• Greater Victoria Urgently Needs Homes for All
    It takes a lot of people to counter the prevailing pressures that have gotten us to this place. Thankfully, so many people in this region are joining the call to prioritise affordable and non-profit housing. If we stay silent and fail to act urgently and boldly now, we will continue to see a loss of families and diversity in our communities. We will continue to see increasing hardship in our streets and parks. We are a wealthy province and country. Working together with purpose and courage, we can build communities that provide homes for all.
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  • Support Status for All
    There are over 500,000 people, including families, living in Canada without any valid immigration permits and this number is increasing. In addition, 1.2 million people are on work, study or refugee claimant permits, most of whom have no opportunity to remain permanently in Canada. Permanent resident status is the mechanism through which all other rights are accessed. Undocumented people, migrant workers and refugees are being exploited in substandard working conditions, because regressive immigration and labour laws restrict their agency and leave them open to abuse. Lack of permanent resident status makes it difficult, and often impossible, for migrants to speak up for their rights or access services, including those they may be eligible for, because of a well-founded fear of reprisals, termination, eviction and deportation. Migrants experience insecure housing, abuse at work, poverty and fear. The uncertainty about the future, constant stress of making ends meet and risk of detention and deportation negatively impacts their health. Canada, like most of North ​​America and Europe, has not seen a real inclusive regularization program for undocumented people in decades. Moreover, migrants on work and study permits in low-waged industries, like care workers, farmworkers and gig-workers, have only a few tiny and difficult-to-access immigration programs to get permanent residency. The vast majority of undocumented and temporary status migrants living and working in the country are excluded from permanent residence. Together, we can change that. Together, we can win equal rights for 1.7 million people. Together we can ensure permanent resident status for all now and in the future.
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    Created by Migrant Rights Network
  • Children Suffering from Seizures Demand Access to Life Saving Rescue Medication
    Children suffering from seizures require access to life saving rescue medication in the event that the seizure becomes a medical emergency. Legislation needs to be enacted to protect educators from liability in the event that these medications need to be administered to ensure the health and welfare of these children is of the highest priority in our school systems.
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    Created by Bailey Murphy
  • Enforce Ethical Purchasing Now
    Workers' rights abuses must be taken seriously by the City Council. With the upcoming municipal election, future City Council members need to be aware that this issue is one that needs to be on their agenda. The longer that the City of Vancouver takes to properly enforce its Ethical Purchasing policy, the longer it fails to support the rights of workers. For example, in 2021, the Workers Rights Consortium reported that two employees from Palm Apparel and Sewing International had died due to the companies' refusal to pay legally mandated medical benefits. One woman (and her newly born child) died due to lack of access to maternity care. The hospital told her that she would need to pay more than five months' wages for the care she and her child needed, all because Palm Apparel did not bother to pay its employees' healthcare coverage. The City of Vancouver has contracts with both Palm Apparel and Sewing International. However, due to the passive complaints-based approach, the City was not immediately aware of these infractions and therefore could not work with either company to meet the ethical purchasing policy in a timely manner. The lack of support (and seemingly awareness) for workers' rights internationally is disheartening. People should not have to die to bring attention to these abuses, and yet the City of Vancouver has not acted regardless of these deaths. The City of Vancouver must take a stronger and more pro-active approach to ethical purchasing.
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    Created by Jessica Bailey
  • Doug Ford: Allow School Boards To Protect Their Kids
    Earlier this year, Premier Ford prematurely ended universal mask protections in Ontario. The result has been a catastrophe - an overburdened healthcare system, thousands of COVID hospitalizations, an increasing toll on the economy. [1,2] When school boards resisted the move, Ford stripped them of the ability to set their own COVID policies and forced them to end mask protections - needlessly infecting more kids. [3] Now, with cases still high and a fall surge looming - and in the total absence of any effective government response - school boards must be equipped to take care of their students. Doug Ford must lift the prohibition on school boards setting their own COVID policies, and allow them to reinstate masking and other protections for themselves based on conditions locally. Sources: [1] CTV: "The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and it contributes to Ontario’s growing number of health system crises," https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-science-table-to-be-dissolved-next-month-as-director-warns-that-pandemic-will-continue-to-be-a-daunting-challenge-1.6043546 [2] CIBC: "Dropping mask mandates may actually be working to prolong COVID's economic costs" https://economics.cibccm.com/cds?id=69e88cfb-7f52-4ff4-b8e9-f52fd983a1df&flag=E [3] CTV: https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/03/11/tdsb-mandatory-mask-extension/
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  • Homeward Bound Owen Sound
    Poor housing and homelessness is costly for cities and taxpayers. The average monthly costs of shelter beds are $1,932, almost ten times higher than the average monthly cost of social housing of $199.92. In addition, homeless people and those poorly housed have a higher rate of illness. The monthly cost of a hospital bed is $10,900. Preventing eviction is often the most effective way to prevent homelessness. If the next Owen Sound mayor and city council chooses to continue to be inactive in addressing attainable housing and homelessness, they must be held accountable for the additional individual and societal costs to health and justice services associated with an increase in homelessness. Join the Movement! Add your voice to hundreds of neighbours and community members who want our next City Council to support a bold vision for solving Owen Sound's housing and homelessness crisis - starting with an Affordable Housing and Homelessness Plan.
