• Write a letter to Canadian Leaders: Demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a world leader and as citizens/residents it is our perogative to hold our leaders to account. Citations: ⒈https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/gaza-west-bank-death-toll-reaches-2383-palestinians-ministry-2023-10-15/ ⒉https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/gaza-facing-real-catastrophe-as-hospitals-only-have-hours-of-fuel-left-while-food-and-water-run-low-or-out/ar-AA1ij9mI ⒊https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/gaza-strip-palestine-evacuation-israel-siege-b2430912.html ⒋https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/over-last-week-israel-killed-47-families-in-gaza-made-up-of-500-palestinians-news-agency/3020636
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  • Reject Hindu Supremacist "Hinduphobia" Petition in Canada
    This is a critical time. India’s autocratic government seemingly murdered a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, in Canada [1]. This same Hindu nationalist government is violently attacking Muslims, Sikhs, caste-oppressed people, Indigenous people, Christians, and occupied Kashmiris on a daily basis [2]. Hindu nationalists also have an extensive network in Canada [3]. One of the ways these right-wing Hindu nationalist (Hindutva) forces stifle any criticism of the Indian government and Hindu supremacist ideology is to label such criticism as “Hinduphobic.” They have launched a seemingly virtuous petition to ask the House of Common to specifically recognize “Hinduphobia'' as a form of discrimination. But, “Hinduphobia” is a devious political tool designed to hoodwink people of goodwill and make them complicit in advancing a Hindu nationalist and supremacist agenda in Canada. Anti-racism and anti-discrimination measures should hold systems of power to account. But the “Hinduphobia” petition does no such thing [4]. It weakens accountability for Hindu nationalists, a clear and present danger for all in Canada. Any parliamentary recognition of “Hinduphobia” will have a chilling effect on the rights of religious minorities and caste-oppressed South Asian Canadians, as well as all academics, artists, and human rights defenders in Canada [5]. Sign this petition now and resist the reproduction of Hindu supremacist politics in Canada. [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/sikh-nijjar-india-canada-trudeau-modi-1.6974607 [2] https://www.amnesty.org/en/location/asia-and-the-pacific/south-asia/india/report-india/ [3] https://www.nccm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/RSS-Report-2023.pdf; https://www.vice.com/en/article/n7z947/how-far-right-hindu-supremacy-went-global [4] https://www.baaznews.org/p/hinduphobia-hindu-nationalist-rhetoric [5] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d41KjHGfrnJlbM0fLLMJlGADOku4sOu_/view?usp=sharing
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  • Rejeter la pétition "Hindouphobie" des suprémacistes hindous au Canada
    Nous sommes à un moment critique. Le gouvernement autocratique de l'Inde a apparemment assassiné un dirigeant sikh canadien, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, au Canada [1]. Ce même gouvernement nationaliste hindou s'en prend violemment et quotidiennement aux musulmans, aux sikhs, aux groupes opprimés dans le système de caste, aux groupes autochtones, aux chrétiens et aux groupes habitants du Cachemire occupé [2]. Les nationalistes hindous disposent également d'un vaste réseau au Canada [3]. L'un des moyens utilisés par ces forces nationalistes hindoues de droite (Hindutva) pour étouffer toute critique du gouvernement indien et de l'idéologie suprématiste hindoue consiste à qualifier ces critiques d'"hindouphobes". Ces groupes ont lancé une pétition, faussement vertueuse sous couvert de droits de la personne, pour demander à la Chambre des Communes de reconnaître spécifiquement l'"hindouphobie" comme une forme de discrimination. Mais l'"hindouphobie" est un outil politique sournois conçu pour tromper les personnes de bonne volonté et les rendre complices de l'avancement d'un programme nationaliste et suprématiste hindou au Canada. Les mesures antiracistes et antidiscriminatoires devraient obliger les systèmes de pouvoir à rendre des comptes. Or, la pétition "Hindouphobie" ne fait rien de tel [4]. Elle sert à affaiblir et camoufler la responsabilité des nationalistes hindous, un danger clair et présent pour tout le monde au Canada. Toute reconnaissance parlementaire de l'"hindouphobie" aura un effet dissuasif sur les droits des minorités religieuses et des Canadiens et Canadiennes d'Asie du Sud opprimé.es par la caste, ainsi que sur tous les universitaires, artistes et militant.es des droits de la personne au Canada [5]. Signez cette pétition maintenant et résistez à la reproduction des politiques suprémacistes hindoues au Canada. [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/sikh-nijjar-india-canada-trudeau-modi-1.6974607 [2] https://www.amnesty.org/en/location/asia-and-the-pacific/south-asia/india/report-india/ [3] https://www.lapresse.ca/debats/opinions/2022-11-09/drapeau-hindou-devant-le-parlement/des-nuances-pour-ce-symbole-politiquement-charge.php# https://www.nccm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/RSS-Report-2023.pdf; https://www.vice.com/en/article/n7z947/how-far-right-hindu-supremacy-went-global [4] https://www.baaznews.org/p/hinduphobia-hindu-nationalist-rhetoric [5] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d41KjHGfrnJlbM0fLLMJlGADOku4sOu_/view?usp=sharing
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  • Make your vote count: Portional Representation
    In 2015 Justin Trudeau said that the election in that year would be the last election that would be decided by "first past the post." He then rejected the recommendations presented by the committee that was formed to study electoral reform and in the last election formed a coalition with the NDP, exactly what would have happened if the election had been decided by proportional representation. Don't be afraid of change. Let the party leaders know that you want your vote to count by implementing proportional representation
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    Created by David Hatto
  • Emegancy Support For Disabiled Canadian's #DERB #CDB #C-22
    We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to create and implement a disability emergency relief benefit to provide immediate support to people with disabilities while awaiting the implementation of the Canada Disability Benefit.
