• Action needed to resolve the drug crisis in Canada
    Some of the drugs currently in short supply are crucial for maintaining the health of Canadians. Parents who have searched pharmacy aisles unsuccessfully for medication to bring down their child's fever know how serious this situation is. One of the drugs I use to control my moderately severe case of restless legs, ropinirole, can't be obtained in Canada now. My doctor has prescribed a similar drug, pramipexole, which most Canadians on ropinirole will now be taking. How long will it take before there's a short supply of this drug too? This drug is also used to decrease the symptoms of Parkinson Disease. These drugs are needed not only for quality of life, but are essential in ensuring I and many others can sleep at night. It doesn't take many days without sleep before people become psychotic and then die. Prime Minister Trudeau has likened the drug shortages to a shortage of oranges, clearly having no understanding of the seriousness of the situation. This shortage is turning Canada into a third world country. It's critical that Canada do something about it!
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    Created by Kerry Mewhort
  • End ODSPoverty. Double ODSP
    We all deserve to lead happy fulfilling lives and none of us should have to worry about our most basic needs. Canada is a very rich country, yet some of our most vulnerable citizens cannot afford some of the most basic necessities of life. A large number of people on ODSP cannot afford to regularly eat and have to make devastating choices each month like whether to pay rent/utilities or to buy groceries. A shocking number of people on ODSP are homeless. We could choose to take care of the most vulnerable now and it should be an easy choice. Recipients of CERB got $2000 a month. Odsp should be at least equal to what CERB was. Let's not sweep this issue under the rug any longer. It's an atrocity that Canadian prisoners are better looked after than those with disabilities. Let's take action today and raise ODSP recipients out of poverty.
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    Created by David Berry
  • Tell John Tory: We Care About Democracy at City Hall!
    Bill 39 is a provincial bill that gives Mayor Tory the ability to pass motions with just 1/3 of the Council - a power of minority rule that is an affront to every instinct of democracy. [1] The bill has united the political spectrum in condemnation - even conservative pundits have called it an affront to democracy. [2] On Wednesday, December 14th, Mayor John Tory told a reporter that "nobody" talks to him about Bill 39. [3] Toronto is facing a numerous issues, from lack of affordable housing to transit overcrowding and more - but upending democracy is no solution. It's time to talk to Mayor Tory about Bill 39. Use this form to send Mayor Tory an email telling him that you care about democracy in Toronto, and that he should defend it - by joining the Mayor of Ottawa in committing to never use Bill 39's autocratic powers. [4] [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ford-government-s-bill-39-is-against-the-basic-democratic-instinct-1.6656706 [2] https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-ford-governments-bill-39-an-affront-to-democracy [3] https://twitter.com/JoshMatlow/status/1603218063503294464?s=20&t=LLuJCI6crlWRyoXSAUWocg [4] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-strong-mayor-bill-39-passes-1.6678864
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    Created by Timothy Ellis Picture
  • Jobs and Cultural Identity at Risk-Bill C-11 amendment 3.1.f
    Why it's important? Jobs, Culture, Foreign entities benefiting from our tax dollars. We must act NOW: The Senate is currently reviewing Bill C-11 and as early as tomorrow they will be debating amendment C.1.f. What is concerning about this amendment is that it will create a two tier system of Canadian content requiring the Canadian broadcasters to make content as they always have using a “maximum” and “predominant” use of Canadians while requiring the foreign streamers to only use the “greatest practicable” amount of Canadians when making Canadian content. The unions have been fighting this for weeks and continue to fight against the clause today but no progress has been made. As we all know from the studios’ well-established practices in the Canadian production service industry their idea of a “practicable” standard for hiring Canadians in key creative positions has been to not hire them at all. The overwhelming majority of the thousands of director, writer, actor, key creative and producer jobs have gone to permitted foreigners. One can only assume the Liberal government is either willing to commit to the loss of Canadian jobs in creative leadership to foreigners, or that they are too heavily influenced by the foreign media companies to act.
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    Created by Cheryl Meyer
  • Make internet affordable for all living with disabilities in Ontario
    This issue was brought to my attention when learning that my Uncle Ken, who is living off of ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) due to his chronic disability of Multiple Sclerosis, cannot access affordable internet. Unfortunately, there is a significant lack of affordable internet options for those on ODSP or other similar provincial support programs across Canada.  For those who are already at a disadvantage, not being able to afford the internet leaves them more isolated and exacerbates their vulnerability. To access virtual programs and services in the community, internet service is required. The people who need these services the most are the ones who cannot afford to participate. The safety and well-being of recipients and their families rests on their ability to access information, connect with loved ones, attend support programs virtually, as well as attend medical and other necessary appointments. There are peer support, social programs and counseling services currently offered virtually and these are a lifeline to those who live alone and suffer a disability. As the pandemic has shown us, access to the internet is essential and a human right. At a time when MAID is free but the cost of living is so high, equitable access to services is essential if we are to value the lives of our most vulnerable.
