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To: City of Penticton Council

Penticton, Lower the Voting Age to 16

More issues are directly affecting youth today - locally and across Canada. Issues like climate change and the changing job market will most directly affect the youth of today. Allowing 16-year-olds to vote will encourage youth to continue to vote through their adolescent years as they nurture their interest in democracy; youth are more connected to their community when they are 16, compared to an 18-year-old who would be less inclined to vote if they recently moved to a new community that they are less familiar with. Penticton can take the stand in supporting youth by considering to lower the voting age for municipal and school board elections. Penticton can show their support by letting the BC government know of this important topic for youth.

Why is this important?

Youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow. They are eager to make a difference and are more than capable to adopt the right of voting - now. Youth can often feel discouraged by news in the world and helpless. Giving 16-year-olds the right to vote will help youth realize the potential they have and give them the ability to make that small difference. I learned about the importance of youth in democracy from my grade 8 teacher. The knowledge I gained helped me grow into a more confident student who could make a difference by following their passions. Lowering the voting age will open up the possibilities for youth. They will feel valued in our society and eager to be involved. Give youth this opportunity - and they can give back.



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