To: Premier Doug Ford

Stop developing the greenbelt

The Auditor General has already called out Ontario's Conservative government and it's leader, Doug Ford, for making sweetheart deals with developer friends in the greenbelt north of Toronto. And the planned paving of wetlands north of Toronto to create yet another road for cars is equally environmentally unsustainable.

Rezoning wetlands to create the Bradford Bypass and allowing Durham Region Greenbelt to be rezoned is also environmentally unsustainable. Our wetlands and greenbelt are quintessentially Canadian and need to be protected.

Tell Doug Ford and his cabinet to show responsible leadership by reversing their decision and instead, invest these funds into public transportation, light rail, bus services and commuter transportation that reduces pollution and the number of cars on Ontario's roads.

Why is this important?

Ontario has an opportunity to be a leading example of sustainable development. If we don't act now, the window will close forever.