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To: Armand Hurford

Squamish Mayor Armand Hurford and Council: Join the National Call for a Ceasefire

Join the growing international calls in support of an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Why is this important?

Over the past days and weeks, I have watched with profound grief as the civilian death toll in Gaza has mounted. After a promised pause, the Israeli military has resumed attacks on the people of Gaza. It is more clear now than ever before that what we really need is a permanent ceasefire.

One way we can do that is to get more prominent politicians into the fray. Already, some municipal politicians have called on the Canadian government to support a permanent ceasefire. The more decision-makers who add their voices, the more pressure there will be on the federal government.

Add your name to call on your local Mayor and council to come out in support of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now.

Squamish, BC, Canada

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