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To: Ontario’s Energy Minister Todd Smith and Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford

Support the OEB - Tell Doug Ford we want affordable clean heating in Ontario

Tell Doug Ford and Energy Minister Todd Smith - Hands off the OEB, Ontarians want affordable, green heating.
Ford is siding with developers and Enbridge Gas in an attempt to entrench the use of “natural” gas in Ontario for years to come - and he must be stopped.

In December 2023, the Ontario Energy Board, an independent regulatory body, ordered Enbridge Gas to foot the bill for its new natural gas connections because fossil fuel use is winding down as we transition to our lower-carbon electricity grid. [1]
In a progressive decision, the OEB stated that Enbridge must finally pay for its gas hook-up costs upfront, recognizing that following Enbridge’s “business as usual” procedures would “lead to an overbuilt, underutilized gas system in the face of the energy transition”.
Prior to this ruling, Enbridge’s costs for natural gas installation (about $4400) were distributed across all existing gas customers in the form of higher energy bills, over a 40 year period. The OEB sees that natural-gas connections will become stranded assets as more homes turn to alternative heating sources (like heat-pumps), ruling that risk should be taken by the utility company, not individuals.

Why is this important?

Since this ruling, Doug Ford’s government has said they will legislate to overthrow the OEB’s decision in favour of Enbridge and devleopers, who are furious right now. [2]
The OEB’s landmark decision could encourage developers to install more affordable and energy efficient heating systems - facilitating the transition from heating Ontario’s buildings with fossil gas to green solutions such as geo-thermal and heat pumps, while also reducing energy bills for homeowners and tenants. Doug Ford’s government is standing in the way.
If thousands of Ontarians show support for the recent OEB ruling, and for measures that will protect homeowners and renters and incentivize clean energy options, we can discourage the Ford government from intervening with legislation.
Tell Doug Ford and Energy Minister Todd Smith - Hands off the OEB, Ontarians want affordable, green heating.

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[2] CBC:

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FYI - This petition will be presented to Ontario Legislature in the coming days/weeks. Please help me reach/exceed our goal of 5 thousand signatures by sharing this petition with your network one more time... We cannot allow Doug Ford to ram through Bill 165 - Thank you very much for your ongoing support.

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