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To: Premier Danielle Smith

Stop blocking a safe future for our kids

Dear Premier Danielle Smith,

Our children and grandchildren deserve to grow up without the threat of increasingly destructive wildfires, droughts and heat waves hanging over their heads, without fear of what the future will bring.

But that won’t happen if you continue to recklessly put the interests of oil and gas companies first. Here are just a few examples:

- “Forgiving” hundreds of millions in payments owed by multi-billion dollar oil corporations while municipalities bear the brunt of massive deficits, and Albertans face the real world cost of incomplete infrastructure and essential services and are left to foot the massive bill of dirty oil wells [1,2]
- Spending millions from our public purse on a misinformation campaign to block federal policy that would actually unlock funding for Alberta and make life more affordable for Albertans [3,4]
- Blocking renewable energy projects worth $33 billion, affecting 24,000 jobs [5]
- Blocking a policy to limit the pollution from the oil sector, despite massive record breaking wildfires brought on by fossil fuel emissions [6]

The actions you take to block policy and solutions that are designed to pave the way toward a resilient and healthy environment will be a burden unfairly borne by our kids and their kids. As climate change worsens, creating lasting negative impacts to the air we breathe and the water we drink — we cannot wait to act. Later is too late.

We are parents who care deeply about leaving behind a safe and livable world for our kids. We urge you to stop blocking the policies designed to get us there, in this limited window of time we have left.

Why is this important?

From letting ultra-rich oil companies off the hook for hundreds of millions in oil well clean up fees, to spreading misinformation on clean electricity and blocking new renewable energy projects — it seems every time we turn on the news, Smith is doing something else to prop up the oil and gas industry and block any shot we have at a livable, thriving, Alberta.

Our children deserve to live in a province that is safe. They deserve to grow up without the threat of increasingly destructive wildfires hanging over their heads, without fear of what the future will bring. Despite what our Premier says, Albertans, not oil and gas companies, will build the future of our province.

As parents, we won’t sit by quietly while Premier Smith gambles with our childrens’ future. If thousands of Albertans speak up now, it could shine a spotlight on Smith’s shady, unjustifiable actions, and send a powerful message that the safety of our families is non-negotiable, and she won’t get her way without a fight.

Join us in calling on Premier Smith to stop shilling for billion dollar oil corporations, and work to build and protect a thriving, climate-safe future for our kids. Add your name to the open letter now.



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