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To: Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Fair wages for Flight Attendants

Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash
Amend the Labour Code so flight attendants are paid full wages for all hours of their work

Why is this important?

Did you know that flight attendants are only paid for the work they do while in the air? That means all the work they do preparing the plane, boarding and making passengers feel comfortable and offboarding the plane is on the clock, but off the paycheck.

On average, flight attendants are doing up to 35 hours of unpaid work per week. That’s a week of full-time work for an average person — without any pay. It’s not right.

Unions and MPs from multiple parties are now calling for the government to make changes
to the labour code and crack down on unpaid work in the airline industry. A big showing of public support could help change the winds on flight attendants’ workplace rights — and get the government to ensure flight attendants are paid for all their work, not just their time in the sky.

Sign the petition now calling for fair pay for fair work for flight attendants.


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