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  • Frequent, reliable, and effective Calgary transit.
    To whom and all it may concern, There are many many reasons to go ahead with the Green Line and to have more bus routes, stops, and buses running more frequently. If you don’t have a car getting from point A to point B takes an enormous about of time, almost all day, and a lot of energy. Moreover, a more rapid way to get around leans to a reduction in violent crimes – less of an opportunity, and, likely, for the same reason, less sexual assaults committed by strangers. Furthermore, a greater, more efficient public transit system will hopefully inspire people to use their cars less. If this happens it will likely lead to a significant decrease in Greenhouse emissions, which helps the environment, and less traffic accidents, which would significantly decrease health care energy and costs related to car accidents. If those are not good enough arguments here are more... A more efficient, rapid, transit system gives many students more time to study, and thus increases the potential these students have to succeed. It gives more time for families to be together, it helps to enable people to get more done, it may even help many people not only get more done but significantly be more productive and work more conscientiously overall because people can get home earlier and therefore sleep more. As far as work in concerned, finally, it helps many people have more time to work at their job as it has the potential, for many people, to lower the frequency people arrive to work late. I’m sure there are more reasons but at the moment these are all I can come up with, and don’t think they are bad reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May all of you stay safe and well, Michaelle Tuz-Atkinson
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    Created by Michaelle Tuz-Atkinson
  • Reopen Long-Term-Care facilities
    The Rideau Regional Centre was closed in 2009. At the city’s homeless shelters, some studies have found the percentage of long-term residents with a mental or developmental disability to be as high as 70 per cent. We can do better than that.
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    Created by Alex Reis
  • End Violence Against Children in Canada
    Children are being hit, smacked, kicked and pinched by their parents everyday in Canada. In other countries that have banned corporal punishment, new support became available for all parents to learn more safe and effective ways to discipline. In Canada, we wait until it is too late to support parents who are at risk of abusing children. We wait until children are struggling from trauma to support them. Canada is not proactive. We are failing families.
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    Created by Danielle Dionne
  • GAC - Employee's Left Behind!
    Our children's life is in danger!! The Taliban is the most misogynist regime on the planet today, committing large-scale human rights violations, establishing a system of total gender apartheid, and specifically targeting those they see as promoting “western” values. As Canadians, we must now hold our government accountable for the harmful consequences of their actions internationally and call on PM Trudeau, Minister Fraser, and IRCC to fulfill a moral obligation to save as many lives as possible.
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    Created by Mohammad Hassan Azizi
    If Ontario government cannot be stopped from building the unnecessary Bradford bypass, which many Ontarians strongly oppose because of its irreparable harm to the huge Holland River/Marsh natural drainage, then the environmental damage must be mitigated by building it to best available technology (BAT) and therefore MUST USE ONLY THE LATEST LONG BRIDGE TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED BY STANTEC AND NOW EMPLOYED BY U.S. ARMY ENGINEERS FOR BRIDGING WETLAND SLOUGHS IN THE FLORIDA EVERGLADES. (See photo). We demand latest long-bridge tech as an environmental minimum for any Bradford Bypass project we otherwise continue to reject. WE ALSO SUPPORT THE EXTRA COST OF THIS ESSENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT, if the project is ever built. SEE: Shark River Slough: Bridges Help Bring Water Into Thirsty Everglades Park | WUSF Public Media
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    Created by reginald taylor
  • BC NDP Leadership Climate First Pledge
    We look to the next Premier to lead us to climate solutions so we can inspire others, and create resilient communities across BC. As members of the BC NDP, we call on all candidates to sign this pledge, to commit to real climate action and to stand by this commitment as Premier of B.C. How this works: Leadership candidates who sign this pledge commit to enact these commitments once sworn in as Premier. NDP Members commit to only vote for a leadership candidate who signs this pledge before November 30th, 2022. If you’re not a member yet, sign up before September 4th, 2022 so that you can have a voice in this election and help choose the next Premier: http://bcndp.ca/join Email us at [email protected] with the heading “climate pledge” to sign up for the climate first voting bloc and stay informed. Note: Ashley Zarbatany is the chair of the BC NDP's Standing Committee on the Environment and Economy (SCOEE). The action items were prioritized and revised democratically as a committee with input from broader membership as well.
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    Created by Ashley Zarbatany