• Demand a Better Traffic Plan
    As the Condo executive we have the ability to push back against unilateral decision-making Greywood is now trying to back peddle as they turned over the property to the Condo Executive in 2015 without completing their obligations. Instead of working with residents to find a solution to maintain the Emergency Services turnaround and informal respite point for Uber, UPS, and Canada Post they hold the sidewalk completion in the hinges and make threats to further disrupt our way of living.
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  • Two-term Limit for Politicians: Urgent Reform Needed!
    The implementation of term limits is a prudent and forward-thinking measure that can positively transform our political landscape. By fostering innovation and curbing the concentration of power, we can create a more responsive and accountable system.
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    Created by Pamela Brohm
  • Respect the moratorium: No mining on Indigenous land without consent
    It is unacceptable to allow mining on Indigenous land without the free, prior and informed consent of the First Nation whose land it is. In Ontario, the “free entry” system has resulted in an inundation of mining claims submitted to First Nations. Mining companies are allowed to stake claims online, without ever setting foot on the land they hope to mine, and without gaining the consent of the Indigenous people who live there. This bureaucracy has consistently acted to deny Indigenous people control over their land. The sheer volume of claims is nearly impossible to keep up with. In fact, the Chiefs of Ontario are calling for a one-year moratorium on staking mining claims to give communities time to assess the massive number of claims and develop a meaningful process. For mining claims issued on Grassy Narrows’ Territory, there is no question that the community does not consent. Their land has already been violated by mercury, clearcut logging, and hydro dams. And in 2018, Grassy Narrows enacted a Land Declaration, enshrining into their law a ban on all mineral staking, exploration, mining, and logging in their territory. The Ontario government, which claims to be committed to reconciliation, must respect Grassy Narrows, respect their moratorium, and withdraw all mining claims that do not have their consent.
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  • Stop Arming Israel - Restore funding to UNRWA
    Our government is not acting in alignment with our responsibilities under international law. We need to restore funding for UNRWA as it is essential to lives of Palestinians in Gaza, and we need to stop sending weapons which are used to kill and injure civilians.
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  • Regina, SK - Mayor Sandra Masters and Council Call for a Ceasefire
    Over the past days and weeks, I have watched with profound grief as the civilian death toll in Gaza has mounted. After a promised pause, the Israeli military resumed attacks on the people of Gaza. Even after the International Court of Justice has called for a ceasefire, representatives from Israel's government have said they will not abide. It is more clear now than ever before that what we really need is a permanent ceasefire. One way we can do that is to get more prominent politicians into the fray. Already, some municipal politicians have called on the Canadian government to support a permanent ceasefire. The more decision-makers who add their voices, the more pressure there will be on the federal government. Saskatchewan politicians have been distressingly silent for the duration of this event - it's time for things to change and for us to join the international calls for justice. Add your name to call on Mayor Sandra Masters and Regina City Councillors to come out in support of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now.
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  • Reform the Common Law Rules for PWD
    The current rules surrounding common law partnerships involving PWD also create an environment of inequity and instability. It is highly unjust to impose a tax-like burden on the common-law spouses of disabled individuals, leading to resentment, strained marriages, and increased suffering for all parties involved. PWD are effectively forced to choose between preserving their independence or placing unfair and discriminatory burdens upon partners who earn above a modest incomes. This dynamic also perpetuates outdated and sexist paradigms, particularly in heterosexual partnerships, where women often become solely dependent on men due to financial constraints. Furthermore, the current rules for common law partnerships involving PWD reinforce discrimination towards the poor and the disabled, discouraging PWD from pursuing stable marriages and stripping them of the limited independence they have been granted. We must strive for a society that supports and enables PWD to build stable relationships, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.
