• Code Red Ontario
    The Ontario PC Party has been hijacked. Under a cloud of controversy, Doug Ford and a small group of supporters took control of the political party prior to the 2018 Ontario election. This group refused to present a PC Party election platform to Ontario voters and instead rode to power on a wave of frustration with the previous Liberal Government. Now more than six months into their mandate, the Doug Ford controlled PC Party government has revealed its policy agenda and the manner in which it intends to operate. This includes: appointment of unqualified friends to high level public positions; a refusal to respond to news media questions; illegal spending on personal items like RVs for the Premier's personal use; gutting our education system; and secret plans to privatize healthcare in Ontario. This secret agenda was never presented to Ontario voters during the 2018 election and we are just seeing the beginning. The Doug Ford government approach and their secret policy agenda do not represent the values of the Progressive Conservative Party and the vast majority of PC Party supporters. The PC Party is under seige and Ontario's democracy is under attack. We are calling on MPPs currently sitting within the PC Party caucus to stand up for the values of the PC Party and Ontario voters by leaving the caucus for the duration of the current provincial government. This is in the interests of the constituents you represent and to ensure the integrity of the PC Party.
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  • Honour Provincial First Nations Leaders
    I was discussing the coin collections with my neighbour who has never seen any of them and I realized that i have yet to see a collection that highlights those that have helped shape this great country from the early settlement days to our present times. It's only right that we correct this issue. I realize some will say this isn't significant but, i feel that isn't correct. This will show how we remember our past and present and spread knowledge regarding who helped create what we have today and to give people something to do research on and perhaps learn how the individual has affected us to this day. Please join me in signing this and lets try to set a collection for 2020 if at all possible
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    Created by Dean Berkeley
  • Save Independent Facilitation
    Email your MPP here: https://act.leadnow.ca/tell-your-mpp-support-independent-facilitation/ People with developmental disabilities and their families are just learning their life-line to inclusion is about to be severed by our provincial government “for the people.” There has been a terrible misrepresentation of what Independent Facilitation is and what this $3.1 million program means to our most vulnerable neighbours and their families. So let me try to explain. Imagine you're the loving parent of a child with a moderate-to-severe developmental disability. Imagine the almost all-consuming amount of stress this has caused you - first, the diagnosis, the battery of tests and appointments, wanting nothing more than a clean bill of health for your loved one, the anxiety of not knowing how severe it will be, then the crushing feeling of all the expectations you had around family life and raising children slipping away. Imagine that coupled with getting to experience the sweetest little person; the unmitigated joy you see in their smile and eyes when you make them laugh with delight. This person, who you know better than anyone, yet who, chances are, will not be known in this way by anyone else. Imagine the struggles of raising this child through school, where kids can be so needlessly mean, especially to those more vulnerable in the social pecking order than them. Imagine the tears, the frustrations, you have tried your absolute best to help guide them through, as they encounter situation after situation where they are told they are different, where they are made to feel unwelcome, where they don't feel like they belong. Imagine watching them struggling to express their feelings to you, wondering why they don't have friends. Imagine watching them slowly recede into isolation, spending time only with you, or by themselves. Imagine wondering - will they ever experience a romantic kiss? Will they ever know love aside from you? Imagine your heart breaking as you realize the thing you want to provide to them most - a sense of community, the joys of companionship - is beyond your ability to build by yourself. Imagine the terror that keeps you up on some nights, as you consider what life might be like for them once you are dead. Once the one person who knows them, their champion, is gone. Imagine the concern you feel, not knowing how they will fend for themselves. The vast majority of connections your loved one has developed inside the medical system over the years have been largely transactional, with no real depth of relationship with any of their health care providers. Sure, they know your child's name, and can tell you up and down about their condition, but that's about all they know. Imagine everyone telling your son or daughter what they can't do, what they won't be, and informing them what their very limited options are. For so many families, this is not imagination. This is heart-wrenching reality. Now, imagine a person who comes and visits with your child weekly. Who forms a relationship with them. Who gets to know them, as an individual, not just as a collection of conditions. A person who is geared towards helping your child realize the skills and talents that they do have, that they can use to create meaning and happiness in their life. A person who will work to help build friendships and community up around your child; a network of care that will persist well into the future after you are gone. A person who walks beside your loved one, helping them find