• Readable Insurance Pink Slips
    Self evident. These are legal documents that must be displayed when asked by police.
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    Created by Brian Lowry
  • Tell Caroline Mulroney to do the right thing by sexual assault survivors
    It is absolutely imperative that the well-being of women, particularly those in rural areas, is taken seriously. Waiting lists are untenable and the lingering profound effects on these women, their partners and their children will fan out for generations to come. It is an incredible obligation that you have to all of us.
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    Created by Rosemary Walton
  • Change the National Voting System to "Rank Choice Voting"
    To have a stronger democracy which represents a more majority of the people!
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    Created by Clinton Power Picture
  • Stop Spending Taxpayer Dollars on Wasteful Calendars
    Our tax dollars should be used to better serve Canadians. These calendars serve no purpose but to promote MPs at the taxpayer's expense and they create a ton of unnecessary waste. MPs need to know that we expect them to spend our tax dollars as wisely as they would spend their own funds, even when it comes to something as seemingly inconsequential as millions of paper calendars that will end up in landfills and recycling bins.
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    Created by Victoria Gray
  • Include Clean Up of Toronto's Ravines in the City's 2019 budget
    Toronto's ravines provide a unique wildlife habitat and green space that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people and admired all over the world. The ravines provide home to many wildlife including foxes, deer, beavers, mink, owls, salmon and more. The Don Valley is enjoyed by paddlers, hikers, bikers, runners, wildlife watchers, or people who just want to get away from busy city life. Unfortunately our ravines are under serious threat, due to increased amounts of garbage and toxic waste filling up the land and the rivers. We find anything from plastic bags, diapers, food containers to car batteries, shopping carts, mattresses and even entire filled garbage bags. The City needs to devise a plan to clean up the polluted areas and prevent the garbage dumping from happening in the first place. We have an opportunity to do so with Councillor Layton's and Councillor Carroll’s budget proposal that would start a pilot project to pick up litter in the city’s ravines at a cost of $655,400 by increasing property taxes 0.022 per cent. Is it not worth your while to raise property taxes for less than $1 per homeowner to save the most beautiful parts of our City from being covered by garbage? ABOUT THE MOTION: https://bit.ly/2GKQaQu ABOUT THE RAVINES: https://bit.ly/2EHz8lk
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    Created by irene Vandertop
  • Bill 66 Removes our Workers protections
    This is extremely important because workers would have no choice but to work the 48+ hours or fear risking their jobs. It is an extremely unfair bill that throws away the rights of the workers. It would cause mental health issues from overworking and create a toxic environment that limits our ability to have a work week that allows us to live our lives. It seems as if Doug Ford is limiting the knowledge of our rights by preventing them from being seen at the workplace. It seems as if hes actively trying to make things intentionally worse for the worling class.
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    Created by troy Nemeth
  • Ouverture de la piste multifonctionnelle du pont Jacques-Cartier à l’année
    La solution: Selon le rapport sur le projet pilote d’entretien divulgué le 9 octobre 2018, le déneigement conventionnel de la piste multifonctionnelle est tout à fait envisageable, bien qu’elle entraîne une gestion des opérations accrue et une communication constante avec le public par PJCCI. Nous exigeons donc l’entretien et l’ouverture de la piste multifonctionnelle du Pont Jacques-Cartier à l’année dès maintenant. Envoyons un message clair à la société Les Ponts Jacques-Cartier et Champlain Incorporée qui a tout en son pouvoir pour valoriser le transport actif, favoriser de saines habitudes de vie et s’attaquer aux émissions des gaz à effet de serres. The Solution: According to the October 9, 2018 report on the snow cleaning pilot project, conventional snow cleaning of the bride path is feasible even though it would entail more attention to snow cleaning operations and communications with the public by SPJCCI. We therefore request year-round opening of the multi-functional path across the Jacques Cartier Bridge.  We want to send a clear message to Les Pont Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorporée which has in its power the ability to promote active transportation, favor healthy life-styles and reduce green-house gas emissions.
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    Created by L'Association des piétons et cyclistes Du Pont Jacques-Cartier Picture
  • Black History Month/Black History in BC schools curriculum
    We are asking everyone to please sign this petition and ask the Minister of Education to put this on the agenda for change. All students should see themselves and their families reflected in the curriculum. We need to begin with our children, we must teach them how our province has been changed for the better through the efforts of black British Columbians and this must be celebrated in our schools. Thank you, Karina Reid & Yasin Kiraga Misago Founder and Executive Director of African Descent Society BC
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    Created by Karina Reid
  • Protect worker's rights to safety and reasonable working hours.
