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To: Premier Doug Ford and University Education Minister Merrilee Fullerton

Defend Students: Tell Ford to Back Off OSAP

Defend Students: Tell Ford to Back Off OSAP

Save and fully reinstate Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Why is this important?

Ford just made slashing cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). This will put higher education out of reach for tens of thousands of Ontarians.

Ford's legislation will also end the six month grace period for repaying student loans, which means students could graduate in April and receive a bill for hundreds of dollars in May - before they’ve even secured a job interview.

Doug Ford is balancing his budget on the backs of students - mere months after handing billions in tax breaks to his well-connected buddies.

We have to stand up for students, and put a halt to this short-sighted, fiscally irresponsible and cruel cut to students' futures. Students have been organizing rallies, and there's another one this Friday. If we get this petition as big as we can before that, we can show Ford that students won't allow this.

Tell Doug Ford and the Education Minister - immediately save and fully reinstate OSAP.

Reasons for signing

  • For a man who claimed to be for the people, Ford sure is cutting every service that people need.
  • I have children that are gojng ro school soon and willl need OSAP assistance
  • As an educator and a parent with one kid in a university this is a huge problem. While my kid who gets no OSAP will benefit from the tuition cut, their partner who gets OSAP will end up with larger loans and more stress. The kid from the wealthier family benefits more than the one from the poorer family.


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