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    Created by Jeffrey Salisbury
  • Help us Breathe Easier in Schools – An Urgent Plea Regarding the Greenbelt and Air Quality
    Enough is enough. Now is the time to make sure we have a safe September. Now is the time to make sure every student and education worker walks into a safe, healthy environment. Let’s protect them by getting “back to basics” and providing clean air for them to breathe. Help us remind the Ontario government of its duty to protect students and education workers. Demand they take responsibility for this terrible failure to protect us all. Insist that they act to provide a safe September, and invest those unspent tax dollars on improvements to air quality in our schools - for the sake of our communities and healthcare system.
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  • Call on Premier Ford to Resign
    The stench of corruption surrounds the process by which Premier Ford broke his promise not to open up the Green Belt. The report of Provincial auditor general Bonnie Lysyk, August 9, makes it clear that developers were the drivers of what areas of the Green Belt were to be opened. Lysyk describes how developers at an industry dinner slipped “packages” with their proposals for land that should be removed from the protection of the Greenbelt to the housing minister’s chief of staff, Ryan Amato. Amato was directing the process for choosing which land would be opened up. Of the 15 parcels that were, 14 were proposed by Amato, not non-partisan provincial staff tasked with the work. Of those, 12 were brought to Amato by the developers themselves. “Altogether, those who had access to the chief of staff at the September BILD event ended up with land removals that accounted for 6,784 acres, or 92 per cent of the 7,412.64 acres ultimately removed from the Greenbelt in December 2022,” Lysyk wrote. The main beneficiaries of this rich giveaway include prominent Tory connected developers Silvio De Gasperis and Michael Rice. Lysyk wrote in her report that she “found that how the land sites were selected was not transparent, fair, objective or fully informed.” Lysyk’s report comes at the same time as an ongoing investigation into the Greenbelt deals by Integrity Commissioner J. David Wake, the province’s ethics watchdog. Whether or not the RCMP Rackets squad is called in, the buck stops with our Premier, his broken trust and handover of vitally important protected land to vested private interests.
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    Created by Pat Michener
  • Ask our politicians to stop fossil fuel subsidies
    We need to recapture our politicians from the undue influence of fossil fuel companies who are even helping to write our government’s climate policies. Recently, for example, the government of Alberta granted 4.3 billion to fossil fuel companies at a time when people are unable to find a family doctor in this province, and at a time when at least two large companies stream-lined their operations by laying off workers. Meanwhile forest fires raged out of control all across the country, affecting peoples lives in several negative ways.
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    Created by Mildred Thill
  • Mandate condos to offer composting
    It’s a step backwards in our society to build housing that does not promote environmental living practices. Just because it may be more convenient certainly doesn’t make it acceptable. We must act locally to make the changes necessary in every realm of living to address the real threats of pollution and climate change.
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    Created by Shannon Haggerty
  • Stop Politicizing Safe Supply
    Individuals across Canada are dying from toxic substances. This toxicity is a direct result of current drug prohibition policy that is based on Colonial-era legislation now understood to be racist and not based on evidence for how to manage the potential harms associated with people's use of different substances. My own son died of Fentanyl poisoning at age 21 after losing access to a safer supply and lack of effective treatment options. Safe Supply, separating people from lethally toxic illicit supply, is one part of stemming the horrific tide of death and harms from toxic drugs in Canada. On May 29 (not 31) the House of Commons will vote on an opposition motion to end all safe supply programs. We need to rally all MPs, across all parties, to not support this motion.
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    Created by Glenn Mahoney
  • Studying GLBI Scenarios changes Generations
    Many aspects of GLBI are not known, such as no example has been given about the Disability portion, and how the non-income tested portion will work. We're asking you Leah, to be detailed and precise for the PBO, all 3 scenarios include much higher earners with higher benefits for those with lower incomes as well, and because Canada deserves correct answers before it becomes a campaign promise again.
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  • Tell your hospital CEO: Protect Public Healthcare: Patrick Gaskin
    Hospital CEOs hold a significant amount of sway with the government — and for the most part they don't hear from the public. Right now, most hospital CEOs haven't rejected Ford's privatization plans. In fact, a couple of them have actually spoken out in support of it. But they haven't heard from the community their hospital serves.
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