• Time for Toronto to Ban Single-Use Plastics
    If the City of Toronto is committed to zero waste and reducing the effects of single-use and takeaway items on our environment, we need to say NO to single-use plastics now! Toronto must take responsibility for the outcome, independent of the actions of the provincial or federal government.
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  • Tell Metrolinx & Ford Government to Keep the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension Underground in YSW
    • The proposed LRT expressway would run through Eglinton Flats; some of the most valuable green space in the city of Toronto. This parkland is a designated greenbelt zone that includes one of the city’s largest regional networks of sports facilities and offers an idyllic setting to enjoy nature. • Clear cutting large swaths of mature urban forest to accommodate this elevated proposal would destroy ecologically sensitive areas, wildlife habitat and a critical wildlife corridor that connects to the Humber River System to the Eglinton Flats, Fergy Brown Park, Pearen Park, Topham Pond and Gladhurst Park. Species at risk, both Threatened and Endangered, that are protected in Canada under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), have been identified in the project area. • In May 2021, the Federal government allocated 4.7 billion dollars to the ECWE. A fully tunnelled LRT line will provide fast speeds, less service disruptions and best cost benefit in the long term. Keeping the LRT underground is both financially viable and technically feasible. [1] [2] • The current plan to elevate the LRT through Mount Dennis is not socially equitable or ecologically responsible. It’s comparable to running a Gardiner Expressway for LRT trains through local parks and alongside condominium residences. West of the Flats, the LRT will run underground through an affluent stretch of Etobicoke and this should continue through Mount Dennis. [3] • With increased residential developments planned for the area and the ongoing impacts of climate crisis, it’s essential that Metrolinx stop any plans to destroy mature naturalized parkland and keep the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension underground. • Metrolinx needs to conduct meaningful consultation and demonstrate a genuine willingness to act on concerns of communities. This isn’t only about building better transit . . . it’s the fight against climate change and prioritizing livable cities. Sign the petition to Keep the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension (ECWE) underground and save our parks! [1] https://www.canada.ca/en/office-infrastructure/news/2021/05/largest-public-transit-investment-in-gta-history-will-create-jobs-and-kickstart-the-economy.html [2] https://www.arup.com/news-and-events/billy-bishop-pedestrian-tunnel-wins-award [3] https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2022/mm/bgrd/backgroundfile-225808.pdf
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  • End all fossil fuel subsidies now
    A hot-off-the-press report by Oil Change International just confirmed what we’ve all known for years: oil and gas companies’ climate pledges are “grossly insufficient”. [1] Yet Canada still doles out billions of dollars in subsidies to these big polluters. Just last month, the Finance Minister rubber-stamped a $10 billion loan guarantee to back the financially unviable, climate-destroying Trans Mountain pipeline. [2] And the government’s budget included another $10 billion for dead-end carbon capture technology that lets fossil fuel companies keep polluting while pretending to care about climate change. [3] Pouring public money into fossil fuel companies that fuelled the climate emergency isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s reckless. But public pressure to end fossil fuel subsidies is growing. [4] If we can expose the federal government’s continued support for Big Oil with a huge petition to catch media’s attention, then we could keep this issue in the spotlight and force the government to reckon with the uncomfortable truth: all fossil fuel subsidies must end, and they must invest in a fair and just transition to renewables instead. Sources [1] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/05/25/news/report-labels-oil-and-gas-companies-climate-pledges-grossly-insufficient [2] https://www.politico.com/news/2022/05/10/trudeau-cabinet-approves-c-10b-loan-guarantee-for-tmx-00031522 [3] https://thenarwhal.ca/carbon-capture-credit-ipcc/ [4] https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/02/04/news/canadians-onboard-clean-energy-economy-poll
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  • Make the Green Changes Possible to Stop Climate Change!
