• Stop Bill 23: Protect the Greenbelt and Build Real Affordable Housing
    Doug Ford lied. Last month he tabled a piece of legislation — Bill 23 — to eviscerate our pristine Greenbelt, breaking his promise to leave it alone. [1] This bill is an attack on the environment and democracy — all under the guise of expanding housing. [2] Bill 23 would allow Ford to take 7,400 acres of farmland and natural areas and strip environmental protections that protect wildlife, keep our drinking water safe, guard wetlands, and ensure flood protection. [3] To pave over our Greenbelt, Ford is undermining the planning power of municipalities, forgoing requirements for public meetings and overriding the ability of communities to appeal decisions. [4] And housing experts and advocates have been clear: with a focus on making money, the bill will actually limit the ability to build new affordable rental housing and jeopardize the affordable housing that exists. [5,6] All the while, corporate land developers are set to profit big from this plan. [7] Public outrage is growing — and there’s still time to stop this Bill from going through. Will you sign this petition to help show mass public support and demand Bill 23 is stopped? Sources: [1] https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/11/04/ontario-backtracks-on-greenbelt-pledge-with-plan-to-allow-housing-on-7400-acres.html [2] https://ontarionature.org/bill-23-what-you-need-to-know-blog/ [3] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/11/10/opinion/sacrificing-ontario-scarce-green-space-sprawl-giant-mistake [4] see 2 [5] https://acorncanada.org/take_action/doug-fords-bill-23-destroys-existing-affordable-housing-builds-more-luxury-condos-scrap-it-now/ [6] https://uwaterloo.ca/news/media/q-and-experts-more-homes-built-faster-act-or-bill-23 [7] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/gta-developers-own-greenbelt-land-swap-1.6648273
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  • Stop Poisoning Nova Scotia for Profit
    The locations for these "developments" have been chosen solely based on the, suddenly reduced, assessed price of the land and no other considerations. Deals are being made without due diligence behind closed doors. All efforts to question these decisions are met with silence from the government and developers. Thousands of Nova Scotians are protesting these maneuvers, yet no explanation of the method behind this madness has been offered.
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    Created by Alan Payzant
  • Kick Polluters out of the Canada Pavilion at COP27
    Industries aligned with climate action are welcomed in event programming, and there are many of these companies present at COP27. However, oil and gas companies, like those active within the Pathways Alliance, have been the biggest obstacle to climate action — both at COP and back in Canada, and for decades now have made their fortunes while millions around the world suffer the tragedies of climate impacts. Oil and gas companies are touting themselves as climate leaders, while in fact their activities continue to erode the rights and negatively impact the health and culture of Indigenous communities, notably through trillions of liters of toxic waste stored in tailings “ponds.” Companies keep pointing to carbon capture and storage — despite the technology’s decades-long track record of underperformance and failure. And even if the technology did work, carbon capture would do nothing about the environmental harm caused to Indigenous nations at the frontlines of oil and gas extraction. Carbon capture cannot address the 80%-90% of emissions that are emitted when the oil and gas they pump out of the ground gets burned. The industry isn’t interested in carbon capture to reduce emissions — it’s about greenwashing its plans to continue producing fossil fuels for decades to come.
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    Created by Coalition of Canadian Organizations
  • Let’s tell the truth about our history at Cadboro Bay
    Ultimately, locals and visitors who read the current Cadboro Bay signs as their only knowledge of the site are missing pieces of its history. We believe that updating this sign will promote truthful conversations about our colonial past and present, and plant seeds for a decolonial future.
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    Created by Kate Illingworth
  • Remove Barriers for Foreign Educated Doctors to be Certified in Canada
    We need more doctors right now. Allowing foreign educated doctors to become certified in Canada will alleviate our doctor shortage.
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    Created by Paula Bonner
  • Family member caregiving support
    Right now, there is no program like it available and a full-time caregiver like me do not get any financial support for taking care of a disabled senior parent. Turning to Ontario Work for a little bit of support is only temporary as OW is not for caregivers. Some nations like Australia and Europe offer similar programs for caregivers, then why not Canada or Provinces or Municipals.
