• Tell your hospital CEO: Protect Public Healthcare: Lynn Mikula
    Hospital CEOs hold a significant amount of sway with the government — and for the most part they don't hear from the public. Right now, most hospital CEOs haven't rejected Ford's privatization plans. In fact, a couple of them have actually spoken out in support of it. But they haven't heard from the community their hospital serves.
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  • BC Nursing Support Services - Families need SUPPORT, now!
    Our families need equitable, flexible, and reliable support in caring for our medically complex children.
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    Created by Laesa Kim
  • Clean Indoor Air for Nova Scotia
    Good Indoor Air Quality is essential for the health and safety of all Nova Scotians. It will reduce the spread of airborne viruses and chemicals, which will allow Nova Scotians to live healthier and longer lives. It will also lower concentrations of CO2, which will improve cognition, memory, and mood.
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    Created by Shira Lurie
  • Make solar panels mandatory
    We all know the effects of climate change, and we also know that something has to be done about it before it is too late. Not just for our own wellbeing, but for the security of our children and grandchildren. We all know that increasingly violent and deadly storms, floods, fires and droughts are becoming daily items on the news. We must take action. Something as simple as amending the city's building code is one step towards greening the environment, and doesn't even require a lot of individual sacrifice.
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    Created by Michael Taft
  • Surely We Can Build a Better Economy?
    People can join existing co-operatives and social enterprises. They can take their money out banks who are funding the oil industry and put it in Credit Unions. They can lobby any politician they can trust. They can be part of the solution, part of the building a better economy. They can demand community health centres where they have a say. They can support family and local business and seldom use Amazon or Walmart.
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    Created by Tom Webb
  • Stop P3/ Deferred cost to the future
    P3 school is like buying a big purchase which you can not pay off and you make minimum payments!! Interest will cost the government more in the future. Check out other provinces which had to buy back the P3 ! a lack of accountability of private companies to the people, leading to cost overruns that impose a burden on future generations. When building P3 School , it did not work other provinces, why would it work in Manitoba
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    Created by Cupe 737 Cupe 737
  • Basic vet support for service animals and guide dogs
    I have a service animal and fear everyday if something were to happen i couldn't afford it. My disability relays on service animal and i wouldn't function without one. Having help financially with veterinary would help me.
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    Created by Kurtis Gray
  • Palestinian struggle
    Anyone concerned with human rights should want to end the cruel occupation of the West Bank by the Israeli authorities. This is needed if we are to be truly believed when we express concern for human rights anywhere in the world.
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    Created by Peter Moller
  • Regain Public Ownership of The Grid
    This action would help to save the planet, recognize billions in savings to households and businesses over the next decade and ensure of a more reliable means of powering our futures
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    Created by Joe Piotti
  • Type 2 diabetes is a real disease
    Type 2 diabetics' lives are placed at risk without access to needed tools, supplies and insulin every day because it is not covered by OHIP.
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    Created by Glenn Corcoran
  • ADHD Meds for All | Saskatchewan
    Disparities in the diagnostic criteria for ADHD place undo burdens on an already vulnerable population. Saskatchewan’s refusal to include Vyvanse in its prescription drug program is an outdated policy that sets back the treatment plans of those that studies have already demonstrated as being left behind. Immediate action is required to ensure treatment is not delayed any further.
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    Created by Courtney Hrynuik
  • Reduce Canadian oil production as we move toward net zero
    Canada cannot continue to produce more oil as the world moves toward net zero. Unfortunately, the oil industry is actively lobbying for more production. This will lead to a collapse of the oil industry, leaving the taxpayers to clean the pollution they created. Please sign the petition at: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4225
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    Created by Gilles Fecteau