• Ban Fossil Fuel Ads on Transit
    Rapidly winding down emissions from fossil fuel extraction and burning is key to preventing climate collapse. Like cigarettes, fossil fuels are harmful products. If cigarette advertising isn't allowed on transit, why is fossil fuel advertising?
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    Created by Peter Gibbs
  • Make your vote count: Portional Representation
    In 2015 Justin Trudeau said that the election in that year would be the last election that would be decided by "first past the post." He then rejected the recommendations presented by the committee that was formed to study electoral reform and in the last election formed a coalition with the NDP, exactly what would have happened if the election had been decided by proportional representation. Don't be afraid of change. Let the party leaders know that you want your vote to count by implementing proportional representation
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    Created by David Hatto
  • Tell the Stefanson government: the Vivian Sand Extraction Project is not worthy of a License.
    June 23, 2023, Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein released the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission Report on the Sio Silica Corp proposed extraction project. The Commission did not recommend licensing of the project - far more research is required. Sio Silica’s Environment Act Proposal is severely deficient of critical data, studies and reports - Sio Silica has not done its due diligence. Sio Silica’s Proposal should never have passed the initial Department of Environment and Climate screening - too many fundamentally important questions were not addressed. Our community’s groundwater and environment are far too precious to proceed with a project with associated risks that are not fully understood and cannot be appropriately mitigated to protect our health and quality of life. Please write to the Honourable Kevin Klein urging the minister to be consistent with his commitment to take the Commission’s report “very seriously” and categorically reject Sio Silica Corp’s licensing proposal application on the grounds that they have failed to demonstrate the potential environmental effects of the project are fully understood or will be sufficiently addressed and mitigated. Given the importance of our groundwater and environment and the significance of the potential risks, this project must be rejected. For more information, please see: http://www.cecmanitoba.ca/hearings/silica-sand-extraction-project/index.html https://mbeconetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Letter-to-Minister-Klein_CEC_follow-up_July-19-2023.pdf https://ourlineinthesandmanitoba.ca/ and https://www.facebook.com/ourlineinthesandmanitoba/ The Narwhal https://thenarwhal.ca/manitoba-sio-silica-sand-environment-commission/ Winnipeg Free Press July 10, 2023 Editorial - Economics versus environment – Winnipeg Free Press
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    Created by Trevor Broesky
  • Support Access to Spine Care in Ontario
    People in Ontario are forced to wait years for complex spinal surgeries in debilitating pain, suffering from a diminishing quality of life and risking life-long consequences and deterioration in function. These patients are all waiting much longer for surgery then medically recommended. Some with severe Scoliosis, with degenerative curving spines causing severe pain and limiting mobility, whose rotating rib cages, start to squeeze the very organs they're meant to protect, causing deterioration of lung and heart function. A handful of understaffed specialized spine surgeons are willing to help but face significant barriers. The government discourages, disincentivizes, these surgeons from performing complex surgeries by forcing them to wait months or longer to be paid and instead incentivizes them to perform government prioritized common surgeries which guarantee fair and timely compensation, further lengthening the wait, pain and suffering for patients who need complex surgery. Adding to this health-care crisis in 2022, a lack of collaboration between the Ministry of Health's adjudicators and these health providers, has resulted in unfair assessments and compensation of complex cases, consequently furthering the wait for patients and leaving some in limbo. CBC''s Pelley interviewed 44 yr old Christine Kaschuba, mother of three, of Whitby Ontario, waiting over three years for surgery. Her spine is curved severely at 70 degrees in the shape of a C, the most common Scoliosis spine curvature. “The pain is unrelenting...while her lungs struggle to take in full, deep breaths. Most nights...she just wants to close her eyes and not wake up.” (2) My name is Karen and I am a baby boomer. I have lived in Ontario all my life. I was very fortunate and grateful to have had a complex spinal surgery to correct my serious scoliosis back in 2001 by highly-specialized spinal surgeon Dr. Stephen Lewis at Toronto Western Hospital. I believe I would not be alive today if I did not have that life-altering surgery. I did not have to wait years for the surgery and would have seriously considered suicide or MAID if I had to wait that long in such excruciating pain with a very poor quality of life. So I was shocked and extremely upset to see Dr. Lewis on June 21, 2023 on TV on the CBC national news, where health reporter Lauren Pelley reported on this health-care crisis in Ontario; (1,2) These patients, hundreds, are being discriminated against by being denied equitable and timely access to spine surgery. Some, are just teenagers and very young adults. Ontario's Excellent Care for All Act is definitely not for all. This is not the universal health care Canadians are so proud of.
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    Created by Karen Uchida
  • tell the alberta goverment to demand AISH be raised!