their own voice, to be able to make their own choices. A person who listens, and helps them feel understood. A person who can help bear the burden and can offer you a break. A person who, beyond the health of your child, cares about their empowerment. Finding a job, joining a club, volunteering - these are all outwards signs of the real change that is happening; the creation of social networks and instances where the individuals can use their talents to give back and feel valued. To feel like they belong. Independent Facilitation also eases many downstream systemic burdens - on the health care system, housing, missed work for parents. The increased quality of life resulting from reduced family stress, as well as the self-directed aspect of helping people find their voices to make their own choices, is hard to overstate. One of the biggest benefits of Independent Facilitation, above and beyond what is provided through the existing institutional approach, is the impact it has on depression and loneliness. Studies, focused on greater society, have correlated depression and isolation with negative health outcomes – which means more economic burden. In a community that is arguably the most isolated, many people for the first time had someone to walk with them and help guide them through how to structure a meaningful, connected life. It is very human to want to feel useful, to have purpose. Independent Facilitation helps individuals who otherwise would have been overlooked to determine theirs, structure the necessary steps needed to achieve it and empower them to actually move themselves forward. This is prime space for Ontario, and Canada, to exhibit leadership; how we treat our most vulnerable populations says more about our culture, province and country than any number of political slogans ever could. It is a crying shame to see our provincial leaders effectively turning Ontario's back on a significant portion of our own. Honestly, I can't help but feel that if Doug Ford had a family member with a developmental disability, he would get it. He would be Independent Facilitation's biggest champion instead of being the guy who is about to drop the axe on the service.
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    Created by Jamie Moffat
  • Stop the University of Saskatchewan Monsanto Cover-up!
    The Petition: WHEREAS the University of Saskatchewan was founded for, and has a proud tradition of serving as an institution of higher learning for all the people of Saskatchewan, advancing unbiased science and knowledge for the benefit of society as a whole, independent of commercial interests; WHEREAS the University of Saskatchewan’s administration has recently exerted its considerable efforts and resources towards suppressing information with regard to the University's corporate partnerships with agriculture chemical companies, like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta et alia; WE THE UNDERSIGNED do petition University Chancellor, the Honourable Roy Romanow (elected by University Senate), to make representations within the University of Saskatchewan Administration to cease their legal obstruction and to comply with the prudent and reasonable recommendations of Saskatchewan's Information and Privacy Commissioner to lift the University's heavy redactions on the proceedings of the Symposium on "Research Management and the Right to Know" (Dec. 2015) and similar documents requested for public scrutiny. End of petition With the redactions lifted, the blatant attempts to suppress and hide the collusion between U of S industry chairs, faculty and the GMO/AgriChemical corporations will be more clearly revealed. The next step will be an even more public indictment of these activities. And we promise to keep you, our supporters, informed as we continue this struggle. Please join us!!!
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  • Ontario's Police Raids, Illicit Dispensaries, and Precarious Labour.
    Dispenasry workers face fines, arrest, and up to 2 years in jail for the crime of working (and paying taxes) in a grey/black market venture. Please help workers caught in this regrettable, structural failure under Ontario's Conservative Government, and its failed MJ distribution scheme. More arrests, this time in Ottawa and Windsor, maybe Leo Lucier could get you some respondents: https://sputniknews.com/us/201811091069661388-cannabis-shops-raided-ontario/ TO police raided 5 dispensaries, 19 October: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/cannabis/article-toronto-police-raid-and-shut-down-five-marijuana-dispensaries-vow-to/ 6 arrested in Hamilton, Oct. 25: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/hamilton-police-execute-warrant-georgia-peach-cannabis-dispensary-1.4880436) And four more arrests Tues, 6 Nov, in Essex, ON: https://theprovince.com/news/local-news/opp-lay-cannabis-act-charges-after-raid-on-pot-shop-in-essex/wcm/f65698d7-ea66-49b3-8a03-23220ced72ed
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  • Allow Permanent Residents to Vote in Municipal Elections
    On April 18th, Vancouver City Council unanimously passed a motion to advocate to the Province of British Columbia to allow permanent residents the right to vote in municipal elections. Now we need the support of those in the provincial government to amend the Vancouver Charter (1953) to expand voting rights to permanent residents. With your support, we can show the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Honourable Selina Robinson that the public believes every voice in our community should have a right to participate in democracy. Permanent Residents are valuable, contributing members to society and they deserve to be represented in their local government. Sign the petition to tell your MLAs and the B.C.’s the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs to allow Permanent Residents the right to vote.