    Schedule 9 of Bill 66 outlines an unacceptable erosion of hard earned union rights earned through Ontario's history. The proposed changes to the Labour Relations Act, 1995, will open the bidding of Public Infrastructure work to contractors who are not committed to the use of unionized workers. This will compromise workplace safety, and greatly diminish the efficacy of collective bargaining agreements. Schedule 9 also will increase workload and time spent on the job site on a daily basis: "Part VII of the Act is amended to remove the Director’s approval for employers to make agreements that allow their employees to exceed 48 hours of work in a work week.The employee’s hours may be averaged in accordance with the terms of an averaging agreement between the employee and the employer over a period that does not exceed four weeks." "Part VIII of the Act is amended to remove the Director’s approval for employers to make agreements that allow them to average their employee’s hours of work for the purpose of determining the employee’s entitlement to overtime pay. The employee’s hours may be averaged in accordance with the terms of an averaging agreement between the employee and the employer over a period that does not exceed four weeks." Under this outline, a worker could potentially work 3 weeks at 40 hours, and be required to work 72 hours on the 4th week without overtime in order to remain employed. (this is a worst case scenario, but it's still possible) This section of the bill would greatly compromise hard earned workers rights gained through historical labour movements in Canada. It is an attack on history and on progress. Workers will have less time to spend with their families and often be payed far less overtime for this sacrifice. These changes only pander to the benefit of contractors who will cut corners on workplace safety. This will hurt workers who make up the heart of the industry.
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    Created by Lawrence Dunn
  • To Request a "Green" environmentally focused lottery.
    It is an expensive venture to fund sustainable energy projects, however, the climate change situation has reached a point where a proactive approach is crucially necessary. The raising of funds through an OLG "Green" lottery would support these initiatives without having to use tax payer's money..
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    Created by Linda Stafford
  • Add your name: Don't slash tenant rights
    The Ford government just announced its plans to make it easier and faster for landlords to evict tenants. They’re going to shorten the period for eviction notices and allow private “bailiffs” to boot people from their homes -- to “boost rental supply”. This is dangerous. Landlords already illegally evict tenants through “renovictions” and false claims -- all to drive their own profits. [1] Making it easier for landlords to unfairly evict tenants makes housing insecure and will leave renters vulnerable -- especially in places like Toronto, where with only 1% of rentals vacant, finding a new place to live could be next to impossible. [2] Secure housing should be a right, and landlords shouldn’t have more power to pull housing rugs out from under tenants. For now, these plans are only plans, but we’ve seen the lightning speed that Ford can dismantle the things that keep us safe. Legislature resumes in over a week, and they could drop this legislation ASAP, so we need to act fast. Will you add your name now to stand up for tenants’ rights? Sources: [1-2] http://torontostoreys.com/2019/02/ontario-government-could-change-eviction-regulations/
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    Created by Rachel Nelems
  • Code Red Ontario
    The Ontario PC Party has been hijacked. Under a cloud of controversy, Doug Ford and a small group of supporters took control of the political party prior to the 2018 Ontario election. This group refused to present a PC Party election platform to Ontario voters and instead rode to power on a wave of frustration with the previous Liberal Government. Now more than six months into their mandate, the Doug Ford controlled PC Party government has revealed its policy agenda and the manner in which it intends to operate. This includes: appointment of unqualified friends to high level public positions; a refusal to respond to news media questions; illegal spending on personal items like RVs for the Premier's personal use; gutting our education system; and secret plans to privatize healthcare in Ontario. This secret agenda was never presented to Ontario voters during the 2018 election and we are just seeing the beginning. The Doug Ford government approach and their secret policy agenda do not represent the values of the Progressive Conservative Party and the vast majority of PC Party supporters. The PC Party is under seige and Ontario's democracy is under attack. We are calling on MPPs currently sitting within the PC Party caucus to stand up for the values of the PC Party and Ontario voters by leaving the caucus for the duration of the current provincial government. This is in the interests of the constituents you represent and to ensure the integrity of the PC Party.
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    Created by Michael Granger