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To: Dear Andrea Horwath, Steven Del Duca and Mike Schreiner,



Dear Andrea Horwath, Steven Del Duca and Mike Schreiner,

As a concerned citizen, I am appealing to you as party leaders to act collectively in support of effective climate action, now.

I ask that you put your partisan differences aside for a strategic action in the best interests of all Ontarians. I consider that your party platforms, despite their differences, are all stronger and more effective policy approaches to climate action than what is being proposed by the PC party.

We can't afford to lose another 4 years to another PC majority government.

Your parties have said you will cooperate after the June 2nd election. But that won't be an option if you don't have enough MPPs elected to collectively form a government.

This election is not about a team competition – it’s about the quality of life in Ontario now and for the future of our children.

Party leaders, I am asking you to cooperate in supporting the candidate most likely to be successful in ten strategic ridings. These are where the difference between the PC candidate and the party that could defeat them is less than 10%, yet the strongest non-PC candidate might not win because too many votes could go to the other two opposition parties. Such vote-splitting is a real risk in ridings with a close contest with the PC candidate, even when an opposition candidate is in the lead or has a good chance of winning.

This is not about ‘strategic voting’ – where individual voters have to guess who is likeliest to win in their riding – this is about planned cooperation among the parties currently in opposition, in order to deliver a win-win-win for all of us.

Please identify 10 ridings where one opposition party is closest to a win against a strong PC candidate. Agree among yourselves who that candidate is, and ask the other two party candidates to stop campaigning in that riding. They would stop campaigning and might publicly urge people to vote for the selected candidate.

Please take this action, because the stakes are so high. Ontario cannot afford another majority PC government.

So of 124 ridings, we ask you to identify 10 – just 10 – in which you can cooperate to decrease the likelihood of another PC majority government by winning in the swing ridings. In a minority government, the NDP, Liberals and Green Party will have the opportunity to work together for the benefit of all Ontarians.

Thank you for considering our proposed strategy, and may wisdom prevail on June 2.


[Name of campaign supporter]

Why is this important?

- Given current polling numbers, as of mid-May, we risk having a Doug Ford majority government for another four years.
- This would make it impossible for us to make progress on climate and other key environmental issues; indeed, we would fall behind even more in key areas of climate action and environmental protection.
- The IPCC report states that we have at most 3 years to start declining, drastically, our GHG emissions.
- With so much at stake, you can help create a different outcome!
- The Green, Liberal and NDP party leaders say they will cooperate after the June 2nd election, but that won't be an option if they don't have enough MPPs elected to collectively form a minority government.
- We need these three parties to cooperate BEFORE the election, to ensure they win more seats collectively!
They have not done this before, but given the climate crisis we are in, we can't afford to not make this happen.
- For this reason, we ask that you sign and send this petition in support of the letter to all three of these party leaders. The letter asks them to strategically share 10 riding election races in ridings where one of their parties is within 10% of the Progressive Conservative candidate, to avoid splitting the vote in those ridings and enable the non-PC candidate to be successful.
Thank you!


2022-05-24 21:51:41 -0400

Thank you for signing this petition!
We wanted to let you know that we have over 2000 signatures now, with more being added.
We have written to the 3 opposition party leaders to let them know of the level of support for the petition and issued a press release to share the news more widely.
We hope to be able to issue an update to our press release when we add another thousand signatures (or more) to the petition.
Please share the link to the petition on email or social media. If you click on the link it's easy to share from there:
Much appreciated!
Paul Overy, Lyn Adamson, David Burman

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