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To: Ontario Premier Doug Ford; Deputy Premier of Ontario/Minister of Health Sylvia Jones; Ontario Minister of Environment David Piccini; Ontario Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy

Hold the Government of Ontario accountable to a livable climate future

Provincial government decisions are rapidly driving Ontario deeper into a climate emergency which is spiking the cost of living, and damaging our homes and infrastructure. The climate crisis is the single greatest threat to the economy and to human health. This hurts us all.

We call on the Government of Ontario to urgently implement the evidence-based solutions laid out in the Climate Action Plan of the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign (, endorsed by over 250 Signatory Groups representing over 850,000 Ontarians, and growing:
- meet our binding climate targets and protect natural biodiversity with oversight by an empowered independent Environmental Commissioner
- rapidly phase out fossil fuels to slash carbon emissions in sectors including energy, transportation, built infrastructure and agriculture to achieve a thriving sustainable zero emissions economy
- prioritize public health and educate the public on the issues, while respecting Indigenous sovereignty and equity for all

The necessary solutions are all readily available and just need to be urgently implemented. Missing this opportunity would be an unacceptable failure of leadership at a moment when our collective future is threatened. We demand the Government of Ontario including Premier Doug Ford ([email protected]), the Deputy Premier/Minister of Health ([email protected]) and Minister of Environment ([email protected]) take immediate climate action while we still have time.

Why is this important?

If you live in Ontario, this may be one of the most important petitions you sign this year...

Only massive urgent transformational change can solve the climate emergency we are in. This will not happen on its own. It will take every one of us working together to push for critical change … but it can be done!

The steep price of oil and gas has driven up the cost of transportation, food and other essentials, making life unaffordable. These same fossil fuels also worsen the climate emergency causing tornadoes, floods, extreme heat, droughts and wildfires. And they produce deadly air pollution which already kills 6600 Ontarians prematurely every year [1]. The clear and cheapest solution is green renewable energy. Unbelievably, the Ontario government instead is planning a massive increase in gas-fired electricity, burning even more fossil fuels [2] - an unacceptable move that will threaten all our futures.

While Ontarians are struggling to put food on the table and find affordable housing, this government has been in lock-step with mega land-developers making multi-million dollar profits while they consume our dwindling precious farmland, green spaces and wetlands, ignoring protective regulations in some areas, to promote harmful unnecessary highways [3,4] and urban sprawl [5]. The result: fewer, oversized, expensive, and more isolated car-dependent homes consuming more fossil fuels and land for the few who can afford, while further deepening the climate crisis, fatal air pollution, housing shortages and food insecurity.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The solutions for the healthy thriving future we all deserve already exist. If our government chooses to ignore solutions, it’s up to every Ontarian to pay attention, to stand up for ourselves and our loved ones urgently, and demand the Government of Ontario take urgent climate action while we still have time to secure a livable future:

1) Sign this petition to demand government accountability for an urgent climate action plan
2) Sign on to the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign (OCEC) at:
and share widely — join over 250 diverse groups and individuals representing over 850,000 Ontarians to increase your impact in calling for positive urgent change to protect your future
3) Use your vote - every single election! And get others to vote for pro-environmental candidates in every future election. With the lowest voter turnout in history for the June 2022 Ontario provincial election, the current majority government actually represents only 18% of all eligible voters [6]. Local level decisions have a huge impact. Voting at every level of government matters to our everyday lives like never before - add your voice because your future is truly at stake and your vote can make the difference!

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How it will be delivered

In person by Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign Team.



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