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To: Prime Minister Trudeau

Write a letter to Canadian Leaders: Demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

We cannot stay silent while 2.2 million people face ongoing terrors and unimaginable pain.

In the past week, over 2000 Palestinians have been killed and more than 10,000 wounded.⒈ The escalation of Israel's decades-long war has left Palestinian civilians in nightmare conditions- without electricity, food, water, and medical supplies. Hospitals are rapidly running out of fuel for their generators, with doctors being forced to shut off life-sustaining ICU machines.⒉

People living in Gaza are trapped on all sides, with nowhere safe to go.⒊ 47 Palestinian bloodlines have been wiped from existence.⒋ Air strikes continue to tear families apart, and with no end in sight the death toll mounts.

World leaders must step up and call for an immediate ceasefire. Canadian leaders must call for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza. We call on the Canadian government to demand civilians' basic human rights be met, and to bring an end the bloodshed.

Will you send a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding he speak out and demand basic respect for human life?

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