• Reduce Canadian oil production as we move toward net zero
    Canada cannot continue to produce more oil as the world moves toward net zero. Unfortunately, the oil industry is actively lobbying for more production. This will lead to a collapse of the oil industry, leaving the taxpayers to clean the pollution they created. Please sign the petition at: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4225
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    Created by Gilles Fecteau
  • Corporate Capture of Pharmacare
    Medicine has lost its way and medicine is now controlled by shareholder values. There are no medical sleuths searching for the root cause of disease. Shareholders are not interested in cures, new antibiotics or vaccines. The paradigm of modern medicine is to palliate with treatments that provide life-time annuities to shareholders. How about some cures? Canadians not only want lower drug prices but also want to see that the public good is being protected and medicine is being directed by science, not dogma and industry lobbyists. Reforms are needed within PHAC which is presently headed by two infectious disease doctors [not public health] who have cozy ties with with private medical societies and the insurance industry.
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    Created by Rob Murray
  • Stop the Baldwin East "Aerodrome"
    Despite being built on provincially significant wetlands, a groundwater recharge area, and highly-vulnerable aquifers and woodlands, the aerodrome has been designed to specifically avoid a required assessment by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada; The principles of the Baldwin East aerodrome have been involved in the waste management industry and have been cited by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for dumping contaminated fill; The proponents plan to dump 1.2 million cubic metres of fill (120,000 truck loads) on to the site without limitation or testing; and There have been numerous instances of corporations using the pretense of building an aerodrome under federal jurisdiction to lucratively dump fill without scrutiny by municipal and provincial authorities; 97% of respondents who participated in the consultation process – including the Town of Georgina, York Region, and the Chippewas of Georgina Island, objected to the proposal; This is nothing more than a pretense by a waste disposal company to lucratively dump fill without scrutiny by municipal and provincial authorities.
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    Created by Leon Sebek
  • Help victims of the Turkish-Syrian Earthquake
    Northwest Syria is a home for over 4.5 million people, most of whom have been displaced multiple times due to the relentless bombing campaign led by the Syrian Assad regime backed by Russian air forces. The infrastructure there was already weak, with 47% of health facilities out of service, and now, after the earthquake the situation is dire. Even The Syrians refugees in Turkey were affected by the quake and left with nothing, no shelters, no jobs, no income of any resource. Their children are out of schools and left alone in the middle of foggy and uncertainty about their future. I need your votes to support the Syrian people request that the Canadian Government take the following actions: - Resettle as much as possible number of Syrians who are currently struggling in northwest Syria or the refugees in Turkey and ensure fast processing of their applications. Your support will save lives, and every minute counts. I am counting on you, good hearts, to show the Syrian people that they are not alone and not let down and that the whole Canadians stand for them.
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    Created by Rufaida Alkhabbaz
  • Stop the Demolition of Rent-controlled Building at 55 Brownlow Avenue
    Your support will allow hundreds of families, low income individuals, and elderly people to remain housed in the middle of an affordability crisis in Toronto. One older resident explained: "I do not currently have the monthly income to pay the average rent of $2500 for a 1 bedroom. I am nearing retirement and will have even less income when that happens. There is no where to go in the city that is affordable." Help the tenants at 55 Brownlow keep the rent-controlled, affordable units that they currently call home by signing our petition.
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  • The Canadian Clean Energy Corridor: Electric Federalism
    Over 80% of the GHGs driving dangerous climate change are caused by the burning of fossil fuels. We need to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. Electrification is the best option to replace fossil energy. We need to expand our grid capacity and remove barriers to clean renewable generation. Without expanded interprovincial electricity transmission, provinces like Saskatchewan will not develop its world class solar and wind resources. The federal government can remove the barriers to clean energy by strengthening interprovincial transmissions by building the Clean Energy Corridor from coast to coast. This is a national project akin to building the railroad: Electric Federalism provides the path to a Net-Zero future!
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    Created by Glenn Wright
  • Canadians have waited long enough. It’s time to agree on a health care funding deal.