    People with disabilities in Alberta cannot get by or they are suffering on the streets, Aish can barely cover the average rent and cost of living in Alberta. The average rent in Calgary for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,825 a month and keeps getting bigger. https://www.zumper.com/rent-research/calgary-ab The maximum payment for Aish is $1,787 this is completely unacceptable, Aish is meant for people who can't work because of their disabilities both physical and mental to still live a decent life in the province of Alberta. but because of the cost of living crisis and inflation, the ones who cannot work are suffering. most people on Aish can bearly get by, cannot find a place to rent or live, and can barely buy basic essentials due to the cost of living making everything expensive. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-assured-income-for-the-severely-handicapped-feature-1.5752665 Even though in 2022 the UCP reindexed Aish, we believe this is not enough. We are suffering, we cannot work. Aish is all we got We ask that Jason Nixon — Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services, and the Legislative Assembly of Alberta expand aish and make the maximum payment of 2,500 dollars to make it so we can live a decent life and ease our anxieties with the cost of living.
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    Created by Kevin Johnson
  • Stand With Trans Kids In Saskatchewan
    On August 22nd, Saskatchewan’s Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced new parental inclusion and consent policies for Saskatchewan schools that have raised a great deal of concern among trans people and allies because of their transphobic nature. He has ruled that schools must seek parent/guardian permission when changing the preferred name and pronouns used by students under the age of 16 in school, and has offered parents the opportunity to opt their children out of sex education classes. He states that this is to “support students and parents and recognizes the important role that parents and guardians have in protecting and supporting their children” as if using a different name and pronouns is something harmful for children that they ought to be protected from. You can read Duncan’s whole letter here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwQOvritgq0/ If you agree that forcing trans children to out themselves to family in order to be themselves at school is not only a blatantly transphobic policy, but that it will lead to even higher rates of mental health problems, homelessness and even suicide to a group that already faces an increased risk of these things, please use our template to write to Mr. Duncan and give him a piece of your mind. Personalize our email to make it even more impactful and share your own stories. STAND WITH TRANS KIDS!
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    Created by Timothy Ellis Picture
  • Make Markham's Main Street safer for pedestrians
    Road safety is important for all, and especially for seniors & children. Main St. should be a place we can feel free to travel without undue concern for our safety. Everyone can agree that the community spirit shown at car-free days, festivals, farmers' markets, and events should be encouraged every day of the week!
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    Created by Stephen Edgell
  • Emegancy Support For Disabiled Canadian's #DERB #CDB #C-22
    We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to create and implement a disability emergency relief benefit to provide immediate support to people with disabilities while awaiting the implementation of the Canada Disability Benefit.
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    Created by Jeffrey Salisbury
  • Help us Breathe Easier in Schools – An Urgent Plea Regarding the Greenbelt and Air Quality
    Enough is enough. Now is the time to make sure we have a safe September. Now is the time to make sure every student and education worker walks into a safe, healthy environment. Let’s protect them by getting “back to basics” and providing clean air for them to breathe. Help us remind the Ontario government of its duty to protect students and education workers. Demand they take responsibility for this terrible failure to protect us all. Insist that they act to provide a safe September, and invest those unspent tax dollars on improvements to air quality in our schools - for the sake of our communities and healthcare system.
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  • Moratorium on Demovictions!
    The displacement of thousands of tenants currently living in stable housing will make the rental market in Toronto even more competitive and volatile for *all* tenants. At a time when we do not have enough housing supply, it is socially irresponsible to destroy already dense housing, which will be removed from the market of available rentals for the next 3-5 years. If you care about rental affordability, please sign this petition. Demovictions don't just impact tenants being displaced, but the state of both short and long-term affordable rental supply. All rental replacements in new luxury condominiums only need to be rentals for at least 10 years, after which they can return to being market units. The result? Affordability is kicked down the road, out of the reach of from future generations.
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  • Call on Premier Ford to Resign
    The stench of corruption surrounds the process by which Premier Ford broke his promise not to open up the Green Belt. The report of Provincial auditor general Bonnie Lysyk, August 9, makes it clear that developers were the drivers of what areas of the Green Belt were to be opened. Lysyk describes how developers at an industry dinner slipped “packages” with their proposals for land that should be removed from the protection of the Greenbelt to the housing minister’s chief of staff, Ryan Amato. Amato was directing the process for choosing which land would be opened up. Of the 15 parcels that were, 14 were proposed by Amato, not non-partisan provincial staff tasked with the work. Of those, 12 were brought to Amato by the developers themselves. “Altogether, those who had access to the chief of staff at the September BILD event ended up with land removals that accounted for 6,784 acres, or 92 per cent of the 7,412.64 acres ultimately removed from the Greenbelt in December 2022,” Lysyk wrote. The main beneficiaries of this rich giveaway include prominent Tory connected developers Silvio De Gasperis and Michael Rice. Lysyk wrote in her report that she “found that how the land sites were selected was not transparent, fair, objective or fully informed.” Lysyk’s report comes at the same time as an ongoing investigation into the Greenbelt deals by Integrity Commissioner J. David Wake, the province’s ethics watchdog. Whether or not the RCMP Rackets squad is called in, the buck stops with our Premier, his broken trust and handover of vitally important protected land to vested private interests.
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    Created by Pat Michener
  • Stop developing the greenbelt
    Ontario has an opportunity to be a leading example of sustainable development. If we don't act now, the window will close forever.
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    Created by Lance Secretan