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#TorontoDoesTherapy | LinkMentalHealth

#TorontoDoesTherapy | LinkMentalHealth


By signing this petition, you’re pledging your support for anyone who goes to therapy. Your signature lets those around you know that it’s okay to seek help. It doesn’t go anywhere else.

If you think it’s okay to go to see a therapist, and okay to talk about it, then please sign and share using the hashtag #TorontoDoesTherapy.

For every signature, LinkMentalHealth will donate 5 cents towards covering the cost of therapy for someone who can’t access it. This campaign runs from World Mental Health Day on Oct 10th until Oct 31st.

**Why #TorontoDoesTherapy?**

While mental health and self-care are topics that we talk about a lot more (which is great!)... but what about seeing a therapist? Whether for treatment or for proactive self-care, we want to normalize the conversation around seeking therapy and we need you to be part of it.

Why is this important?

LinkMentalHealth is a free website that connects people in the GTA to mental health services that’s best for them, regardless of what they can afford.

If you, your spouse, or your parents, work full-time, OR you are a post-secondary student, you likely have mental health insurance coverage. Yes students, YOU HAVE COVERAGE!

We’re here to help connect you to the best therapy option for you, based on gender, ethnicity, specialization and what you’re going through.

**What if I don’t work, study or have coverage?**

For those without coverage, we can also help connect you to free therapy programs that are available. Worried about the wait times of these programs or therapists? We display those too, and some have no wait times at all.

**Are you an organization or representative that wants to support this cause and contribute your logo?**

Contact us at to sign your company, student union, or organization up and be our partner. You get your logo on our banners, and then we get your help to spread the word using #TorontoDoesTherapy.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I am someone that has used therapy to help manage my mental health issues. More importantly, it gave me HOPE that I can live a fulfilled life even with mental illness. We are blessed to be in a country that actually offers therapy. Stigma should not be a barrier to people getting the life-saving and life-changing help they need.
  • The stigma attached to therapy is a significant barrier to accessing mental health services in addition to the social determinants of health, especially for immigrants and communities of colour. This campaign address these essential issues that require attention, support and resources.
  • I signed because we need to fight the stigma against therapy! I also really like that by just a quick sign we're able to contribute and help a Syrian newcomer with their mental health journey! Awesome initiative!


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