    We all – the desperate patients, the burned out nurses, the struggling doctors, the other healthcare workers, researchers, and administrators, even the politicians and, certainly, the voters – know that a remedy is urgently needed for the crisis in the health care system. Dangerously overstretched nurses, doctors, and paramedics, closed Emergency Rooms, the chronic shortage of family doctors, the migration of burned out medical professionals – especially nurses – to the private sector or to retirement, the failure to collect and transparently share data that reports resource levels and medical outcomes to allow Canadians to assure themselves that the system is working. These are just some of the issues that need attention and support. Canadians have long believed that healthcare is a right and are baffled that this situation has been allowed to develop. It is more than time that our elected leaders fulfill their responsibilities and solve the health care funding impasse.
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    Created by Susanne Lloyd
  • Stop plans to change YVR jet flight paths to fly directly over Coquitlam and Port Moody
    If these planned changes occur, commercial aircraft will fly directly over our homes at 6,000 feet or less. This will occur 24 hours per day based on their plans. This website explains the imperative: https://nooverflights.com/
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    Created by Ken Bell
  • End the Opioid Crisis
    According to the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit, which is responsible for the area where I live, there were 132 opioid-related deaths in 2020 and 175 in 2021. Through the first six months of 2022, a total of 66 opioid-related deaths were reported. Emergency room visits for opioid poisonings also spiked, with ERs in Simcoe and Muskoka recording 814 opioid-related cases in 2021. Through the first six months of 2022, there were 264 ER visits. My 28 year old son never made it to an ER. He died before an ambulance arrived. The fentanyl he took led to an unintended overdose, like it has for too many others across our country. I don't want any more parents to suffer this devastating loss. Please help me and other grieving parents by signing my petition to urge all levels of government to work together to end this crisis. It literally is a matter of life and death.
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    Created by Bianca Creek
  • Don’t privatize Ontario’s surgeries. Protect public health care.
    Ford just announced he's directing public money toward private surgery clinics. This means that a number of OHIP-funded procedures will be moved out of public hospitals into for-profit facilities. [1] Ford's actions are only worsening the healthcare crisis. He ignored health care workers, capped public servants' wages, failed to implement paid sick days, and started privatizing more services — with devastating consequences. [2-4] He's underspent on healthcare by a whopping $900 million and today's announcement will only divert more resources away from an already underfunded healthcare system in crisis. [5,6] Doctors and major healthcare unions are ringing the alarm bells about the adverse effects this move will have on our public healthcare system — warning us all that this will hurt access to health care and the services we receive. [7,8] If we can tap into the outrage and get loud and organized right now against Ford's dangerous move towards privatizing health care, it could force him to backtrack. Add your name demanding that the Ford government doesn't direct public money to private surgery clinics. Sources: [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ford-jones-health-surgeries-private-clinics-1.6715117<br> [2] https://cupe.ca/decision-overturn-bill-124-affirms-ontario-workers-rights-are-human-rights<br> [3] https://tod.ontariondp.ca/news/ford-conservatives-have-voted-no-paid-sick-days-25-times-2021<br> [4] https://www.thespec.com/opinion/contributors/2022/05/23/remember-why-our-seniors-died-in-long-term-care-homes.html<br> [5] https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2022/11/29/doug-ford-government-spent-35b-less-than-expected-in-first-half-of-2022-23-budget-watchdog-finds.html?rf<br> [6] https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2022/10/24/2540327/0/en/Ontario-Hospital-Crisis-Province-Wide-and-By-Community.html<br> [7] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-doug-ford-private-clinics-health-care-1.6712444<br> [8] https://www.ona.org/news-posts/20230116-private-clinics-risk/<br>
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    Created by Leadnow Canada
  • Lower Cell Phone Rates for Canadians
    Cell phone use is no longer a luxury---it is a necessity. There is no logic answer for why Canadian rates are so out line---when such lower rates are available just across the American border!
