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To: Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

Reverse your disastrous healthcare plan

Reverse your proposal to dismantle Alberta Health - invest in our healthcare system so it truly works for all Albertans

Why is this important?

On Wednesday, Premier Danielle Smith unveiled her plans for Alberta’s healthcare system which - if enacted - could be a slippery slope to the end of public healthcare in Alberta.

Her plans would dismantle Alberta Health, replacing it with a new set of organizations which will be under her government’s direct control - giving her the power to do whatever she wants.

Leaked documents indicate it could put the jobs of 250,000 healthcare workers at risk. At a time where the public healthcare system is already crumbling in crisis and suffering from understaffing - this is unacceptable. Smith has yet to directly address how many jobs will be affected by these new plans, or how much it will cost.

If thousands of us sign a petition calling on her to reverse these plans, we can show Smith that her proposal is deeply unpopular, and get her to go back to the drawing board and build a healthcare plan that really addresses the needs of all Albertans.

Image credit: Alberta Newsroom


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