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To: Doug Ford

Doug Ford: Hands off our waterfront!

Doug Ford: Hands off our waterfront!

Hands off our waterfront - implement the community-led plan for Ontario Place

Why is this important?

The future of Ontario Place, a publicly owned waterfront park in Toronto, is in peril. In 2014, after extensive consultation with local community groups, the province released a long-term revitalization plan for Ontario Place - building on the site’s legacy of innovation, fun, live music, and public spaces. [1]

Now, Doug Ford wants to rip up this plan years in the making to impose his own. He’s appointed an old friend and major CPC donor as head of the Ontario Place board, who has already stated “there’s ‘nothing worth saving’ at Ontario Place”, and rumors are circulating that Ford plans to sell off the park to the highest bidder to build a privately-owned casino mega-complex. [2, 3]

The reality is that the people have already spoken. Years of community input resulted in a long term plan that is already unfolding successfully - and Doug Ford’s obsession with meddling in Toronto affairs can’t be allowed to derail it.

We’re here to defend Ontario Place and the community-led plan.This plan includes a landmark park and trail, revitalizing iconic architecture, and publicly accessible spaces that connect Ontario Place to nearby neighbourhoods.

Once before,Doug Ford try to impose a mega-casino on Ontario Place. We beat him then with a flood of public outrage, and we can do it again - but we need your help. A massive petition will show Doug that we’re ready to beat him again. Sign now to tell Doug Ford: hands off our waterfront. Ontario Place belongs to all of us, not to his cashed-up buddies and casino megamalls.




Reasons for signing

  • Ontario Place is a tremendous asset and rightly belongs to the people of Toronto. Toronto residences should have a greater say in what happens at this prime piece of public land not the premier of Ontario.
  • A casino is the last thing we need in Toronto! What we do need is public space as outlined in the plan that is already in place. Butt out Ford!
  • Ontario Place is a an important heritage for Toronto. We should preserve it from philistines like our shaved gorilla premier.


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