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To: Minister of Forests Bruce Ralston

Protecting Old-Growth ecosystems in the Nahmint

Photo by Geranimo on Unsplash
No old-growth blocks in the Nahmint should go forward as timber sales until proper evaluation and consultation is done to establish the impacts of logging in this sensitive watershed area.

Why is this important?

The Nahmint watershed is home to old-growth forests and vast plant, fish, bird and mammal biodiversity. 
However, BC Timber Sales has 4 cutblocks full of old-growth in the area on its auction list for 2024. There is currently no engagement plan to consult with local first nations, scientists or stakeholders to protect these areas. 
Since the Nahmint is a sensitive fisheries watershed it must be managed with the health and integrity of the salmon habitat as a priority. Any planned logging must demonstrate that it will not result in any further negative effect to this sensitive watershed. 
Anything less is read as wilful disregard of standard professional planning processes. We are poised to make a formal complaint to the Forest Professionals BC body that abides by the FPBC's Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct: Sections 22 and 57, " all registrants are responsible to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and the protection of the environment.
In this time of climate disruption and loss of biodiversity, we need to protect BC's 2% remaining old-growth forest ecosystems that help stabilize air humidity, air temperatures, mountain terrains, produce rain clouds and oxygen, habitat for many species at risk and absorb carbon dioxide. These forests perform many interrelated environmental services that are worth more standing and are under relentless attack from a faceless corporate logging industry.


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