• Open Streets for People
    As nicer weather is approaching many people in our city do not have adequate space near their homes to be outside safely. Many other cities around the world have taken the step of limiting car traffic to make more space for pedestrians and cyclists. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a statement. “Closing roads means opening up our city. It gives our residents the opportunity to get outside and walk, bicycle, or run through their neighbourhoods and get around in a safer way.” Many of us in Toronto are having to walk in active car lanes in order to stay 6 feet apart from others. Cycling is an excellent way of staying physically distant but more safe spaces are needed for cyclists, especially children. Getting daily exercise shouldn't mean taking your life in your hands, even during a pandemic.
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    Created by Debbie Green
  • Fare-Free Public Transit for Safety and Economic Relief
    Fare-free transit is critical to providing a safe work environment for bus drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic: it allows back door boarding to allow physical distancing between drivers and passengers. As the economic recovery occurs post-pandemic, maintaining fare-free transit will allow all community members to access transportation as people get back on their feet.
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    Created by Peter Gibbs
  • Les véhicules électriques ne sont pas sûrs pour la forêt tropicale
    Les polluants dans les émissions des véhicules sont connus pour endommager les tissus pulmonaires et peuvent entraîner et aggraver des maladies respiratoires telles que l'asthme. La pollution des véhicules à moteur contribue également à la formation de pluies acides et ajoute aux gaz à effet de serre qui provoquent le changement climatique. Les polluants émis directement par les véhicules ne sont pas la seule source de préoccupation. Par temps chaud et ensoleillé, les hydrocarbures réagissent avec les oxydes d'azote pour créer un polluant secondaire, l'ozone. Dans de nombreuses zones urbaines, les véhicules à moteur sont le principal contributeur à l'ozone troposphérique, qui est une composante courante du smog. L'ozone provoque la toux, une respiration sifflante et un essoufflement et peut provoquer des lésions pulmonaires permanentes, ce qui en fait une cause de problèmes de santé publique cruciaux. Les véhicules zéro émission comprennent les véhicules électriques à batterie, les véhicules électriques hybrides rechargeables et les véhicules électriques à pile à combustible à hydrogène. Ces technologies peuvent être utilisées dans les voitures particulières, les camions et les bus de transport en commun.
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    Created by Digriz Digriz
  • Put Advanced First Aiders/Responders to work to assist frontline staff with COVID-19
    Our Doctors and nurses deserve our support and they are not only going to be dealing with Covid-19 but also with regular health problems (injuries and illnesses). People with EMR, OFA3, or 80AWFA should be asked to do some emergency basic training ASAP. In the sector of Adventure Tourism; mountain guides, ski patrollers, marine guides, river guides etc., certainly have essential training and skills to offer if/when/where the system is ready for this untapped and poised resource. Also, it's worth mentioning that many people in Adventure Tourism also have Class 4, 3, or 2 Drivers licences and might be wanted for emergency transport.
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    Created by Andrew Førstved
  • If Covid-19 doesn't get your attention, nothing will.
    Climate change isn't a mysterious force, it's a whole bunch of known forces happening all at once, more and more with no chance to recover. Literally death from a thousand cuts with billions of lives. Entire sectors are being wiped out, and what we need to realize is that there is no "after Corona Virus", there will be something else, and then something else on and on. When we say climate emergency, we mean act now. Acting now means rapidly shifting our economy. We don't have time to nickel and dime who gets helped and who doesn't. The super rich got us into this mess, and it's their turn to bail everyone else out for a change. Every Canadian deserves to not have to panic about money while the government makes the rapid changes necessary to shore up our health care and social services infrastructure, and shift our economy away from fossil fuels immediately without leaving anyone behind. We can see what terrible damage slashing social services and ignoring the warnings of experts can bring, and now we know that no one is safe from the consequences.
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    Created by Saryn Caister
  • Le meilleur moyen d'utiliser des voitures intelligentes face au climat
    Si nous pensons que les voitures intelligentes face au climat sont un objectif que nous ne voulons pas abandonner, alors nous devons nous demander comment nous pouvons le mieux atteindre cet objectif. Avec des interdictions et des restrictions ou avec des mesures là où elles sont nécessaires pour que le développement d'une flotte de véhicules sans fossiles se déplace plus rapidement. Les carottes sont bonnes et saines. Pouvez-vous conduire des voitures avec des carottes? Oui, c'est possible après qu'un groupe de vaches ait mâché les friandises dorées dans le sol. Mais alors bien sûr, il n'est pas interdit de brûler des biocarburants dans un moteur… L'interdiction doit exister Nous ne pouvons pas vivre dans une société sans interdiction ni punition. S'il n'y avait pas d'interdiction de circuler, il aurait été très difficile d'utiliser un véhicule, peu importe ce qu'il conduit. Mais en matière d'innovation et de nouvelles solutions, l'interdiction peut être un joug qui entrave le développement. En se concentrant sur ce que vous ne pourrez pas faire dans dix ans, la possibilité de routes et de solutions complètement nouvelles est entravée. Si le gouvernement actuel veut que tout soit réglé avec des véhicules électriques, cela peut être pour le moins difficile. L'électricité doit également être produite d'une manière respectueuse du climat, et jusqu'à présent, il n'est pas possible de dire que les véhicules électriques fournissent la puissance et l'élan souhaités par les particuliers et les entreprises. Les récompenses valent mieux que les punitions Tous ceux qui ont des enfants savent que les carottes fonctionnent. Vous pouvez faire la plupart des choses car cela se traduit par de plus gros fonds de poche, une glace ou une excursion. Avec la punition comme force motrice, cela peut parfois être inquiétant. Les jeunes sont heureux de contourner les règles, pour ne pas dire tricher, afin d'éviter la punition mais sans avoir à rajouter de conneries. C'est apparemment le cas avec nous, les adultes également. Donc, interdire les voitures sans lesquelles nous ne voulons pas vivre peut être problématique, et cela peut entraîner de nouveaux problèmes à la suite de tricheries et de mensonges.
