To: Premier of Ontario

Stop Heavy Industries from Accelerating the Climate Crisis!

Climate change is the biggest threat the world's ever faced, and it’s looming higher and higher every day. All around the world, its devastating impacts can be felt as they slowly eat apart out planet. We’re on a deadline; it's critical that we act now and fast!

But it seems like this catastrophe isn’t being taken seriously.

Prime minister Trudeau announced in 2018 a carbon tax designed to target big industries, encouraging them to change their fossil fuel polluting ways. This was a great innovative idea, but had conflicts with the general public since the original proposal would also affect anyone who used fossil fuels. This caused several provinces to decide against it, Ontario being one of them. Premier Ford nixed the idea, claiming that a carbon tax would “hurts seniors, workers, families, and small businesses” .

But what about big million-dollar industries? What if the carbon tax targeted them specifically instead?

The carbon tax initiative would charge heavy industries $40 per metric ton of carbon dioxide. That’s not a lot for an amount of carbon that would fill up a 27-foot square cube, but it’s a start, especially for industries making upwards of 200 million tons of CO2 a year. This kind of fee would highly encourage industries to transition to clean green energy and remove a substantial chunk of the planet killing product from our atmosphere. And think about what would happen if the tax was raised!

We’re calling on the government of Ontario to take a stand against the catastrophe that is destroying our home. Sign the petition below to demand that the government of Ontario implement a carbon tax specifically against heavy industries in Ontario and to raise the tax higher than $40 a ton!

Why is this important?

Climate change is destroying the world piece by piece and taking hundreds of lives with it. Vicious floods and hurricanes, lethal droughts and heat waves, dying coral reefs, horrendous wildfires; these are just a taste of what's in store for the planet and everyone on it if nothing is done. We are in a code red; if action is not taken, it will only get worse and soon be too late!

It is critical that bold action is taken now to reverse this catastrophe and one vital step is the transition away from fossil fuels of all kinds. Right now, progress is being made at a snail's pace, with corporations and government not understanding the seriousness of the situation. That's not fast enough!

It's time they pick up the pace!

My hope is that this campaign will encourage one of the biggest carbon polluters, heavy industries, to jump start their efforts and make real change towards a brighter future. This planet is my home, our home, and I can't just stand by and watch it be destroyed and watch everyone suffer along the way.