• Instagram stop deleting sex positive accounts
    Instagram is deleting sex positive pages. There are also multiple reports of instagram automatically making people unfollow accounts that are “controversial” and teach body and sex positivity. They do this without either users consent or knowledge. Instagram is infringing on freedom of speech of the users to post things that are within guidelines. It is targeting accounts run by women that focus on sex positivity and education. Instagram is making users unfollow these accounts without their consent or knowledge.
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    Created by Brooke Martin
  • Direct financial aid for seniors living in poverty
    Many seniors are living in poverty and are unable to afford nutritional food and vitamins which is important during this pandemic. So many sectors of the population are receiving direct financial aid and seniors are being left behind.
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    Created by Lauri Nerman
  • Let PSW's Apply for EI or the CERB Program
    This is an important issue because these front line workers are putting their lives to take care of people with disabilities and seniors and deserve social and economic justice.
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    Created by Sarah Bondy
  • Vehicle Emissions Standards
    Canada is still far behind reaching its own environmental standards, and following reduced vehicle emissions standards will only make it harder to do so. Let’s not kick our earth home while it is already down!
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    Created by Ron Fitton
  • Seniors Pension
    It’s important because we need to be counted also. If the liberal government can increase their wages anytime they want - why is it so hard to do for people who have paid in all of their lives? And are not receiving as much as they should be entitled to?
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    Created by Gary Dufort
  • Workers claiming Federal Covid 19 benefits will cause loss of spouses' disability income!
    Did you know, that if one spouse works full time, and the other receives ODSP Disability income, if that working spouse, gets furloughed, or laid off, and applies for the Covid 19 federal support benefit, ODSP will claw back those funds from the ODSP Recipients benefit dollar for dollar? How does this allow workers, to support their vulnerable family members? This was the answer from the ODSP Disability office, to my disabled husband, who recently suffered a heart attack! Why is this happening during a National Emergency and global pandemic? What use, will the Federal Assistance be, to a furloughed worker, if it is deducted dollar for dollar by the Province? It leaves us in the same reduced financial situation! No income from work, and having to live solely, on the paltry amount left over after clawbacks by ODSP? How can a worker help his/her vulnerable family members to prepare for sheltering at home, and purchase enough supplies to survive, in this national and global pandemic? Yet, both Federal and Provincial Governments strongly advise us to stay home? With the ODSP mandates, as they stand, how is this possible? I find it strange that neither the Federal Government, nor Provincial Government, has even addressed this? There is literally a media blackout on these questions. Why is this so? In calling a certain MPP's office, to ask these same questions, one of the responses given to me by his Representative, was; "We don't want anyone defrauding the system...not you of course!" This obviously insensitive, and cruel comment, should not be directed to the public by a Representative, speaking on behalf of an elected Official! Especially during a health crisis! I don't see how a worker, asking legitimate questions, has anything to with "defrauding" the Province! I don't understand why no one is addressing ODSP Disability Recipients, directly, in their public messages, to alleviate the stress and uncertainty, to answer any questions during a global pandemic? Seems cruel to ignore the most vulnerable...when the Provincial Government "claims" they wish to "protect ALL the People in Ontario?" Does the Federal Government know that this is happening, at the provincial level, during this crisis? The discretionary funds promised by the Provincial Government, to ODSP Recipients are not available at ODSP Offices. ODSP Caseworkers, whom have received many calls, have no information to offer, nor funding! There are many, including low-income senior citizens and ODSP Disability Recipients, out of food and supplies. Not only due to having little or no funding, but unable to obtain their necessities due to others' hoarding!
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    Created by Bea Castro-Leeman
  • Credit Card Interest
    This will give all of us some hope during the pandemic and the future.
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    Created by Kerry Hill
  • Fair Canadian Pension Plan For All Canadians
    We are over the age of 60 and were forced our of the work force because of health reason. They offer help to those that have just lost their jobs for 15 weeks how ever we are left behind. Now with Covid-19 we can't even go look for part time work. I believe we are not alone with this short fall in CPP. We are unseen by our Government and will get no help .
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    Created by Ronald Bourgeois
  • Let's respond to Coronavirus
    We need to be smart about how we respond to the pandemic. And consider the costs. Our short-term costs may turn out resulting in the greatest benefits long term. At the very least, we need to buy ourselves time to come up with an effective longer term plan.
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    Created by Francesca Cogorno
  • Impose a Lockdown
    Italy announced 627 new deaths with in a 24 hour period and 6000 new cases From March 19th. ICU patients are being shipped to other provinces as there is no room. This is the trajectory we are heading on in Canada and we need to change this now! For our country our people our health care system can not handle this. It may not effect you directly but it may kill your mother, farther, grandparents, your wife who works in the hospital or your sister/ brother. Be the change we need
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    Created by G G
  • Thank all Canadian’s for their help concerning this COVID19 problem.
    Because this is so serious and final for the person’s that have and will be affected.. We also need to present a glimmer of hope through this situation
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    Created by Kevin Marchand
  • Re-instate OHIP coverage for Ontarians returning after long absence
    Prime Minister Trudeau has called on Canadians abroad to return home now. However, many Ontarians who have been out of province have lost OHIP eligibilty and face a six month hiatus before re-qualifying. That places them in financial jeopardy and may discourage them from seeking care when ill. It poses a risk to them, to their families and to their communities.
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    Created by Mark Goldstein