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    Created by Ela Gunad
  • Canada Support to Honduras Immigrants Caravan & Opposes Trump Anti-Immigrant Policy
    This a Latin-american humanitarian crisis and chaos. We as Canadians have to step up and support a fair process to people needing real protection and entry into Canada. These people are escaping from gangs violence, government corruption and prosecution with the support of the US government who provides all the weapons and Trump has developed a hate campaign to stop these people in need of protection and violating their most basic human rights. Human Rights declaration: Article 14-Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. We have to call for the Canada embassy in these countries to process valid refugees claims and allow them entry into Canada. They are not criminals, and are fleeing violence and deplorable economic hurdles. This is the time for Canada to just stay silent and complicit and act now and oppose this madness that has raised and has become part of the normal since the election of Donald Trump.
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  • Condemn State Violence Against Student Protesters in Bangladesh
    In North America, safe roads and licensed drivers are something that we take for granted. Pedestrian deaths are not a daily norm, and if they are to ever occur, we can be sure that the drivers will be held accountable. This is not the case for citizens of Bangladesh, where unregulated driving and lack of road safety lead to hundreds of deaths on a regular basis. Ambulances cannot even travel to patients on time due to no rules regarding the safe passage of medical vehicles. Last week, the deaths of two teenagers in a senseless truck hit and run sparked massive protests across the nation. Teenagers, young adults, teachers and more took to the streets halting civilian drivers, and government officials, demanding proof of licensing. Protesters have a simple demand: Safer roads. This demand was not met. What they were met with was violence. Multiple students and teens have been severely injured, raped and even murdered for daring to speak out about the lack of consequences that government officials and the wealthy face for reckless driving which results in the deaths of hundreds. More than a hundred students were injured on August 4th when police opened fired with rubber bullets. Students shared stories, pleas and proof of the violence via facebook. The government's response was to halt mobile internet access for 24 hours. This is a violation of human rights, children are being attacked and losing their lives for demanding safer living conditions, and it is our responsibility to foster change.
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  • Hands off Toronto!
    Doug Ford’s announcement that he’s going to single-handedly slash Toronto city council in half is a massive abuse of power. Ford and his cronies cooked this idea up behind closed doors, without any consultation or even once mentioning it during his election campaign. If Ford wanted to help Toronto then he would be using his powers to support affordable housing, transit, and jobs. Instead, without any consultation, he is dropping this bombshell on Toronto right in the middle of the municipal elections. And it isn’t a coincidence—he’s purposefully meddling in our political system to cause chaos and make it easier to control City Hall from Queen's Park. With fewer councillors, Ford’s banking on ramming his agenda through City Hall, so he and his developer friends can have their way. But we’re not going to let it happen. Leadnow and Progress Toronto are teaming up to stop Ford’s takeover of Toronto. We’re ready to fight back—are you? Sign the petition telling for Ford to keep his hands off Toronto.
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  • Continue with the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.
    This pilot project is extremely important to all Ontarians, regardless of disability or any other individual or family life circumstance. There is still far too much poverty in this province as it is, and I applaud Miss Wynne for her efforts regarding this invaluable financial plan, one of very few good ideas she proposed during her party's long leadership tenure. As prices continue to rise on everything in our daily lives, this file's urgency is key.
