• Housing is a basic human right, not a commodity.
    Access to housing should be a basic human right. In order for housing to be accessible it must be affordable. By placing a cap on the number of houses one can own, supply would be increased as houses owned above the cap would be required to be put on the market. If you could imagine tap water was unsafe and all drinking water was bottled, the housing issue that is the subject of this petition is analogous to someone buying as much bottled water as possible from the grocery store and then selling sips to people at greatly inflated prices.
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    Created by Ed Nunes
  • No Mining On Anishinaabe Territory
    This system allows companies and individuals to stake mining claims on First Nations lands from the comfort of their offices, without gaining the consent of the Indigenous people who live there. You have stated that we need to “listen to Indigenous voices and ensure they are heard loudly and clearly.” Your government’s refusal to respect Grassy Narrows’ Indigenous Protected Area completely contradicts your own words. This is not in the spirit of reconciliation that your government espouses to care about. Grassy Narrows has been fighting for justice for over 50 years, it is time to make things right. Grassy Narrows is demanding that Ontario respect their Indigenous Protected Area and end all logging and mining activity on the area. Will you commit to that now? We must respect Grassy Narrows' decisions for their territory. Never again should harmful decisions be imposed on Grassy Narrows people and the territory that they depend on. This is an issue of high concern to me and I will be watching closely to see that justice comes at long last to Grassy Narrows.
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    Created by FreeGrassy .
  • Ask our politicians to stop fossil fuel subsidies
    We need to recapture our politicians from the undue influence of fossil fuel companies who are even helping to write our government’s climate policies. Recently, for example, the government of Alberta granted 4.3 billion to fossil fuel companies at a time when people are unable to find a family doctor in this province, and at a time when at least two large companies stream-lined their operations by laying off workers. Meanwhile forest fires raged out of control all across the country, affecting peoples lives in several negative ways.
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    Created by Mildred Thill
  • Invest in Ontarians
    The Ford government is sitting on $22.6 billion of so-called “excess funds” – money stashed away from the public purse that they have no plan to spend any time soon. Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy claims the FAO’s report doesn’t reflect new government spending. [1] But if the province’s growing budget surpluses haven’t been allocated to any public programs, where is this money going? There are so many ways that $22.6 billion could make a difference. Ford and Bethlenfalvy could use it to: fund our public health care system, build more housing, increase disability support funding, support public transit infrastructure, or invest in our education system. And that's just to name a few. A massive petition from thousands of us across the province – demanding that Finance Minister Bethlenfalvy and Premier Ford stop stashing away billions of dollars and instead invest in public services for Ontarians – can ensure these “excess funds” are put to good use. Will you add your name today? [1] https://globalnews.ca/news/9762549/ontario-government-22-billion-excess-funds-fao/
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    Created by Leadnow Canada
  • Ban plastic water bottles!
    If people are motivated to keep that drink container in order to get their dollar back, perhaps they will refrain from tossing their other garbage, mostly fast food wrappers and cardboard coffee cups, out the window at will. Large fines for littering, rigorously enforced, with community service cleaning up communities and ditches might also help.
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    Created by Geoff Ireland
  • Mandate condos to offer composting
    It’s a step backwards in our society to build housing that does not promote environmental living practices. Just because it may be more convenient certainly doesn’t make it acceptable. We must act locally to make the changes necessary in every realm of living to address the real threats of pollution and climate change.
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    Created by Shannon Haggerty
  • Ban wood campfires permanently in BC.
    We all need to work together to help reduce wildfires and pollution and banning wood campfires permanently is one way to do this. It doesn't mean we have to give up having campfires, as propane fire pits are readily available, and can provide the same warmth and ambiance of a wood fire without the associated environmental and health problems.
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    Created by Anne Marie Goodfellow
  • Stop Politicizing Safe Supply
    Individuals across Canada are dying from toxic substances. This toxicity is a direct result of current drug prohibition policy that is based on Colonial-era legislation now understood to be racist and not based on evidence for how to manage the potential harms associated with people's use of different substances. My own son died of Fentanyl poisoning at age 21 after losing access to a safer supply and lack of effective treatment options. Safe Supply, separating people from lethally toxic illicit supply, is one part of stemming the horrific tide of death and harms from toxic drugs in Canada. On May 29 (not 31) the House of Commons will vote on an opposition motion to end all safe supply programs. We need to rally all MPs, across all parties, to not support this motion.
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    Created by Glenn Mahoney
  • Studying GLBI Scenarios changes Generations
    Many aspects of GLBI are not known, such as no example has been given about the Disability portion, and how the non-income tested portion will work. We're asking you Leah, to be detailed and precise for the PBO, all 3 scenarios include much higher earners with higher benefits for those with lower incomes as well, and because Canada deserves correct answers before it becomes a campaign promise again.
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    Created by Joseph Vander Meer
  • Save our National Medical System
    Working together we can save this wonderful medical system that was once described as the crown jewel of medical systems. If we do nothing our medical system will slip away and become either a two tiered system or a system owned by the private sector. If we want to preserve our system we must act to preserve it
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    Created by Garry Jollymore
  • Let's regain control over corporations
    1.  Allowing dividends is exactly parallel to allowing gamblers to collect winnings without cashing in chips.  Nobody in the world can collect his winnings without cashing in his chips.  Why allow shareholders to collect winnings without selling shares?  How are shareholders different from any other gambler? 2.  Allowing a company to own shares in another company means that a company is betting against itself.  It is a blatant conflict of interest when a company must make decisions which favour itself over the owned company.
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    Created by Doug Jacques
  • A People-Powered Solution to Climate Change!
    This could be the difference between the survival and extinction of our species and the planet we depend on. It doesn't matter what we like or want, or what is convenient. Nor does it matter what is traditional, or what we're used to. The only thing that should truly matter is what is absolutely necessary for our survival and that of our planet. We have no other home. All I know for sure is for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the planet they need to survive, eating all animal products must stop now or they simply won't make it. Period. Full Stop. For the love of your families, and all that you hold dear in your hearts, I beg you to please stop eating all animal products right now. We can do this, we must do this .Our families lives depend on it.
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    Created by Patti Chapman