• Melanie Joly and Justin Trudeau: support the oil supertanker FSO Safer clean-up
    As I write this, the FSO Safer, a massive supertanker filled with oil, is decaying off the coast of Yemen. It's an environmental disaster waiting to happen. The supertanker is carrying over 1 million barrels of oil — 4 times more than Exxon Valdez. [1] And if it spills, or even explodes – it would cause incalculable damage to the people, environment, and economy of the region. [2] The UN is urgently requesting 144 million dollars from the international community to safely move the supertanker. Already the US, Netherlands, EU countries and Qatar have committed to financially supporting this project – but Canada hasn’t even bothered to show up to the meetings, much less offer to pay their share. [3] If Trudeau wants Canada to be recognized as a climate leader, he needs to put his money where his mouth is. [4] Will you tell Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, and Justin Trudeau to help finance the safe removal of the supertanker to prevent incalculable damage from an oil spill or explosion? Sources [1] https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/5/27/us-netherlands-call-for-action-on-decaying-yemeni-supertanker [2] https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/fso-safer-yemen-ship-risks-1.6447260 [3] https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/fso-safer-yemen-ship-risks-1.6447260 [4] https://theconversation.com/canada-praised-for-climate-leadership-despite-scathing-watchdog-report-on-climate-policy-failures-175021
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    Created by Adriana Laurent
  • Essentially Underpaid #22for22
    The cost of living keeps rising and for low-wage workers, paying basic needs continues to be a struggle. Specifically during the pandemic, essential workers got us through it but they continue to be underpaid. Loblaws has the capacity to pay its workers a living wage and Galen Weston Jr should be ashamed that he refuses to pay his workers a wage that would allow them to afford the basic needs that their current pay cannot cover.
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    Created by CWRK 1310 Campaign
  • Make Tiny Homes Legal in Ontario
    Please consider petitioning your municipality as well! Photo: The Small House Catalog
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    Created by Adrian Vetis
  • Protect Alberta's Public Health Care System
    The UCP government has been chipping away at our public health care system for years — moving it towards a privatized system. They’ve worked tirelessly to destroy the negotiating power of the Alberta Medical Association and ripped up their contract mid-pandemic. And throughout the last two years, they’ve attacked nurses' rights and laid off thousands of support staff. [4-6] It’s brought Alberta's health care system to the brink of collapse. Sign now calling for the Alberta government to protect public health care. [1] https://pressprogress.ca/jason-kenney-is-expanding-private-for-profit-services-in-albertas-health-care-system/ [2] https://rabble.ca/health/health-care-for-sale-under-albertas-ucp/ [3] https://globalnews.ca/news/7404348/ucp-private-healthcare-policy-approved/ [4] https://pressprogress.ca/5-times-jason-kenneys-ucp-government-picked-fights-with-albertas-frontline-healthcare-workers/ [5] https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2022/05/30/jason-kenneys-war-on-doctors-has-left-health-care-in-a-shambles.html [6] see 4
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  • End all fossil fuel subsidies now
    A hot-off-the-press report by Oil Change International just confirmed what we’ve all known for years: oil and gas companies’ climate pledges are “grossly insufficient”. [1] Yet Canada still doles out billions of dollars in subsidies to these big polluters. Just last month, the Finance Minister rubber-stamped a $10 billion loan guarantee to back the financially unviable, climate-destroying Trans Mountain pipeline. [2] And the government’s budget included another $10 billion for dead-end carbon capture technology that lets fossil fuel companies keep polluting while pretending to care about climate change. [3] Pouring public money into fossil fuel companies that fuelled the climate emergency isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s reckless. But public pressure to end fossil fuel subsidies is growing. [4] If we can expose the federal government’s continued support for Big Oil with a huge petition to catch media’s attention, then we could keep this issue in the spotlight and force the government to reckon with the uncomfortable truth: all fossil fuel subsidies must end, and they must invest in a fair and just transition to renewables instead. Sources [1] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/05/25/news/report-labels-oil-and-gas-companies-climate-pledges-grossly-insufficient [2] https://www.politico.com/news/2022/05/10/trudeau-cabinet-approves-c-10b-loan-guarantee-for-tmx-00031522 [3] https://thenarwhal.ca/carbon-capture-credit-ipcc/ [4] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/02/04/news/canadians-onboard-clean-energy-economy-poll
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    Created by Claire Gallagher
  • Make the Green Changes Possible to Stop Climate Change!
