To: Canadian Mint and Government of Canada

Honour Provincial First Nations Leaders

Canada has commemorated many significant people and groups in Canada's history but one thing that I have been surprised at not seeing is a coin collection that honours First Nations Leaders from each province and territory throughout Canada.

This is a petition to have something done to show if we can do it for cultures like the Chinese, why not honour those that lived here before Canada became what it is now. Each Coin could represent by province, or have a series that will honour ANY person that has had a major impact in how this country has developed from a First Nations background.

Would like to see this become a reality for the year 2020 if possible.

Why is this important?

I was discussing the coin collections with my neighbour who has never seen any of them and I realized that i have yet to see a collection that highlights those that have helped shape this great country from the early settlement days to our present times. It's only right that we correct this issue. I realize some will say this isn't significant but, i feel that isn't correct. This will show how we remember our past and present and spread knowledge regarding who helped create what we have today and to give people something to do research on and perhaps learn how the individual has affected us to this day. Please join me in signing this and lets try to set a collection for 2020 if at all possible