To: Immigration Minister, IRCC, CICC

Problems facing immigrants, Canada and RCICs

Problems facing immigrants, Canada and RCICs

Policies, process, regulations, communication, systems, accessibility, standardization and quality control, online platforms, case review, automatic GCSM record application acquisition upon client confirmation approval - minimize time and clients ability to see professional advice immediately.

Backlogs and inconsistencies in case management by IRCC.

CICC not diligent in providing support or new edited regulations without old logo or change of council to college. Minimal affect of ghost consultants and or fraudulent practices. No way to talk to anyone except marketing department.

Why is this important?

Legal professionals need clearly and easily accessible (edited and error free) bylaws, regulations and acts. They need to communicate with their governing body (CICC) easily and clearly, being able to contact anyone during hours for questions.

Immigration law in particular is a specialty, and it’s personal and difficult and a process that we train in to help people. To our clients it is their attempt at starting a new life, that is courageous, the should have educated people to help them, and they should be told this in a positive way while the CICC uses its government budget to stop illegal ghost consultants. People should be told they must when they hire a representative to check and must be on the CICC registry by Registration number of the representative and see if it matches the name search can search but the R number protected. This allows legal consultants to avoid being copied or linked unknowingly, helping the CICC and the client and the case refusal rate.
People who can benefit Canadian economy, contribute to job shortages and birth rates should be given a fair chance.

We as professional need timely action from who governs us, who governs our clients and the Immigration Minister Sean Frazer yo ensure the system supports the plan and the plan supports the professional who are trained to know it. And know how to do it by following the appropriate Regulations, Acts and Bylaws o do so, as well as working and accessible government online platforms we can rely on and how to iron out the kinks like no in application received asking client to choose payment option automatically linking to the platform. As of now the client pays and needs to upload another document. Which causes problems if the system didn’t flag it for review.

The list goes on and we hope you will want to listen to more of how we can help and work together.