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To: More than 5 thousand Honduran Refugees Leaving Murder Capital Honduras to US

Canada Support to Honduras Immigrants Caravan & Opposes Trump Anti-Immigrant Policy

Canada Support to Honduras Immigrants Caravan & Opposes Trump Anti-Immigrant Policy

Canadian embassy in Mexico and Guatemala to allow the Honduras migrants start a fair refugee claim process and entry into Canada.

Why is this important?

This a Latin-american humanitarian crisis and chaos. We as Canadians have to step up and support a fair process to people needing real protection and entry into Canada. These people are escaping from gangs violence, government corruption and prosecution with the support of the US government who provides all the weapons and Trump has developed a hate campaign to stop these people in need of protection and violating their most basic human rights.
Human Rights declaration: Article 14-Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
We have to call for the Canada embassy in these countries to process valid refugees claims and allow them entry into Canada. They are not criminals, and are fleeing violence and deplorable economic hurdles.
This is the time for Canada to just stay silent and complicit and act now and oppose this madness that has raised and has become part of the normal since the election of Donald Trump.

Reasons for signing

  • everyone has a right for freedom, and safety, survival, and fair claim process, going through USA with a president that has no soul has changed in an immigration crisis, Trump is creating this caravan an violence in those countries due to he stopped sending money .. Canada need to change their immigration policy to have these poor families come to Canada, the are not welcome in USA
  • I think we should be giving an opportunity to survive and have freedom to work to live
  • Parce que nous nous devons d etre solidaires


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