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    Created by Michael Mazza
  • Shopify: Drop Anti-LGBTQ+ hate group from your service
    "Libs of TikTok" is a very large social media account run by Chaya Raichik - and she also maintains a store through Ottawa-based Shopify. Rather than try to describe Raichik and her work, let's just review her own words and news coverage: - She has openly described herself as a "stochastic terrorist" on her Twitter profile. [1] - On Tucker Carlson's show, she said: "The LGBTQ community has become this cult" and "they brainwash people to join". She went on to say "It's unlike anything we've ever seen I think. It's extremely poisonous." Prompted by Carlson to explain why, she said - and I want to stress that I have copied the quote here in its entirety and verbatim - "I think they're evil. And sometimes we try to break it down a lot, we discuss why this is happening, what's happening and whatever, and I think sometimes the simplest answer is, like, they're just evil. They're bad people. They're just evil people. And they want to groom kids. They're recruiting." [2] - She made national headlines after her account shared false information about gender-affirming care at Boston Children's hospital, which then received a massive volume of hate mail, threatening phone calls, and a bomb threat. This followed earlier incidents where her account tweeted about a children's hospital in Nebraska which hosted an information booth at a Pride event, and another instance where the account tweeted about a children's hospital in Pittsburgh which had created an informational video about puberty blockers - in both cases, these tweets were followed by waves of harassment directed to those hospitals accounts, and received comments such as "Pedophiles" and "We will destroy you". [3] The "pedophiles" comment may refer to Raichik's constant use of the word "grooming" to imply that any time LGBTQ+ people are in any way visible to children, they are "grooming" those children to become LGBTQ+. The Anti-Defamation League has explained that this is a false and malicious narrative, with the term "groomer" weaponized to equate LGBTQ+ people with pedophiles and demonize them. [4] It is this weaponized, malicious term which adorns all of the products that Raichik sells through Shopify. [5] Shopify has a clear policy against stores that promote hate, under which it has removed stores and products from groups like Proud Boys, QAnon, even former President Trump. [6] Raichik isn't slipping under the radar, though; Shopify is well aware of her account, and has indicated that it won't withdraw her store, and accepts businesses "with various worldviews". [7] However, the founder of Check My Ads, an adtech disinformation watchdog, has reported that multiple sources have indicated to her that the COO of Shopify, Kaz Nejatian, was personally stepping in to protect certain Spotify accounts. [8] Nejatian is no stranger to right-wing politics; he was formerly a staffer in Immigration Minister (and later Alberta Premier) Jason Kenney's office. [9] He is also one of the original board members of the True North Centre for Public Policy, a digital media platform which partnered with Rebel Media to take the Trudeau government to court, and whose Editor-In-Chief is Candice Malcom - Nejatian's spouse. [10] Despite the above reporting, we can't know the real reason Shopify continues to allow Raichik to sell her merchandise prominently labeled with a term that the ADL reports is used explicitly to demonize the LGBTQ+ community, and which the ADL also confirms leads to targeted violence and harassment (harassment and bullying are against the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy, as is promoting or condoning hate or violence against people based on gender, sexual orientation, or "other forms of discriminatory intolerance". What we can know is this: Chaya Raichik openly calls the LGBTQ+ community "evil people". We know she uses her very large platform to spread demonstrably false information about the LGBTQ+ community. We know that when she does, targeted harassment and threats have been shown to follow. And we know that Shopify is providing her with the means to make money from her actions. It's time for Shopify to make up their minds. Either they lose Raichik's business - or they lose ours. Sign the petition calling on Shopify to end their business relationship with Raichik and close her store. On March 1st, we will deliver the petition to Shopify and give them one month to close the account. If they do not do so by March 31st - International Transgender Day of Visibility - we will launch a nationwide boycott campaign, targeting Shopify and its top customers. Raichik is based in the US. Maybe she thinks that using a Canadian company helps insulate her from responses by her US-based critics. Maybe she's right. But this is *our* turf. And in the Canada we work towards, hate is not a for-profit enterprise. We will not stand aside while the LGBTQ+ community is under attack. It starts by signing your name. It ends by taking Raichik's store off of Shopify - and rising up, together, for decency, dignity, and solidarity. [1] https://xtramagazine.com/culture/shopify-selling-hate-libs-of-tiktok-241436 [2] https://twitter.com/Esqueer_/status/1607741993089892353?s=20&t=MhqVf1QRma__2Nfw35P9ig [3] https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/internet/boston-childrens-hospital-warns-employees-far-right-online-harassment-rcna43376 [4] https://www.adl.org/resources/blog/what-grooming-truth-behind-dangerous-bigoted-lie-targeting-lgbtq-community [5] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/lgbtq-activists-libs-of-tik-tok-shopify-1.6662359 [6] See 5 [7] See 5 [8] https://twitter.com/nandoodles/status/1596271991694278656?s=20&t=5-3_0G-f1iEvwk0lNCZgXw [9] https://dailyhive.com/calgary/premier-kenneys-e-commerce-posts-spark-online-backlash [10] https://pressprogress.ca/right-wing-media-outlet-accredited-for-leaders-debate-is-also-registered-as-a-charity-for-immigrants/
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