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    Created by Katharine dos Santos
  • Toronto: End Tesla's nonconsensual test trials
    On November 24th, Tesla expanded it's beta test of "full self-driving" software to everyone in North America. [1] Just hours later, a six-car pileup on the Bay Bridge was caused by a Tesla suddenly stopping; two people were hospitalized. [2] Tesla's misleadingly named "full self-driving" feature - which is not full self-driving at all, but rather requires human override at all times - is still in beta testing, meaning it is *not* market ready. In fact, the US Department of Justice is investigating Tesla over its misleading claims. [3] And now everyone in Toronto is an unknowing participant in Elon Musk's safety trials. Tesla previously forbid "full self-driving" within Toronto because it would not recognize streetcars picking up or dropping off passengers. When asked by the CBC how this flaw had been fixed, Tesla did not provide an answer. [4] Recent tests in October also showed that Tesla's falsely-named "full self-driving" will not recognize school busses with stop signs extended and will drive around them, even when children are crossing the street. [5] Toronto streets are already too dangerous for pedestrians, transit riders, cyclists, and drivers alike. Elon Musk is free to test out his "full self-driving" software - but he needs to do it on closed courses, or places where people have consciously opted-in to be participants. We did not sign up to be Elon Musk's guinea pigs. It's time to ban Tesla's "full self-driving" until it completes the relevant beta testing and can demonstrate a safety record that actually makes our streets safer. [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/tesla-driverless-technology-downtown-toronto-1.6662340 [2] https://www.ktvu.com/news/multi-car-crashes-disrupt-thanksgiving-day-travel-on-bay-bridges [3] https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/teslas-full-self-driving-beta-now-available-all-n-america-musk-says-2022-11-24/ [4] See 1 [5] https://dawnproject.com/tests-reveal-that-tesla-fsd-will-drive-around-stopped-school-buses/
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    Created by Timothy Ellis Picture
  • Cancel the Wildlife Feeding Ban in Toronto
    How we treat wildlife, all animals matters. Going forward, we should learn to respect wildlife, let them be and help them if so inclined. This has never been an issue before and really should not be one now. Feeding wildlife is harmless and there is no reason that supports banning it, and many that support not banning it. This bylaw also discriminates against the low income, marginalized and those with disability who find peace and pleasure in feeding wildlife. They can't afford much in life, why take this simple pleasure from them?
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    Created by Una Rose
  • Stop Bill 23: Protect the Greenbelt and Build Real Affordable Housing
    Doug Ford lied. Last month he tabled a piece of legislation — Bill 23 — to eviscerate our pristine Greenbelt, breaking his promise to leave it alone. [1] This bill is an attack on the environment and democracy — all under the guise of expanding housing. [2] Bill 23 would allow Ford to take 7,400 acres of farmland and natural areas and strip environmental protections that protect wildlife, keep our drinking water safe, guard wetlands, and ensure flood protection. [3] To pave over our Greenbelt, Ford is undermining the planning power of municipalities, forgoing requirements for public meetings and overriding the ability of communities to appeal decisions. [4] And housing experts and advocates have been clear: with a focus on making money, the bill will actually limit the ability to build new affordable rental housing and jeopardize the affordable housing that exists. [5,6] All the while, corporate land developers are set to profit big from this plan. [7] Public outrage is growing — and there’s still time to stop this Bill from going through. Will you sign this petition to help show mass public support and demand Bill 23 is stopped? Sources: [1] https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/11/04/ontario-backtracks-on-greenbelt-pledge-with-plan-to-allow-housing-on-7400-acres.html [2] https://ontarionature.org/bill-23-what-you-need-to-know-blog/ [3] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/11/10/opinion/sacrificing-ontario-scarce-green-space-sprawl-giant-mistake [4] see 2 [5] https://acorncanada.org/take_action/doug-fords-bill-23-destroys-existing-affordable-housing-builds-more-luxury-condos-scrap-it-now/ [6] https://uwaterloo.ca/news/media/q-and-experts-more-homes-built-faster-act-or-bill-23 [7] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/gta-developers-own-greenbelt-land-swap-1.6648273
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    Created by Leadnow Canada
  • Stop Poisoning Nova Scotia for Profit
    The locations for these "developments" have been chosen solely based on the, suddenly reduced, assessed price of the land and no other considerations. Deals are being made without due diligence behind closed doors. All efforts to question these decisions are met with silence from the government and developers. Thousands of Nova Scotians are protesting these maneuvers, yet no explanation of the method behind this madness has been offered.
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    Created by Alan Payzant
  • Kick Polluters out of the Canada Pavilion at COP27
    Industries aligned with climate action are welcomed in event programming, and there are many of these companies present at COP27. However, oil and gas companies, like those active within the Pathways Alliance, have been the biggest obstacle to climate action — both at COP and back in Canada, and for decades now have made their fortunes while millions around the world suffer the tragedies of climate impacts. Oil and gas companies are touting themselves as climate leaders, while in fact their activities continue to erode the rights and negatively impact the health and culture of Indigenous communities, notably through trillions of liters of toxic waste stored in tailings “ponds.” Companies keep pointing to carbon capture and storage — despite the technology’s decades-long track record of underperformance and failure. And even if the technology did work, carbon capture would do nothing about the environmental harm caused to Indigenous nations at the frontlines of oil and gas extraction. Carbon capture cannot address the 80%-90% of emissions that are emitted when the oil and gas they pump out of the ground gets burned. The industry isn’t interested in carbon capture to reduce emissions — it’s about greenwashing its plans to continue producing fossil fuels for decades to come.
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    Created by Coalition of Canadian Organizations
  • Let’s tell the truth about our history at Cadboro Bay
    Ultimately, locals and visitors who read the current Cadboro Bay signs as their only knowledge of the site are missing pieces of its history. We believe that updating this sign will promote truthful conversations about our colonial past and present, and plant seeds for a decolonial future.
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    Created by Kate Illingworth
  • Remove Barriers for Foreign Educated Doctors to be Certified in Canada
    We need more doctors right now. Allowing foreign educated doctors to become certified in Canada will alleviate our doctor shortage.
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    Created by Paula Bonner