• 20.00 minimum wage all essential workers
    growing inequality is destructive to the health and well-being of all
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    Created by Juanne Clarke
  • Universal Childcare for Canada
    This is important for so many reasons. a) It would allow both parents to contribute financially to their family income. b) It would provide many jobs for trained Child development workers c) It would ensure that all children have safe, skill-building activities to participate in outside of the regular school day. d) This is a pluralistic approach to serving all families in Canada.
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    Many people including public health experts, healthcare workers on the front line, workers who have worked non-stop throughout this entire pandemic, labour organizations, and more have been calling on paid sick leave since the start of the pandemic (and before), but it is not yet widely spread that a bill was put forward to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in early December 2020 to legislate paid sick leave. This bill, Bill 239, was put forward by MPP Peggy Sattler, and went through a first reading on December 8, 2020. The bill needs attention to ensure Ontario mandates paid sick leave for all workers. We cannot miss this opportunity to ensure this passes. The bill has to go through more readings by other Ontario MPPs, committee members, and be discussed before being moved forward into legislation (or failing). The public can provide further input in this process, like how the bill should be altered in any way to make it more protective of any person in Ontario providing any sort of labour to an employer in Ontario, including undocumented and temporary workers. You can email or call your local MPP and provide them with any important changes they should discuss in the process, and urge them to ensure that paid sick leave is passed into legislation. Paid sick leave should be mandatory, and in 2018 Premier Doug Ford removed the few protections that existed. This moment is of course especially urgent given the ongoing and escalating COVID-19 situation as we go into the end of the year and a provincial "lockdown". Numerous outbreaks are taking place at workplaces such as warehouses, and many of them are not included in the lockdown. Many nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers are continually exposed to COVID-19, and are working between hospitals and Long-Term Care homes, are under-staffed and over-worked, and need to be ensured that they will have paid sick leave for their own protection, patients' protection, their loved ones, and for everyone else. This also applies for people working in grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, and all other labour and services that have just been symbolically applauded but absolutely not sufficiently compensated or protected. These government failures are allowing for growing hazardous working environments, and the failure to reinstate mandatory sick days already negates the purpose of a coherent public health response. People need to be able to stay home for their health, the health of others, and should not have to choose between income and health. The Ontario Financial Accountability Officer also confirmed this month that the Ontario government has $12 billion in contingency funds for COVID-19 spending. Paid sick leave is completely feasible by large employers, and can be supported by the government for small businesses. Paid sick leave is one of many steps that are necessary to respond to this pandemic, alongside an eviction ban, emergency income support, hospital surge funding, expanded testing and vaccination capacity, and more. https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-42/session-1/bill-239 https://www.peggysattler.ca/paidsickdays
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    Created by Rohini Patel
  • Low Income Canadians Dinged by CERB need justice NOW!
    This is an INJUSTICE that affects the poorest of Canadians. While large corporations, including privately funded nursing homes where vulnerable Canadians have died, are being bailed out by your government the lowest income Canadians are being penalized and put in financial jeopardy - at no fault of their own. Please DO THE RIGHT THING, and correct this injustice. Ensure that the eligibility criteria for CERB is immediately clarified/corrected (for Revenue Canada and Service Canada) to be $5,000 income PERIOD -which means gross - just like advertised!
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    Created by CJ Mellett
  • Dieticians and diabetic educators are essential
    The services of dieticians and diabetic educators are and essential health service to the patients they serve. Their expertise help individuals control their own blood sugar. Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to organ failure and amputation. Delaying care is dangerous and unacceptable. A lot of these service can be delivered via the phone.
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    Created by Dev Chepil
  • BC's Economic Future
    After participating in a Narwhal (non-profit investigative journalism) online presentation, like hundreds of others, regarding Site C Dam, I have never heard of such engineering and economic illiteracy in my entire career. The predatory practices of SNC-Lavalin alone raises a red flag. In spite of the economic damage caused by the pandemic, decisions like Site C Dam will exacerbate the economy of Province of British Columbia for generations. The very first requirement for competing on the Global Stage is low-cost energy and associated infrastructure. Otherwise, there is no long-term job creation. Site C Dam is short-term construction jobs and long-term economic debt obligations, in a dying economy. Off-shore or out-of-province project workers don't even offer training for BC tradesman, let alone opportunities for First Nations' people. I won't even get into the environmental damage and the wide spectrum of remediation costs associated with such a callous and uninformed decision.
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    Created by Ron Bruce
  • Safe Highways
    It will keep our roads and highways safer, and ultimately save lives.
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    Created by Alex Ruffle
  • No LNG in BC
    If a serious event like an earthquake or tsunami or serious weather event were to compromise the LNG facility such that there was a massive release of LNG it would create a large dead zone in the surrounding area where nothing would survive.
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    Created by Kenneth Moren
  • Seniors minimum income
    The cost to of living far exceeds the payout, especially with rent and groceries.
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    Created by Alyce Thompson
  • Basic Needs Guarantee!
    To maintain a sustainable life style for everybody! Wes PhD
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    Created by Wesley Fung
  • Legislate EV-charger Permission in Condominium MURBS
    City people need clean, healthy air to support good health. The country needs clean air to reduce the frequency of forrest fires, windstorms and torrential downpours which flood many parts of our land. The costs related to saving lives and repairing the damage affects everyone by increasing their insurance rates.
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    Created by Anthony (Tony) Francis
  • Ensure that Disabled People and Support Workers In Ontario are PPE Secure
    I have already reached out to Toronto Public Health, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Government Services, The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, all without a response or a plan to address this issue. Although there is a requirement for PPE for disabled people to receive personal support and assistance, no individuals should be paying for PPE out of pocket, and yet, this is happening. I have talked to many non-profits, that have shared the concern that there is no commitment or funding for PPE for disabled people who need access to it for their activities of daily living where physical distancing is not possible. This petition requests that all levels of government work together to ensure that Attendants, Nurturing Assistants and people with Disabilities in Ontario are PPE secure. It appears that the government has forgotten about disabled people and the folks that support us. This lack of action is unacceptable. This lack of action puts lives at risk. Regards, Terri-Lynn Langdon, MSW, RSW Ontario Institute for Studies In Education, Social Justice Education, University of Toronto
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    Created by Terri-Lynn Langdon