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  • Protect Chinatown from real estate speculation. Demand a public hearing now!
    Vancouver City Council delayed their decision to refer the new Chinatown zoning policies to public hearing by three weeks and will be reconsidering the referral on June 5. If the new policies do not get referred to public hearing, this means they will die on the vine and Chinatown will be continue to be open season for real estate developers and speculators. A newly formed group call "Chinatown Voices" made up of developers and property owners, like 105 Keefer's Beedie, are trying to derail the public hearing process and stop the necessary zoning protections for Chinatown. They already managed to get City Council to delay the referral for public hearing by three weeks. We can't let them win again. --- Why are the new zoning policies important? The new Chinatown zoning policies contains new policies that will potentially help alleviate the intense real estate pressures and protect the historic built character of the neighbourhood. If some of these measures to do not get put in place as soon as possible, the door is wide open for more proposals similar to the 105 Keefer rezoning and make it impossible for us to move forward with a UNESCO bid to designate Chinatown as a World Heritage Site. Major policy improvements include: - Rescinding of rezoning policy that allowed for higher heights (so we don't get another 105 Keefer proposal) - Restoration of the historic heights of the neighbourhood - Addition of density, site width, and retail width limits that were never in place before Full report here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20180515/documents/p8.pdf Although the zoning policies can have even stronger protections that what the City has currently proposed, we need to first get the new policies to public hearing to stop more 105 Keefer's from getting into the City development application process as soon as possible. --- How can you help? 1. Sign this petition to urge City Council to refer the new Chinatown zoning policies to public hearing. 2. Share it with you friends and family to sign. The more people, the more pressure. We need to outnumber the "Chinatown Voices" group. 3. Subscribe to the #SaveChinatownYVR mailing list to keep updated on the next steps of this campaign: http://www.savechinatownheritage.org/join-mailing-list We can do this!
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  • I support the University of Alberta's right to award David Suzuki an Honorary Degree
    The University of Alberta has awarded David Suzuki an honorary degree in celebration of his impressive contribution to environmental awareness and literacy in Canada. Now, the institution is facing politically-inspired backlash from faculty, alumni, and conservative politicians. This backlash began with an overblown message from the University of Alberta Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Fraser Forbes, who called the honorary degree a “betrayal” and the “worst crisis… that we’ve faced in more than three decades.”[1] Forbes’ message inspired a number of conservative politicians including Jason Kenney and Matt Jeneroux to publicly protest the honorary degree, and even prompted a law firm to revoke its funding to the U of A. [2] In reality, offering Dr. Suzuki an honorary degree does not represent a betrayal by the university, but rather the banal recognition of a long-time academic, environmentalist, and media figure in Canada. Dr. Suzuki is a respected academic and broadcaster whose career spans over 40 years (his broadcast career began at the University of Alberta, where, as a professor, he appeared in science segments on campus television). Dr. Suzuki has published 52 books, and is the recipient of a number of major awards, including the Order of Canada. Dr. Suzuki has been awarded honorary degrees from dozens of universities and colleges, including the University of Calgary, Queen’s University, and many other Canadian post-secondary institutions. Critics like Forbes, Kenney, and others are protesting the University of Alberta’s decision for no other reason that he disagrees with them on the state and future of oil and gas activity in the province. They have not only relied on hyperbole to exaggerate the significance of awarding Dr. Suzuki an honorary degree, but are using their positions of influence and money to stifle opinions they disagree with. These actions reveal what these individuals — which includes a current dean at the University of Alberta — believe the university should be: a reflection of themselves in both appearance and intellectual thought. Sign the petition now if you agree that the U of A has the right to award an honorary degree to Dr. Suzuki for his historical links with the university and significant contribution to Canadian society. - Richie Assaly, Avnish Nanda, and Amy Sanderson [1] University defends its decision to award honorary degree to David Suzuki https://twitter.com/i/moments/988887038500966417 [2] Message from Fraser Forbes: https://www.ualberta.ca/engineering/news/2018/april/message-from-fraser-forbes
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