    Climate change is one of the world's biggest global catastrophes to date as it eats away at the planet every day. We've seen the destruction and horror it can cause; vicious floods and hurricanes, lethal droughts and heat waves, dying coral reefs, horrendous wildfires and all of it just the beginning if everything is left as it is. This is an emergency situation because if action isn't taken right now, it's going to be too late to repair the damage and no one will be safe. Fossil fuels of all kinds and in every industry have to be fazed out; this is an unarguable and vital step to save the planet and everyone on it. That includes the transportation industry, one of Ontario's leading producers of carbon emissions. With the amount of carbon emissions produced yearly on a global scale from the transportation industry, it would be impossible to end the climate crisis without the switch to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles provide a green alternative to their dirty gas-powered polluting counterparts, running solely on a lithium battery that's completely devoid of damaging fossil fuels. No fossil fuels means no carbon pollution. The world is falling apart under our feet, and yet corporations and governments seem to dragging theirs. The progress being made is slow and/or hitting constant roadblocks that stall or drag out the critical steps the planet needs immediately. It's time to pick up the pace! My hope is that this campaign will help make the transition to a greener brighter future easier for everyone. This fight isn't over yet and I won't stand by and watch our home be destroyed while everyone suffer along the way.
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    - Given current polling numbers, as of mid-May, we risk having a Doug Ford majority government for another four years. - This would make it impossible for us to make progress on climate and other key environmental issues; indeed, we would fall behind even more in key areas of climate action and environmental protection. - The IPCC report states that we have at most 3 years to start declining, drastically, our GHG emissions. - With so much at stake, you can help create a different outcome! - The Green, Liberal and NDP party leaders say they will cooperate after the June 2nd election, but that won't be an option if they don't have enough MPPs elected to collectively form a minority government. - We need these three parties to cooperate BEFORE the election, to ensure they win more seats collectively! They have not done this before, but given the climate crisis we are in, we can't afford to not make this happen. - For this reason, we ask that you sign and send this petition in support of the letter to all three of these party leaders. The letter asks them to strategically share 10 riding election races in ridings where one of their parties is within 10% of the Progressive Conservative candidate, to avoid splitting the vote in those ridings and enable the non-PC candidate to be successful. Thank you!
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  • Choose for the future. Tourism over aquaculture.
    To create a sustainable eco friendly industry so Burgeo thrives for years to come.
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  • Stop investing our CPP savings in lice-infested salmon farms
    Nation-wide recognition of the salmon farm threat and political pressure to remove it are desperately needed. Many First Nations have long opposed these farms, and many organizations are campaigning against them. Governments are beginning to respond and Mowi is fighting back in the courts. An outcry from Canadians from coast to coast to coast for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to sell its shares in Mowi will demonstrate how appalled we are by the existential threat salmon farms pose to our wild salmon, lobsters and other marine life. Your letter to the CPPIB President & CEO will be a strong voice in that message. Send your letter to have them divest all our CPP shares from Mowi. We endorse this CPPIB divestment letter: Clayoquot Action The Council of Canadians Ecology Action Centre Georgia Strait Alliance Living Oceans Vancouver Unitarians Watershed Watch Salmon Society Wilderness Committee
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  • Equinor: Drop Bay Du Nord and invest in solar and wind energy instead
    The federal government approved Equinor’s Bay Du Nord, a billion-barrel oil drilling megaproject off of Newfoundland. [1] It’s a slap in the face to climate science and a real threat to a climate and economy that is safe and sustainable. But the fight is far from over. Equinor still needs to decide whether to move forward with the project. [2] We have intel that Equinor is particularly sensitive to public pressure — and their AGM is on May 11th. It’s where they show off their achievements to shareholders so you can bet they’ll be wary about any negative attention. [3] If we unleash a flood of public pressure right before their AGM, we could force Equinor to reconsider Bay du Nord, or reckon with global public backlash. Add your name to the open letter now: Dear Equinor and Norwegian Leaders, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) was clear: no more fossil fuel projects can go ahead if we are to meet climate targets. Not only will your proposed Bay du Nord oil drilling project make it impossible for Canada to reach our climate targets, oil drilling puts local land and water ecosystems at risk and could end up as an economic dead end as the world moves away from fossil fuels. People in Canada urge you to do the right thing. Abandon Bay du Nord and invest in wind and solar energy to provide good, sustainable jobs to our communities instead. Sources: [1] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/bay-du-nord-approval-1.6410509 [2] https://thenarwhal.ca/bay-du-nord-newfoundland-approved/ [3] https://www.equinor.com/where-we-are/canada-bay-du-nord
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  • Don’t let the oil and gas industry destroy our chance of a liveable and fair future
    Right now, we have a key opportunity to change the reckless actions of the oil and gas industry. The federal government is currently looking at a new policy — called an “emissions cap” — that could totally shift the game. [1] If done right, it could actually force oil and gas companies to wind down oil and gas production urgently, in line with the science. But only if it's done right. The oil and gas lobby is already trying to water down the cap on emissions, knowing the threat it represents to their profits. [2] We cannot stay silent. Together, we can show the government that the public demands bold and necessary action to address this climate crisis—and that the era of big oil and gas is over. Sign our petition now. Sources: [1] https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/apr/04/its-over-for-fossil-fuels-ipcc-spells-out-whats-needed-to-avert-climate-disaster [2] https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg3/
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  • Stop Heavy Industries from Accelerating the Climate Crisis!
