To: MP Melanie Joly, MP Ahmed Hussen

Canada: End the Sudanese War

Dear Hon. Member,

Sudanese people are continously ignored by Canada and the global community as their horrific war continues. Nine months after intense fighting broke out in Sudan on April 15th, 2023 between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Canada has yet to step in to leverage peace.

The UN has recognized as a humanitarian nightmare as there over 12 000+ people have been killed since April. An estimated 5.8 million have been displaced within Sudan since the beginning of the conflict, bringing the total internally displaced in the nation to 7.1 million, making this the world’s largest internal displacement crisis.

Canada has a responsibility to advocate and act for the Sudanese people as a founding member of the UN. Canadian officials need to work towards the following:

1. Call for an immediate ceasefire- Canada should utilize effective pressure to support a broad international coalition to achieve an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

2. Increase humanitarian aid, including food, clean water, medical aid, and sanitary pads.

3. On the international level, work to expand the UN Arms Embargo on Sudan and Consider Additional Mechanisms- reaffirm, renew, and expand the existing UN arms embargo and other sanctions. It should include Darfur, all of Sudan, key individuals in SAF and RSF, and human rights violators in order to prevent more unsanctioned mass killing of Sudanese civilians.

In light of above, I implore you to increase your attention to the plight of Sudanese people. You have the power to end Sudan's war, please keep your eyes on Sudan.

Why is this important?

Sudanese people cannot continue to fight the RSF and SAF alone, the international community must support Sudanese liberation. They want to live free of violent and oppressive military-rule. A humanitarian catastrophe is growing with the following simultaneous crises:

- 24.7 million are in need of CRITICAL humanitarian support
- 70-80% of hospitals are out of service in conflict areas
- Reported widespread rape and sexual violence are being used as a weapon of war against Sudanese women and children
- 20.3 million people are critically food insecure
- 19 million children are out of school

How it will be delivered

A letter addressed to MP Melanie Joly and MP Ahmed Hassen containing information, demands to support Sudan, and petition will be delivered together.