    Climate change is one of the world's biggest global catastrophes to date as it eats away at the planet every day. We've seen the destruction and horror it can cause; vicious floods and hurricanes, lethal droughts and heat waves, dying coral reefs, horrendous wildfires and all of it just the beginning if everything is left as it is. This is an emergency situation because if action isn't taken right now, it's going to be too late to repair the damage and no one will be safe. Fossil fuels of all kinds and in every industry have to be fazed out; this is an unarguable and vital step to save the planet and everyone on it. That includes the transportation industry, one of Ontario's leading producers of carbon emissions. With the amount of carbon emissions produced yearly on a global scale from the transportation industry, it would be impossible to end the climate crisis without the switch to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles provide a green alternative to their dirty gas-powered polluting counterparts, running solely on a lithium battery that's completely devoid of damaging fossil fuels. No fossil fuels means no carbon pollution. The world is falling apart under our feet, and yet corporations and governments seem to dragging theirs. The progress being made is slow and/or hitting constant roadblocks that stall or drag out the critical steps the planet needs immediately. It's time to pick up the pace! My hope is that this campaign will help make the transition to a greener brighter future easier for everyone. This fight isn't over yet and I won't stand by and watch our home be destroyed while everyone suffer along the way.
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    Created by Gabrielle Schiller
  • Remove No-Right Turn on Red Light signs in Kipling Dundas Area
    This is causing unnecessary traffic and slowing down the daily commute of many citizens with no added safety benefit given these intersections already have advance left hand turn green lights.
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    Created by Laura McNamee
  • NO to Racist Extremism. Gavin McInnes Should be stripped of American citizenship
    The far-right, neo-nazi organization Proud Boys has been designated as a terrorist organization in Canada. So it stands to reason that Gavin McInnes, the founder and defacto leader of a terrorist organization, should be designated as the head terrorist. This terrorist should be stripped of his American citizenship and deported back to Canada where he'll be arrested upon entrance.
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    Created by Jacob Pollice
  • Defund the Albertan Police
    The idea of defunding, or divestment, is new to some folks, but the basic premise is simple: We must cut the astronomical amount of money that our governments spend on law enforcement and give that money to more helpful services like job training, counselling, and violence-prevention programs. Each year, state and local governments spend billion dollars on law enforcement—and that’s excluding billions more in federal grants and resources. Budgets are not created in a vacuum. They can be changed through targeted advocacy and organizing. We can demand that our local officials (including city council members and mayors) stop allocating funds for the police to acquire more militarized equipment and instead ask for that money to go toward community-run violence-prevention programs. We can demand that our Liberal federal government redirect the money that funds police presence in schools to putting counsellors in schools instead. Funnelling so many resources into law enforcement instead of education, affordable housing, and accessible health care has caused significant harm to communities. Police violence is actually a leading cause of death for BIPOC men: A recent study found that 1 in 1,000 BIPOC men can expect to be brutalized by police, and public health experts have described police violence as a serious public health issue. For a nation like ours, which considers itself a modern democracy that pushes ideals of freedom and justice for all, that number should be truly shocking.
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  • Protégez Hassan Diab de toute nouvelle injustice. Dites NON à toute future demande d'extradition !
    CONTEXTE : M. Hassan Diab est citoyen canadien et professeur d'université. Jusqu'en 2008, il menait une vie productive et paisible à Ottawa, au Canada. En 2008, il a été arrêté par la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC) à la demande de la France pour son implication présumée dans un attentat à la bombe devant une synagogue parisienne le 3 octobre 1980, attentat qui a tué quatre personnes et en a blessé plus de 40. M. Diab a toujours nié toute implication dans ce crime, soulignant qu'il s'agissait d'une erreur d'identité et qu'à cette époque, il était étudiant au Liban en train de passer ses examens. Après avoir été détenu pendant près de cinq mois au Centre de détention d'Ottawa-Carleton, M.Diab a été libéré sous de lourdes conditions de caution, notamment une assignation à résidence presque totale. Au Canada l'audience d'extradition s'est déroulée de fin 2009 à juin 2011. L'audience a montré à quel point le dossier contre M. Diab est peu cohérent et sans fondement. Deux rapports d'analyse graphologique présentés par la France reposaient sur des échantillons qui n'avaient pas été écrits par M. Diab ; ils ont dû être remplacés par une troisième analyse graphologique. Cinq experts en graphologie de renommée mondiale, originaires de la Grande-Bretagne, du Canada, de la Suisse et des États-Unis, ont témoigné que ce troisième rapport d'analyse était partial, totalement défectueux et non fiable, et qu'une analyse objective ne pouvait impliquer M. Diab. Il y a un manque total de preuves scientifiques à l'appui de cette affaire. La personne qui a posé la bombe en 1980 avait laissé des empreintes (de doigts et d’une paume), dont aucune ne correspond à celles de M. Diab. Les descriptions des témoins étaient également truffées de contradictions. De plus, le dossier contre M. Diab repose sur des renseignements secrets, sans source, qui pourraient avoir été obtenus par la torture. Ces renseignements ont été retirés de l'audience d'extradition au Canada en raison de leur nature extrêmement problématique. Cependant, ces renseignements figurent toujours dans le dossier français. Human Rights Watch a démontré l'utilisation de renseignements secrets et de procès inéquitables dans le cadre des lois antiterroristes françaises. En ordonnant l'extradition de M. Diab, le juge d'extradition canadien, Robert Maranger, a noté que seule la preuve graphologique (qui a été fortement critiquée par les experts internationaux en graphologie) fournirait un motif d'extradition. Le juge a noté que les preuves graphologiques étaient « alambiquées », « très confuses » et menaient à des « conclusions douteuses ». Toutefois, il a déclaré que la loi canadienne sur l'extradition ne lui laissait pas d'autre choix que d’ordonner l’extradition de M. Diab. La quête de justice de M. Diab s'est poursuivie pendant trois années supplémentaires, y compris les appels dans le système judiciaire canadien. À la suite du refus de la Cour suprême du Canada d'entendre son dernier appel, il a été rapidement extradé vers la France en novembre 2014. On lui a dérobé la possibilité de dire au revoir à sa femme (qui attendait leur deuxième enfant) et à sa fille de deux ans. M. Diab a été incarcéré dans le pénitencier à sécurité maximale de Fleury-Mérogis, situé dans la banlieue de Paris. Il y a passé 38 mois en quasi-isolement. (Les normes internationales ont constaté que l'isolement cellulaire au-delà de 15 jours constitue un traitement cruel et équivaut très probablement à de la torture). À l’encontre des principes usuels d’extradition, les autorités françaises n’ont pas proféré d’accusations formelles avant l’extradition de M. Diab. Pendant son séjour en prison en France, les juges d’instruction, MM. Jean-Marc Herbaut et Richard Foltzer, poursuivirent l’enquête judiciaire vieille de plusieurs décennies. À huit reprises, les juges d’instruction ordonnèrent la libération sous conditions de M. Diab. Les procureurs réussirent chaque fois à les contrer. Enfin, en janvier 2018, les deux juges d’instruction, leur enquête terminée (y compris un voyage au Liban pour interroger des témoins, afin de vérifier l’alibi de M. Diab), conclurent que le dossier ne justifiait pas un procès et ordonnèrent la libération immédiate de M. Diab. Deux jours plus tard, M. Diab retournait à Ottawa et retrouvait sa famille, dont son fils né pendant son incarcération en France. Entre-temps, les procureurs français, poussés par la pression politique et le lobby des victimes, ont fait appel de l'ordonnance de non-lieu des juges d'instruction. La Cour d'appel française a ordonné une nouvelle analyse graphologique qui a déterminé que l'analyse graphologique précédente, retenue par le juge Maranger, n'était pas concluante, qu'elle utilisait une méthodologie erronée et n'était absolument pas fiable. Les analystes ont indiqué qu'ils étaient en parfait accord avec les experts internationaux en graphologie de M. Diab. Malgré cela et dans une décision qui choque la conscience, la justice française a fixé la date d'avril 2023 pour le procès de M. Diab, plus de cinq ans après qu'il a été blanchi de toutes les accusations et libéré sans conditions par les juges d'instruction français. Si M. Diab est jugé en France, il le sera sur la base de preuves non fiables et erronées qu'il n'est pas autorisé à contester efficacement. Les rapports d'analyse graphologique discrédités et les « informations » sans source avérée provenant de services de renseignement anonymes restent dans le dossier. Les preuves présentées par ses avocats ne seraient pas prises en compte de manière équitable, car les témoins experts de la défense sont considérés avec méfiance par le tribunal. Hassan Diab risque un procès inéquitable, une condamnation injustifiée et une nouvelle extradition. Nous demandons instamment au gouvernement canadien de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour lui épargner une nouvelle erreur judiciaire.
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    - Given current polling numbers, as of mid-May, we risk having a Doug Ford majority government for another four years. - This would make it impossible for us to make progress on climate and other key environmental issues; indeed, we would fall behind even more in key areas of climate action and environmental protection. - The IPCC report states that we have at most 3 years to start declining, drastically, our GHG emissions. - With so much at stake, you can help create a different outcome! - The Green, Liberal and NDP party leaders say they will cooperate after the June 2nd election, but that won't be an option if they don't have enough MPPs elected to collectively form a minority government. - We need these three parties to cooperate BEFORE the election, to ensure they win more seats collectively! They have not done this before, but given the climate crisis we are in, we can't afford to not make this happen. - For this reason, we ask that you sign and send this petition in support of the letter to all three of these party leaders. The letter asks them to strategically share 10 riding election races in ridings where one of their parties is within 10% of the Progressive Conservative candidate, to avoid splitting the vote in those ridings and enable the non-PC candidate to be successful. Thank you!
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    Created by Paul Overy
  • Choose for the future. Tourism over aquaculture.
    To create a sustainable eco friendly industry so Burgeo thrives for years to come.
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    Created by Tyler Benoit