    Climate change is destroying the world piece by piece and taking hundreds of lives with it. Vicious floods and hurricanes, lethal droughts and heat waves, dying coral reefs, horrendous wildfires; these are just a taste of what's in store for the planet and everyone on it if nothing is done. We are in a code red; if action is not taken, it will only get worse and soon be too late! It is critical that bold action is taken now to reverse this catastrophe and one vital step is the transition away from fossil fuels of all kinds. Right now, progress is being made at a snail's pace, with corporations and government not understanding the seriousness of the situation. That's not fast enough! It's time they pick up the pace! My hope is that this campaign will encourage one of the biggest carbon polluters, heavy industries, to jump start their efforts and make real change towards a brighter future. This planet is my home, our home, and I can't just stand by and watch it be destroyed and watch everyone suffer along the way.
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  • Ban Fossil Fuel Promotion in BC Schools
    In over 2,000 classrooms province-wide, the FortisBC Energy Leaders curriculum is teaching children that natural gas is a “clean-burning fossil fuel” and a renewable alternative to coal and gas. FortisBC’s curriculum is certifiably false. Scientists consider natural gas a major driver of climate change. In fact, natural gas is on par with coal due to emissions that escape in its extraction process. And not only does FortisBC’s curriculum lie about the devastating climate impacts of natural gas; it also side-steps any discussion of viable energy alternatives like wind or solar, and skips over the devastating health impacts of fracking on communities in B.C. and abroad. The FortisBC curriculum is being peddled to overworked B.C. school teachers via work emails and trade shows, many of whom lack up-to-date educational resources on our province’s energy. This is a system failure. The climate crisis is here, and its impacts are undeniable: destructive flooding, deadly forest fires, and unprecedented heat waves. With the clock ticking down, our education system should be teaching our kids about ways to tackle the climate crisis—not make it worse. The fossil fuel industry has no place in B.C. classrooms. We join with CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment), who released an open letter this week signed by over 100 health, educator, student, environment and community organizations, to end fossil fuel promotion in the province’s schools. [3] The B.C. government is already feeling the heat—but a massive petition could ramp up the pressure and force them to permanently ban corporate-created curriculum. Sign the petition now! SOURCES [1] https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/sailing-nowhere-liquefied-natural-gas-report.pdf [2] https://cape.ca/action/ban-fossil-fuel-promotion-in-bc-schools/ [3] see [2]
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  • Support Children in the early years and Teenager’s Mental Health
    Improving children's and teenagers mental health in Ontario: Mental health has been around for century's and has continued to affect children and teenagers physical and mental well-being. Research conducted by Garcia & Elliott states that the closures of schools are impacting the learning and retention of previously taught material for children and teenagers. The closures of schools are impacting children’s and teenager’s mental health as they are feeling less confident in their work and feeling a lack of motivation which then creates children and teenagers wanting to give up on life. Perhaps enforcing schools to be open and finding different support systems within the schools, will help improve children’s and teenager’s mental health during covid-19. With schools being closed for a long period of time and now reopening has caused many children and teens feeling depressed and an increase of their anxiety as they don't know what to expect next. There needs to be better support systems for children and teenagers in our Ontario community today, if not it will continue to become worse and nothing will change but the lives of our future children and teens. Lets be the change in our community and use our voices to help support children and teenagers who are suffering in silence with mental health damage inside.
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