• Stop cow moose and calf culling.
    The provincial government should not be making decisions over regions/lands and approving cow moose and calf culling. We need the moose population back for local residents and for future generations.
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    Created by Gina Patrick-Louis
  • Rename Summer Civic Holiday After Terry Fox across Canada
    Terry Fox, Canada's greatest hero -- is someone we can all be proud of. The August civic holiday should follow Manitoba's lead be renamed #TerryFoxDay across Canada- a national hero who’s reach grows each year. All these others who civic holidays are named for well you never know ....
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    Created by George James
  • Provide a liveable income for all Canadians with Disabilities
    Currently, the majority of Canadians with disabilities are living 30-40% below the poverty line, and find themselves making hard choices every month between paying for food, bills, transportation or paying for medications that are not covered. Over the last two decades, despite the rate of inflation, the programs meant to assist people with disabilities have not kept up leaving them to struggle more and more each year to make ends meet. Imagine having to decide whether you can afford personal hygiene products or not, or if you can afford soap to wash yourself or if you can afford cleaning products? These are just a few of the decisions faced every day by those with disabilities. Most Canadians with disabilities are lucky if they get a singular meal every day, that being with the assistance of food banks and other social programs which often cant provide for special dietary needs. None of these services are able to keep up with actual demand, despite large sums of money doled out by federal and provincial governments, especially now with many other Canadians facing financial hardships. With a lack of affordable housing and skyrocketing rental rates, many Canadians with disabilities are finding themselves having to give up their independence and consider cohabitating, or are finding themselves living in rentals that are often derelict with landlords and management that do not maintain the units or premises. Many are also facing discrimination when searching for rentals, being met with ads that state that those on specific provincial programs need not apply, or outright telling applicants that they don't rent to those on provincial programs. People living with disabilities need proper financial and social supports to ensure the best quality of life possible despite their disability. Living so far below the poverty line often means that people with disabilities end up with chronic illness, added mental health issues that would have not otherwise impacted their lives had they been in a position to afford healthy meals without sacrificing possible treatments and vice-versa. By providing an income nearer to the poverty line, Canadians with disabilities would be in a position to help themselves, rather than rely on already heavily burdened services, would allow then to ensure adequate living arrangements, as well as participate in society to an extent only dreamed of. Giving Canadians with disabilities financial assistance won't only benefit them, but will also benefit the economy, as finances will be injected directly back into circulation on basic necessities. This has already been proven through the CCB. For every 1$ disbursed through the program has translated to 1.97$ contributed to the GPD. Canadians with disabilities deserve better, deserve to live rather than try to survive and in a first world country such as ours, legislated poverty imposed on those with disabilities should not exist.
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    Created by The Voices of Disability in Canada Picture
  • : Judy Sgro
    We must decolonise our societies in order to increase equality and reduce systemic oppression. Having such a major street on unceded indigenous land is a slap in the face and is a tacit approval of genocide, racism and colonialism.
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    Created by Faridah Mazhar
  • First Capital: Stop renting to homophobic Chick-fil-A
    In most Toronto neighbourhoods, my partner and I feel safe walking hand in hand. This is our home and we feel comfortable living our lives openly and freely. But, knowing Chick-fil-A's long history of donating to homophobic and racist organizations and politicians, we DO NOT feel safe walking by the location at the intersection of Bloor and Yonge. This restaurant is so close to the Village, it's on the Pride Parade route! We need to send a clear message that this is not okay. First Capital - you can drape yourself in the rainbow flag, but it means nothing if you continue to rent to a company hostile to our community's existence.
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    Created by Max Mosher
  • Lê van hải
    We must decolonise our societies in order to increase equality and reduce systemic oppression. Having such a major street on unceded indigenous land is a slap in the face and is a tacit approval of genocide, racism and colonialism.
