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To: Candidates for BC NDP Leadership

BC NDP Leadership Climate First Pledge

B.C. is in a climate emergency. Our government must take action to see us through this crisis and leave a viable future for our children.

We understand that the Premier's job is to make hard decisions. As leader of an NDP government that means putting people before profit. We ask the next Premier to prioritize and make central climate action in all their decision making to lead us through this emergency to a more resilient and sustainable economy.

The good news—the BC NDP can lead by taking bold and immediate climate action that aligns with New Democrat values by creating good union jobs, addressing the cost-of-living crisis, and respecting Indigenous Rights.
The New Premier will commit to eight immediate changes within 60 days of being elected:

1. Declare a state of emergency and establish a Climate Emergency Secretariat in the Premier’s office

2. Begin to bring all existing and future legislation and policies into conformity with DRIPA to respect Indigenous sovereignty

3. Become a core member of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance: immediately stop all new oil and gas production, exploration, and infrastructure, including in new buildings, and rapidly phase out all fossil fuel production, export, and use by 2033

4. Fund a just transition for workers and communities impacted by the shift to a circular economy

5. Ban old growth logging and raw log exports

6. Accelerate the transition to zero emission buildings: invest in climate resilient public housing

7. Begin to expand, electrify public transit and make it free

8. Stop restocking all ocean-based fish farms

Why is this important?

We look to the next Premier to lead us to climate solutions so we can inspire others, and create resilient communities across BC.

As members of the BC NDP, we call on all candidates to sign this pledge, to commit to real climate action and to stand by this commitment as Premier of B.C.

How this works:

Leadership candidates who sign this pledge commit to enact these commitments once sworn in as Premier.
NDP Members commit to only vote for a leadership candidate who signs this pledge before November 30th, 2022.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up before September 4th, 2022 so that you can have a voice in this election and help choose the next Premier:

Email us at [email protected] with the heading “climate pledge” to sign up for the climate first voting bloc and stay informed.

Note: Ashley Zarbatany is the chair of the BC NDP's Standing Committee on the Environment and Economy (SCOEE). The action items were prioritized and revised democratically as a committee with input from broader membership as well.


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