To: Jason Nixon — Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

tell the alberta goverment to demand AISH be raised!

People with disabilities in Alberta are suffering, we can not live with the cost of living, and Aish is barely enough to get by, We demand that Aish be raised to at least 2500 dollars a month or higher!

Why is this important?

People with disabilities in Alberta cannot get by or they are suffering on the streets, Aish can barely cover the average rent and cost of living in Alberta.

The average rent in Calgary for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,825 a month and keeps getting bigger.

The maximum payment for Aish is $1,787

this is completely unacceptable, Aish is meant for people who can't work because of their disabilities both physical and mental to still live a decent life in the province of Alberta.

but because of the cost of living crisis and inflation, the ones who cannot work are suffering.
most people on Aish can bearly get by, cannot find a place to rent or live, and can barely buy basic essentials due to the cost of living making everything expensive.

Even though in 2022 the UCP reindexed Aish, we believe this is not enough. We are suffering, we cannot work. Aish is all we got

We ask that Jason Nixon — Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services, and the Legislative Assembly of Alberta expand aish and make the maximum payment of 2,500 dollars to make it so we can live a decent life and ease our anxieties with the cost of living.