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    Created by Ali Momeni-Taleblou
  • The Canadian Government Needs to Distribute Free N95 Masks to the Provinces
    I hope you join me in this campaign. I'm asking for your help. I have heard from many families and vulnerable people now unsure on how they can remain safe this winter, or how to protect their grandparents or their family members. They have to work or go to school, some are low-income seniors unable to afford better masks, or disabled struggling to get by and laughing at the idea that they can afford better masks. I hear from vulnerable people concerned that others around them are maskless and coughing or ill. Some don't even know there are better masks. They need our help now. They deserve health equity. And if provincial mask mandates come this fall or winter, which I expect, let's make them work better. You can help by signing this petition. If you want to learn more about masks and N95 respirators, you can check out the pinned thread at the top of my twitter page, Bill Comeau @Billius27.
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  • The Federal Government Needs to Continue Free RAT Distribution to the Provinces
    Please sign our petition to keep RATs free for all Canadians who need them. Many people who are at highest risk of being exposed at work or school cannot afford to purchase RATs to test themselves for covid so they can avoid exposing others. Much of our transmission is still occurring from those who are asymptomatic, presymptomatic, or post-symptomatic. Many people are contagious for days, and sometimes even more than a week, post-symptoms. RATs can help you determine if you're no longer infected before you return to work or visit someone at high risk for severe disease. Since the easing of many mitigation efforts, spread of covid plateaued at a high level over the summer, but is now creeping up again. We have also already surpassed the number of covid deaths we had in either of the first two years of the pandemic. The federal government is considering halting the supply of free RATs to the provinces at the end of the year. This will result in people losing yet another tool that allows them to responsibly manage their own risk. With every tool we lose in our mitigation toolkit, the burden on our strained healthcare system and the effect of widespread workplace illness on the economy becomes greater. Let's do what we can to prevent 2023 from being even more deadly and costly than 2022 is shaping up to be.
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  • More Open Educational Resources at UFV
    The UFV Student Union Society has started this campaign to showcase student support for Open Educational Resources at UFV. Sign this petition if you have been impacted by the high cost of textbooks and would like to see more Open Educational Resources at UFV!
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  • Reallocate Hockey Funds for Sexual Assault Centres
    For far too long, sexual harassment and sexual violence has been covered up and dismissed in a sport that you proudly sponsored. For far too long, survivors have been disbelieved, especially when speaking out against the culture of professional hockey. For far too long, gender-based violence has been a pervasive reality in Canada. The level of violence that women and girls experience in Canada has barely changed over the past two decades. Recent statistics show that more than 4 in 10 women has experienced some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. Indigenous, Black, immigrant and refugee, racialized, and low-income women, young girls, and gender-diverse people face the highest rates of compounding violence. Last year, 173 women and girls were violently killed in Canada. Ending gender-based violence is a pressing priority. Yet, support services, such as sexual assault centres, gender-based violence organizations, transition homes, and VAW shelters, are grossly underfunded and under-resourced. Canada’s ambitious declaration of “a Canada free of gender-based violence” and the first-ever National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Girls has no actual timeline for implementation. We urgently need a universal, coordinated, and integrated system of anti-violence programs and support services that are adequately funded and offered across all geographic locations, and accessible to all women and gender-diverse people who have experienced any form of gender-based violence in Canada.
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  • Women cashiers and merchandisers made to clean men's toilets
    Low wage workers should not be subjected to employment scams by powerful and rich employers.
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  • Protest Vail Resorts Decision to replace Whistler Blackcomb’s Fitzsimmons Chair with 8 person lift
    If you want Vail Resorts to go back to the drawing board with a better thought out plan for Whistler Blackcomb, join me in telling them to reverse this decision. Or be prepared for the fallout in the 23/24 season
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    Created by Ken Bell