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  • Stop blocking a safe future for our kids
    From letting ultra-rich oil companies off the hook for hundreds of millions in oil well clean up fees, to spreading misinformation on clean electricity and blocking new renewable energy projects — it seems every time we turn on the news, Smith is doing something else to prop up the oil and gas industry and block any shot we have at a livable, thriving, Alberta. Our children deserve to live in a province that is safe. They deserve to grow up without the threat of increasingly destructive wildfires hanging over their heads, without fear of what the future will bring. Despite what our Premier says, Albertans, not oil and gas companies, will build the future of our province. As parents, we won’t sit by quietly while Premier Smith gambles with our childrens’ future. If thousands of Albertans speak up now, it could shine a spotlight on Smith’s shady, unjustifiable actions, and send a powerful message that the safety of our families is non-negotiable, and she won’t get her way without a fight. Join us in calling on Premier Smith to stop shilling for billion dollar oil corporations, and work to build and protect a thriving, climate-safe future for our kids. Add your name to the open letter now. Sources [1] https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2023/02/10/Danielle-Smith-Gift-Oil-Companies/ [2] https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/rural-municipalities-call-for-end-to-oil-industry-tax-break-7298673 [3] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-marketing-campaign-kenneth-wong-danielle-smith-1.6982839 [4] https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/commentary/article-albertas-new-tell-the-feds-ads-are-a-naked-ploy-to-unyieldingly-serve/ [5] https://www.theenergymix.com/alberta-renewables-moratorium-hits-118-projects-worth-33b-affects-24000-jobs [6] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/danielle-smith-oil-gas-emissions-cap-reaction-unconstitutional-analysis-1.7052731
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  • Tell Toronto Council: No More Waste - Freeze Police Budgets
    The Toronto Police Department is the single largest line item in the city budget - and they've asked for another large increase this year. But a recently concluded 10 year study of Toronto and other Canadian police forces thoroughly demonstrated that there is *no* correlation between police spending and reductions in crime. [1] In other words: spending more money on policing is not an effective way to address public safety concerns. Instead, Council should make investment in programs proven to enhance public safety by tackling the causes of crime - poverty, isolation, lack of opportunity - instead of the symptoms. Even leading police officers admit that this is a more effective approach. [2] Toronto is facing a budget crunch as it is. We can't afford to waste money on interventions that have been demonstrated not to work. Don't fall for the fearmongering and the slick PR. It's time to get real about crime by addressing the causes, instead of wasting money on symptomatic treatment. No more police budget increases; put the money into programs that work. Sources: [1] Toronto Star: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/police-spending-has-no-consistent-correlation-with-lower-crime-rates-new-canadian-study-says/article_eedff7f4-b3b9-11ee-81a9-ffea73dd6f71.html [2] The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/18/tackle-poverty-and-inequality-to-reduce-says-police-chief
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  • Alberta deserves a secure energy future
    This past Friday, Alberta experienced its coldest night in 50 years and the electricity grid surged to its maximum capacity. In response, Albertans received alerts urging us to turn off the lights and unplug our appliances. [1] Thanks to the collective effort of Albertans, the province was able to conserve enough energy to avoid rolling blackouts. But this week’s power crunch revealed just how vulnerable Alberta’s energy grid really is. [2] Premier Danielle Smith wants to blame this week’s energy scare on renewables, but Alberta’s own energy operator said that wind and solar helped Alberta through the power scare. [3] There are many culprits behind this week’s close call, but they all come back to the fact that the UCP government has refused to invest in Alberta’s energy system – either by paying producers more to store electricity, allowing new renewable energy projects in the province, or taking back public ownership of the grid. [4] Albertans shouldn’t have to unplug our toasters in order to avoid freezing on the coldest night of the century. Join me in signing the petition for Premier Danielle Smith to invest in the publicly-owned, low-cost, and low carbon electrical grid our province deserves. [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-electrical-grid-emergency-decarbonization-1.7083664 [2]https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/perfect-storm-led-to-last-weekends-threat-of-alberta-electricity-blackout [3] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2024/01/15/news/wind-sun-power-crunch-alberta-electricity-operator [4] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2024/01/16/opinion/politics-winter-alberta-solar-wind-gas-renewables-Smith
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  • Canada: End the Sudanese War
    Sudanese people cannot continue to fight the RSF and SAF alone, the international community must support Sudanese liberation. They want to live free of violent and oppressive military-rule. A humanitarian catastrophe is growing with the following simultaneous crises: - 24.7 million are in need of CRITICAL humanitarian support - 70-80% of hospitals are out of service in conflict areas - Reported widespread rape and sexual violence are being used as a weapon of war against Sudanese women and children - 20.3 million people are critically food insecure - 19 million children are out of school
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  • Squamish Mayor Armand Hurford and Council: Join the National Call for a Ceasefire
    Over the past days and weeks, I have watched with profound grief as the civilian death toll in Gaza has mounted. After a promised pause, the Israeli military has resumed attacks on the people of Gaza. It is more clear now than ever before that what we really need is a permanent ceasefire. One way we can do that is to get more prominent politicians into the fray. Already, some municipal politicians have called on the Canadian government to support a permanent ceasefire. The more decision-makers who add their voices, the more pressure there will be on the federal government. Add your name to call on your local Mayor and council to come out in support of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now.
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  • Support the OEB - Tell Doug Ford we want affordable clean heating in Ontario
    Since this ruling, Doug Ford’s government has said they will legislate to overthrow the OEB’s decision in favour of Enbridge and devleopers, who are furious right now. [2] The OEB’s landmark decision could encourage developers to install more affordable and energy efficient heating systems - facilitating the transition from heating Ontario’s buildings with fossil gas to green solutions such as geo-thermal and heat pumps, while also reducing energy bills for homeowners and tenants. Doug Ford’s government is standing in the way. If thousands of Ontarians show support for the recent OEB ruling, and for measures that will protect homeowners and renters and incentivize clean energy options, we can discourage the Ford government from intervening with legislation. Tell Doug Ford and Energy Minister Todd Smith - Hands off the OEB, Ontarians want affordable, green heating. Sources: [1] The Narwal: https://thenarwhal.ca/ontario-energy-board-enbridge-gas/#:~:text=In%20December%202023%2C%20the%20Ontario,fuel%20use%20is%20winding%20down.&text=Days%20before%20Christmas%2C%20Ontario's%20energy,decision%20and%20a%20fiery%20response. [2] CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-energy-board-overruled-todd-smith-1.7068120
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