To: Members of parliament

For democracy and equality

Provide a means of contact for would be members of and a means of financing for the establishment of equally owned by worker's enterprises through legislation.

Why is this important?

An EQUALLY OWNED BY WORKER'S ENTERPRISES in control of an enterprise would completely reverse gross inequality in the organization.

Would exchange creation of work done for the purpose of making a living for finishing work done for the enhancement of the life living of life. We should stop making a living, finding our selves alive we should simply live.

To compete with to compete with democratic equally owned by worker's enterprises dictatorial corporations would find that they need to to pay higher wages and salaries to employees as well compensation for the lack of governance voting power that corporate employees would experience when working for dictatorial corporations as opposed to democratically operated and equally owned organizations.

Equally Owned by Worker's Enterprises would be democratic workplaces as opposed to shareholder owned corporations that are controlled by boards of directors that are dictatorships.

Members of Equally Owned by Worker's Enterprises would be better paid than the employees of present day corporations.

Members of Equally Owned by Worker's Enterprises would retain membership in their organizations and be reassigned work or have membership transferred to another organization as opposed to being laid off, or simply work shorter days or weeks with their fellows.

Equally Owned by Worker's Enterprises would be harmonious with ecological policy and conservation policy. Workers at a factory would have a more direct view of any pollution and probably not care for tolerating it.

Equally Owned by Worker's Enterprises would avoid re-manufacturing as much as possible by designing longer-lived products that would be manufactured and sold once or twice in a century instead of multiple times for more profit.

The work goals would not be to create work for the sake of employment work but to get it done for benefit being finished and doing something else to enhance lives until all was done. Spending money could still derived from selling after manufacturing stopped, from the inventory that was manufactured for estimated future need. When manufacturing would be done it could be done at rate that would be faster than consumption.

What an EQUALLY OWNED BY WORKER'S ENTERPRISE is: It is a productive or service business that is collectively owned only by the employees with equal to each other equity.

Each member would be having equal voting power. Acceptance of new members, deployment of capital, amounts of remuneration and operations would be controlled by the employee owners.

Profits to be distributed equally when and if democratically directed.