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To: Finance Minister Freeland, Minister Guilbeault, and Minister Wilkinson

End all fossil fuel subsidies now

End all fossil fuel subsidies now

End all fossil fuel subsidies. This includes public financing, loan guarantees, tax credits, and other fiscal support provided to the oil and gas sector.

Why is this important?

A hot-off-the-press report by Oil Change International just confirmed what we’ve all known for years: oil and gas companies’ climate pledges are “grossly insufficient”. [1]

Yet Canada still doles out billions of dollars in subsidies to these big polluters. Just last month, the Finance Minister rubber-stamped a $10 billion loan guarantee to back the financially unviable, climate-destroying Trans Mountain pipeline. [2]

And the government’s budget included another $10 billion for dead-end carbon capture technology that lets fossil fuel companies keep polluting while pretending to care about climate change. [3]

Pouring public money into fossil fuel companies that fuelled the climate emergency isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s reckless.

But public pressure to end fossil fuel subsidies is growing. [4] If we can expose the federal government’s continued support for Big Oil with a huge petition to catch media’s attention, then we could keep this issue in the spotlight and force the government to reckon with the uncomfortable truth: all fossil fuel subsidies must end, and they must invest in a fair and just transition to renewables instead.



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