• Energy justice for those most in need
    More than 4.5 million Canadians — often those who need it most — are left out of Canada’s federal energy efficiency programs. The federal government has strong public support for expanding low-income energy efficiency. According to polling conducted by Abacus Data for Efficiency Canada, 72% of Canadians either strongly support or support government funding toward energy efficiency for low-income housing. This support spans across rural and urban populations, owners and renters, all income groups, voters for all political parties and in all regions [1]. Canada will not meet its net-zero emissions goal without upgrading the buildings where low-income Canadians live. Without a national federal energy efficiency solution, low-income Canadians are vulnerable to rising energy costs due to inflation and carbon taxes. As Canada moves to net-zero emissions, higher income Canadians will be able to escape fossil fuels, leaving lower income Canadians with the burden of paying higher costs for fossil fuel distribution networks [2]. We have a chance to achieve this in the 2024 federal budget – but we must act quickly. Budget negotiations are happening right now. [1] https://www.efficiencycanada.org/polling-canadians-support-low-income-energy-efficiency/ [2] Efficiency Canada, Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the Upcoming Federal Budget, Sept 2022, https://www.efficiencycanada.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Efficiency-Canada-submission-to-Budget-2023-consultations.pdf
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    Created by Emilie Grenier
  • Ban Fossil Fuel Ads on Transit
    Rapidly winding down emissions from fossil fuel extraction and burning is key to preventing climate collapse. Like cigarettes, fossil fuels are harmful products. If cigarette advertising isn't allowed on transit, why is fossil fuel advertising?
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    Created by Peter Gibbs
  • Tell the Stefanson government: the Vivian Sand Extraction Project is not worthy of a License.
    June 23, 2023, Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein released the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission Report on the Sio Silica Corp proposed extraction project. The Commission did not recommend licensing of the project - far more research is required. Sio Silica’s Environment Act Proposal is severely deficient of critical data, studies and reports - Sio Silica has not done its due diligence. Sio Silica’s Proposal should never have passed the initial Department of Environment and Climate screening - too many fundamentally important questions were not addressed. Our community’s groundwater and environment are far too precious to proceed with a project with associated risks that are not fully understood and cannot be appropriately mitigated to protect our health and quality of life. Please write to the Honourable Kevin Klein urging the minister to be consistent with his commitment to take the Commission’s report “very seriously” and categorically reject Sio Silica Corp’s licensing proposal application on the grounds that they have failed to demonstrate the potential environmental effects of the project are fully understood or will be sufficiently addressed and mitigated. Given the importance of our groundwater and environment and the significance of the potential risks, this project must be rejected. For more information, please see: http://www.cecmanitoba.ca/hearings/silica-sand-extraction-project/index.html https://mbeconetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Letter-to-Minister-Klein_CEC_follow-up_July-19-2023.pdf https://ourlineinthesandmanitoba.ca/ and https://www.facebook.com/ourlineinthesandmanitoba/ The Narwhal https://thenarwhal.ca/manitoba-sio-silica-sand-environment-commission/ Winnipeg Free Press July 10, 2023 Editorial - Economics versus environment – Winnipeg Free Press
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    Created by Trevor Broesky
  • Make Markham's Main Street safer for pedestrians
    Road safety is important for all, and especially for seniors & children. Main St. should be a place we can feel free to travel without undue concern for our safety. Everyone can agree that the community spirit shown at car-free days, festivals, farmers' markets, and events should be encouraged every day of the week!
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    Created by Stephen Edgell
  • Help us Breathe Easier in Schools – An Urgent Plea Regarding the Greenbelt and Air Quality
    Enough is enough. Now is the time to make sure we have a safe September. Now is the time to make sure every student and education worker walks into a safe, healthy environment. Let’s protect them by getting “back to basics” and providing clean air for them to breathe. Help us remind the Ontario government of its duty to protect students and education workers. Demand they take responsibility for this terrible failure to protect us all. Insist that they act to provide a safe September, and invest those unspent tax dollars on improvements to air quality in our schools - for the sake of our communities and healthcare system.
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  • Stop developing the greenbelt
    Ontario has an opportunity to be a leading example of sustainable development. If we don't act now, the window will close forever.
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    Created by Lance Secretan
  • No Mountain top coal mining in the East Slopes of Alberta
    Our rivers, mainly the Oldman River, can’t be subject to selenium pollution without their fish populations being killed off. We see the desperate need to protect what little water we have. Stand up for what’s right.
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    Created by Mike Oka
  • Save the Vancouver Island Corridor with a continuous multi-use trail
    The Island Corridor is an irreplaceable public asset. Unless a continuous transportation use is found for it, it could be broken up. Many people thought rail service was needed to keep the corridor intact but all over the world unused rail corridors like this one are being saved for public use by converting them to highly successful active transportation routes as multi use trails. Now that rail service has stopped on the Island Corridor for 11 years for safety reasons there is an opportunity to do a rail trail here as a safe local alternative transportation option and a world class low impact tourism attraction. Let's make it happen!
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    Created by Alastair Craighead
  • Lobby the federal government to mobilize Canada for the climate emergency
    We are in deeply uncertain times. Climate change disasters, including forest fires, flooding and drought, are touching the lives of virtually everyone. Canadians can ensure the federal government acts as though climate change is an existential threat, by using its constitutional powers to take charge. A new world cannot be born while the needed changes to our cultural and economic systems seem politically impossible. Quoting from Klein's A Good War: "Most of us know the battle for our lives must soon get underway, and most of our leaders are now talking tough on climate. But we're not quite sure how to begin in earnest." The time has come for those of us who are aware of the risks to study this book, raise awareness, and lobby the government on its duty to act, no matter the cost. As CD Howe, who established 28 Crown corporations and did detailed economic planning to ensure WWII production was where it needed to be, famously said, “If we lose the war, nothing will matter.” It's even more true now: nothing will matter if we don't beat climate change and biodiversity loss.
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    Created by Edelweiss D'Andrea
  • No Mining On Anishinaabe Territory
    This system allows companies and individuals to stake mining claims on First Nations lands from the comfort of their offices, without gaining the consent of the Indigenous people who live there. You have stated that we need to “listen to Indigenous voices and ensure they are heard loudly and clearly.” Your government’s refusal to respect Grassy Narrows’ Indigenous Protected Area completely contradicts your own words. This is not in the spirit of reconciliation that your government espouses to care about. Grassy Narrows has been fighting for justice for over 50 years, it is time to make things right. Grassy Narrows is demanding that Ontario respect their Indigenous Protected Area and end all logging and mining activity on the area. Will you commit to that now? We must respect Grassy Narrows' decisions for their territory. Never again should harmful decisions be imposed on Grassy Narrows people and the territory that they depend on. This is an issue of high concern to me and I will be watching closely to see that justice comes at long last to Grassy Narrows.
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  • Ask our politicians to stop fossil fuel subsidies
    We need to recapture our politicians from the undue influence of fossil fuel companies who are even helping to write our government’s climate policies. Recently, for example, the government of Alberta granted 4.3 billion to fossil fuel companies at a time when people are unable to find a family doctor in this province, and at a time when at least two large companies stream-lined their operations by laying off workers. Meanwhile forest fires raged out of control all across the country, affecting peoples lives in several negative ways.
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  • Mandate condos to offer composting
    It’s a step backwards in our society to build housing that does not promote environmental living practices. Just because it may be more convenient certainly doesn’t make it acceptable. We must act locally to make the changes necessary in every realm of living to address the real threats of pollution and climate change.
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    Created by Shannon Haggerty