada, etc. should lead the charge. They can do this by exploring ethical alternatives to Facebook and increasing their presence on these platforms. This could slowly draw people to more ethical platforms.
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    Created by Rolly Montpellier
  • Powell River - Mayor Ron Woznow & City Councillors: Join the National Call For a Ceasefire
    One way we can do that is to get more prominent politicians into the fray. Already, some municipal politicians have called on the Canadian government to support a permanent ceasefire. The more decision-makers who add their voices, the more pressure there will be on the federal government. Add your name to call on your local Mayor and council to come out in support of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now.
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    Created by Rowan Ferrie
  • City of Ottawa Council and Mayor Mark Sutcliffe: Join the National Call For a Ceasefire
    One way we can do that is to get more prominent politicians into the fray. Already, some municipal politicians have called on the Canadian government to support a permanent ceasefire. The more decision-makers who add their voices, especially those here in the nation's capital, the more pressure there will be on the federal government. Add your name to call on your local Mayor and council to come out in support of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now.
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    Created by Canadian Allies for Palestine Network
  • The Cruel Reality of the Biomass industry
    Clear cutting of Primary Old Growth Forests in BC is being accelerated in the name of green energy production - somehow even shipping our pelletized forests to be burned in the UK as a means to green wash their country's largest coal fired power plant. This large scale fraud not only expedites the destruction of what remains of Canada's old growth forests. It also works against the reduction of carbon emissions while stating the contrary. This is a massive scam that cannot be allowed to continue.
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  • Reverse your disastrous healthcare plan
    On Wednesday, Premier Danielle Smith unveiled her plans for Alberta’s healthcare system which - if enacted - could be a slippery slope to the end of public healthcare in Alberta. Her plans would dismantle Alberta Health, replacing it with a new set of organizations which will be under her government’s direct control - giving her the power to do whatever she wants. Leaked documents indicate it could put the jobs of 250,000 healthcare workers at risk. At a time where the public healthcare system is already crumbling in crisis and suffering from understaffing - this is unacceptable. Smith has yet to directly address how many jobs will be affected by these new plans, or how much it will cost. If thousands of us sign a petition calling on her to reverse these plans, we can show Smith that her proposal is deeply unpopular, and get her to go back to the drawing board and build a healthcare plan that really addresses the needs of all Albertans. Image credit: Alberta Newsroom
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    Created by Leadnow Canada