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To: The executive Leadership team of the Region of Peel led by Nando Iannica

Implement continuous education campaign for newcomers on efficient waste disposal.

Dear Chairperson Peel region,
We are a team of graduate students at Ryerson University who are concerned about the indiscriminate attitude observed at waste collection points in some neighborhood communities within the peel region. We are soliciting the implementation of continuous education on the impact of proper waste disposal on the environment and climate change to elicit a behavior change that creates a more sustainable community.

Why is this important?

Changes in the climate have recently become more than obvious. By the end of this century, it is estimated that the Earth's surface temperature will rise by approximately 2°C, having devastating effects on our ecosystems, flora, fauna, and humans. Nature itself is already very fragile, and our attitude is destroying a whole world of living organisms and our very own home. We are residents in one of the neighborhoods within the peel region and our keen observation is that some apartments have a central waste collection point but every time you go there, there is always household waste disposed on the floor, a mixup of recyclable and non-recyclable waste items inside the same bin bag when appropriate and well-labeled refuse bins have been provided.
A lot of these negative effects could be improved if humans slightly amended their behavior. By managing waste in a way that avoids landfills and reducing consumption by reusing products, we avoid the creation of unnecessary waste. Nevertheless, by separating and recycling the waste we do create, we could reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills. The waste that remains would actually be burnt to create energy, meaning less waste or nothing at all is actually sent to landfill. The environmental benefits of a proper waste disposal system are clear. When a person doesn’t dispose effectively of a plastic product or a product that may contain dangerous chemicals, these chemicals can eventually find their way into local water sources and the soil. Proper waste disposal can help preserve our natural environment, and ensure a healthy ecosystem for the long-term future. People need to know about the importance of proper waste disposal to help induce action. The better you are aware of the value and benefits of the good waste practice, the easier and more efficient the desired behavior can be adapted.

How it will be delivered

By email and other social media handles.


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