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To: The TDSB Trustees

Keep Online Continuing Education Classes at the Toronto District School Board

Online TDSB Continuing Education courses were established in response to the pandemic. The TDSB now plans to resume offering Continuing Education courses only in-person.

We recognize that some courses may simply not be possible in an online setting, making in-person the only option. But for courses where both instructors and students have found online courses to work well, we urge the TDSB to continue offering them online.

Why is this important?

Online Continuing Education courses are better for the following reasons:

- access is improved and more equitable for instructors and students from across the city
- time, distance and cost of travel to in-person sites can be a major deterrent. This is especially true with the current high cost of gas.
- access is made possible / more convenient for people with disabilities
- attendance will be improved by elimination of problems travelling in inclement weather
- potential participants (e.g., seniors, immunocompromised) will not be deterred by ongoing risks related to COVID-19
- the TDSB will save expenses associated with maintenance of existing buildings for in-person courses.

Please help support online Continuing Education courses. Let's give Toronto residents the option of taking them.

Supporters of online Continuing Education courses (Learn4Life) at the TDSB


2022-06-15 01:33:30 -0400

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