To: BC Utilities Commission and BC government

Say NO to More Gas

Say NO to More Gas

First Things First Okanagan (FTFO) is a climate action organization in Penticton. We need your help!

FTFO is an intervener in FortisBC Inc.’s application to expand natural gas pipeline capacity in the Okanagan. We oppose the FortisBC Okanagan Capacity Upgrade Project - 30km of NEW gas pipeline.

Expanding fossil fuel infrastructure is the wrong thing to do.

We’ve launched "Say No to More Gas” campaign.

Our world is at a precarious juncture and we have only a short time to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). The last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was clear that no new infrastructure should be built to ensure a future for our children and grandchildren.

The City of Penticton and the RDOS have Climate Action Plans with bold targets to reduce emissions 40% by 2030. CleanBC 2030 also pledged. Connecting more homes to fossil fuel (gas heating and cooking) will increase emissions.

FortisBC has pledged to reduce its customers' emissions 30% by 2030 but how can they do that with new infrastructure guaranteed to produce more, not fewer, emissions?

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Why is this important?

If the FortisBC Okanagan Upgrade gas pipeline is built it will take us further in the wrong direction, locking in decades of emissions and indoor air pollution.

The $271 million that Fortis budgeted in 2020 for this project would be better spent developing green, clean, renewable electric energy.

Learn more about WHY the project is bad.

How it will be delivered

First Things First Okanagan will let the BC Utilities Commission and the BC government know how many people oppose fossil fuel expansion.