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To: BC Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs, and the BC government

Allow Permanent Residents to Vote in Municipal Elections

Amend the Vancouver Charter to allow permanent residents to vote in municipal elections

Why is this important?

On April 18th, Vancouver City Council unanimously passed a motion to advocate to the Province of British Columbia to allow permanent residents the right to vote in municipal elections.

Now we need the support of those in the provincial government to amend the Vancouver Charter (1953) to expand voting rights to permanent residents.

With your support, we can show the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Honourable Selina Robinson that the public believes every voice in our community should have a right to participate in democracy. Permanent Residents are valuable, contributing members to society and they deserve to be represented in their local government.

Sign the petition to tell your MLAs and the B.C.’s the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs to allow Permanent Residents the right to vote.




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