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    It is important because climate change is a human crisis and we need humanity to combat this third world war of the climate on this earth for a safe and better environment for the next generation.Climate change will alter the Earth. But it could destroy humanity 'What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say'
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    Created by Osman Felix Cole
  • Worms against climate change
    Worms and soil microbes lock more carbon dioxide than any other method which has zero cost. Worms work for free! There is more carbon dioxide locked in the soil than in all the atmosphere and all the plants. Canada is big and could support a lot of worms. NPK fertilizer kills worms and mine the soil so that the topsoil rapidly degrades and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is the greatest human caused source of carbon dioxide. In addition if worm friendly deciduous trees would be planted in forests the forest soils would lock away far more carbon dioxide at almost zero cost. By adopting worm friendly policies we will all enjoy more nutritious food, cleaner water and because more water is stored in the soils far fewer droughts and floods.
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    Created by Stuart Moir
  • Free Public Transit for Students on the Sunshine Coast
    Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast (TraC) is a member-based organization working to create more sustainable transportation alternatives on the Sunshine Coast. TraC believes that free public transit for Sunshine Coast children and youth will help fight climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from cars and make transit equally available to all children and youth regardless of income. Join us as we help build early sustainable transportation habits by promoting alternatives to car use.
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  • Commit Vancouver to being a Good Food City
    On January 16th, 2019, Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to declare a Climate Emergency and embrace available tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On April 29th, 2019, Vancouver City Council approved the Climate Emergency Response report which describes several Big Moves, but omits action on food systems because "staff do not have a clear enough picture of how much [food-related emissions] can be reduced or what the most appropriate roles are for the City to articulate a meaningful Big Move for food consumption. Staff will continue to monitor and pursue this opportunity as these plans are reviewed and updated." Global food systems change is a necessary measure (though not sufficient on its own) in order to reach our targets for reducing emissions and global heating. [1] "Research shows that, without substantial changes, greenhouse gas emissions from the food sector will increase by 38% by 2050." [2] Vancouver still has a chance to sign on to this pledge and become a Good Food City, in line with Vancouver's goal to be the greenest city in the world, and show leadership among the global C40 cities. [1] "Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits", 2018. Nature. DOI:10.1038/s41586-018-0594-0 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0594-0 [2] https://www.c40.org/other/good-food-cities
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  • Get the LEAD OUT of our Drinking Water!
    The Sampling Instructions for testing for Lead Content often instruct individuals to run their cold water taps for two minutes before taking their sample for analysis when tests are prescribed by civic authorities. It is my opinion that that passage of water will clear out all water in an average dwelling and this household will only be sampling water from the water mains outside their homes. I believe there should be two samples taken. One sample should be taken right away- on turning on the tap. Then the Person collecting the sample can put their finger into the continuing flow of cold tap water until he notices that the water suddenly turns cold to them. This may be two minutes... but it may be more for larger and multiple dwellings. (ie Apartment Buildings) My point is this: This colder water comes from the Water Mains outside each dwelling. It is the lead content comparison between these two water samples that will clearly indicate the safety for drinking purposes and foods calling for water content.
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    Created by John Jacobson
  • Get your Candidates to support banning the ICE in Parks Canada
    Banning the Internal Combustion Engine (in some form) is a policy idea that is on the long-term radar for most political parties in order to eventually transition to a 100% renewable future. Progressive steps like these are more easily done in a "watered-down" or trial version, and politicians can more easily sell these policies in small steps. The time has come for a small step, just ask a scientist. There are 49 National Parks in Canada and many of them exist already with very few visitors or carbon emissions spent within the park boundary. The rest are well-known and well-loved by many who support bold climate policy and even more who would like to keep the air clean. This makes for palatable climate policy and a modest investment in government-owned clean tech and electric vehicles for visitor shuttles & maintenance equipment. It will also send a strong message to every visitor to protect the future of the planet from greenhouse gases. Ban the Internal Combustion Engine on Parks Canada properties beginning with this next government. If one party adopts the policy nationally, it will be a nice win for the petition. If two parties adopt the policy nationally, the movement will be a success. If three parties adopt the policy nationally, it will be a significant step in reducing greenhouse gases and may be actually implemented. If four parties adopt the policy nationally, it will be headline news and we'll make some progress on the Climate Crisis. Give it a shot, share it widely & see what can happen with a simple grassroots idea.
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    Created by Leigh Grigg