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To: Andrew Parsons

Choose for the future. Tourism over aquaculture.

Aquaculture is not the future we are looking for here in the beautiful town of Burgeo. It’s been proven time and time again that wherever aquaculture exists, there’s major impacts on the environment and the ecosystems within those environments. We have another option we want our government to bring to our town instead and that’s tourism. With Tourism being a billion dollar industry in our province each year, that’s where our focus should be. We believe that with the right investments and partnerships with all levels of government we can turn the idea of a national park and marine ecological area into a reality. This industry would be no impact to the environment and be sustainable for years to come. We know how bright our future will be with tourism, just as we know the problems we’re going to have to face with aquaculture. Please make the right choice and choose tourism over aquaculture. Give future generations something to be proud of.

Why is this important?

To create a sustainable eco friendly industry so Burgeo thrives for years to come.


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