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To: Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs

Expand Democratic Fairness and Lower the Voting Age to 16

On May 4th, NDP MP Taylor Bachrach's private member bill — Bill C-120: The Right to Vote at 16 Act that would lower the voting age to 16 — will be debated in the House of Commons for the first time. [1]

Why is this important?

Lowering the voting age could change everything. It would result in an electoral system change, while also supporting young people having a voice, increasing political engagement and advancing fairness in Canada's democratic system. [2]

With a worsening climate crisis, growing economic inequality and the ongoing global pandemic, young people’s futures are at stake. They deserve to be at the table.

The Bill already has the Bloc's support — as well as some Liberal MPs — but unless we show a lot of public support so that a critical mass of MPs vote for it, it won't get anywhere.

If we can build public momentum in support of The Right to Vote at 16 Act, we can show the Liberals that people want a fairer, stronger democracy. Add your name to show your support.

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