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    Created by Hải Hoàng Picture
  • Interdire la vente de voitures à essence et diesel
    Au Canada, le transport est l'une des plus grandes sources de pollution atmosphérique, ayant un impact négatif majeur sur l'environnement et la santé des Canadiens. La pollution de l'air entraîne chaque année plus de 7 700 décès prématurés au Canada, pour un coût de plus de 36 milliards de dollars. D'autres pays à travers le monde - dont la France, le Royaume-Uni, la Norvège et les Pays-Bas - prennent des mesures décisives pour interdire la vente de voitures à essence et diesel d'ici 2040 ou plus tôt, afin d'ouvrir la voie à l'innovation et à des alternatives plus vertes. La Chine, le plus grand marché automobile au monde, envisage également de supprimer progressivement la production de véhicules à essence et diesel. Alors que les gouvernements du monde entier font ces déclarations, cela oblige les constructeurs automobiles à modifier leurs produits et accélère les investissements dans des infrastructures plus propres. Il est temps que le Canada planifie un avenir plus vert en interdisant la vente de voitures à essence et diesel d'ici 2040 ou plus tôt. Signez et partagez cette pétition aujourd'hui.
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    Created by Digriz Digriz
  • WHAT'S IN A NAME: Streets and Monuments Global Reclamation
    An overhaul in education and accurate historical representation are essential to demonstrate a commitment to dismantling systems of white supremacy and colonization. May this step facilitate healing and be the first step of many we take to actively begin creating a more just and peaceful future for ALL.
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  • Let's Rename the City of Vaughan
    In his time as a Member of Parliament, Benjamin Vaughan tried to persuade other MPs to continue the practice of slavery which is based on the ideology of domination and superiority over another race- at a time when others were actively abolishing it. It is shameful that we uphold these people as heroes in our communities by naming cities after them and declaring civic holidays in honour of them. Language, names and declarations of honourable historical figures matter! The community is speaking out and we'd like to organize with a petition. We need to stand up against people like Benjamin Vaughan who have made decisions as politicians and everyday humans that have caused trauma, violence and even death for Black, Indigenous and people of colour. A small step in the right direction, a potential answer to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's many Calls to Action from our First Nations, Métis and Inuit people across the country, and a drop in the vast ocean of work left to do in creating an anti-racist city of "Vaughan".
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    Created by Lindsay Michelle Picture
  • Rename Dundas Street in London, Ontario
    The legacy of Henry Dundas, First Viscount Melville is highly problematic. As the MP for Midlothian in Westminster and as Secretary of State he actively participated in obstructing the abolition of slavery in the British Empire from 1791 to the end of his political career in 1806. Slavery was eventually abolished in 1833 and officially in British North America in 1834. But Dundas' actions to preserve the profiteering of his friends in the slave trade, cost tens of thousands of lives, if not more. Also, he was the last British MP to be impeached - for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds - though not convicted. If we truly wish for our public street names and monuments to reflect our values and priorities we must consider engaging the public in the process of excising those names which are no longer worthy of our honor or respect. Names such as that of Henry Dundas. It's extremely important this street name changes.
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  • Rename Dundas St. and Dundas Place in London Ont.
    'Dundas Street' and its successor 'Dundas Place' in London Ontario were both named after Scottish politician Henry Dundas. Dundas was known to be an advocate in hindering the abolition of slavery during his time as a politician in the British Empire. His influence on the propagation of slavery delayed its abolition by 15 years. Every street sign, map, and individual asking for directions gives power to the history of genocide and continual racism this street name honours. As individuals, we are unable to go back in time and undo the past wrongdoings committed by our society, but we are able to control how we move forward. Sign this petition and share it with your friends! Although changing a street name is a small step, it is one that points in the direction of tolerance and equity. No step forward is ever too small.
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    Created by Ava Duffield Picture
  • Let's Rename Winston Churchill Blvd
    This issue is about being honest with our history. Not overlooking the flaws of a human being, but examining them and understanding if that person is worth honouring. In our honest opinion, we should NOT be giving such an honour to a man like this, especially in a region as diverse at Peel Region. We need to make a change. If we truly wish for our public street names and monuments to reflect our values and priorities we must consider engaging the public in the process of excising those names which are no longer worthy of our honour or respect. Names such as that of Winston Churchill. Street names change frequently and it's important that this one does. It is also worth mentioning that Churchill's monument, erected in Parliament Square, Westminster, has been sprayed with graffiti during a Black Lives Matter protest. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-london-52972531/black-lives-matter-protest-why-was-churchill-s-statue-defaced
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    Created by Zia Ali