• Basic income, for mentally disabled
    It is very important because people can't pay for almost anything. Their rent, food, medication, bills. Just recently the cost of living has gone up along with everything else. Not just in my city of Niagara but throughout all Ontario.
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    Created by Pasquale Paladino
  • Access to Covid 19 tests for everyone
    Join in my campaign for broader access to Covid 19 testing especially access to free rapid testing for all to stop tiered testing
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    Created by Muminah Muhammad
  • CEO Jay-Ann Gilfoy: Commit to a fossil-free Meridian Credit Union
    In May of 2021, the International Energy Agency issued a bombshell report: if we're to avoid the worst-case climate crisis scenarios, fossil fuel expansion needs to stop immediately - not in 2030, not next year, but today. [1] Despite that, fossil fuel companies are continuing to expand - and financial institutions are giving them the money to do it. [2] As a credit union, Meridian is meant to deliver community-focused investments. But it remains invested in fossil fuels doing irreparable harm. [3] Prior to accepting a role as CEO of Meridian, Jay-Ann Gilfoy was an executive at VanCity Credit Union. Vancity is Canada's largest credit union, has fully divested from fossil fuel investments, and has pledged to net-zero emissions across its entire portfolio by 2040. [4] It's time for Gilfoy to bring that same commitment to sustainability to Meridian. CEO Gilfoy, match VanCity by commiting to rapid divestment from fossil fuel investments at Meridian and net-zero across all investments by 2040. References: 1: IEA Report: https://www.iea.org/reports/net-zero-by-2050 2: Fossil Fuel Financing in Canada report: https://www.greenpeace.org/canada/en/press-release/49591/canadian-banks-defying-climate-science-by-increasing-fossil-fuel-finance/ 3: Credit unions on climate report: https://www.toronto350.org/choosing_a_climate_friendly_credit_union_in_toronto 4: VanCity's net-zero by 2040 commitment: https://www.bcbusiness.ca/Vancity-beats-other-Canadian-banks-and-credit-unions-to-net-zero-pledge
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    Created by Timothy Ellis Picture
  • End Legislated Poverty In BC
    Demand those assistance receive a benefit that is indexed to inflation, demand an end to claw backs and allow people to embrace union with another without facing penalty for doing so!
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    Created by Dan de Lench
  • Kickstart the Canada disability benefit ASAP
    The Disabled people are the most vulnerable population and they have very little voice. Governments often neglect them.
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    Created by Milad Tarafdar-Haghighat
  • Rename Dundas Public School to Stand Against Anti-Black Racism
    As students of Queen Alexandra Middle School and members of the community (which is the neighbouring institute of Dundas Public School), we firmly believe that Henry Dundas is not an appropriate representative of our community. By continuing to honour his memory, we celebrate histories of colonialism and enslavement that conflict with our shared values of tolerance and inclusion. Further, the name doesn’t reflect the diverse populations that make up our student bodies.
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    Created by Students of Queen Alexandra Middle School
  • Stop Credit-check abuse in Alberta
    In the spring of 2021 alone, over a quarter million Albertans lost their jobs due to Covid related employment and economic issues. As Alberta rises from these ashes, many affected Albertans will face new financial challenges - including home foreclosures, evictions, vehicle repossession, credit card and loan forfeitures - personal and business. Each event negatively affecting the credit ratings of the individual and requiring time to resolve. Newly graduated individuals will also enter the employment and rental markets with no active credit history. The increasing arbitrary practise of credit checks for employment, housing and basic services will paralyze the lives of so many Albertans. In spite that none of these services are offering a credit or loan product. Credit checks and credit information bureaus were created to affirm payment worthiness for credit and loan products, not as means for discrimination, invasion of privacy, to deny basic services or to justify pre-penalizing potential customers of these services. Alberta's population needs to know our right to rebound is protected so that we can get on with the business of building and rebuilding our future.
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    Created by Kate Vance
  • Renew Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) For 2021
    “With classes ending and Canada in the midst of a deadly third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are facing a dismal job market and high unemployment as they move into the summer. Unless the CESB is renewed, students will continue to struggle to recover from the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic for years to come. For many students, summer is when they earn money to support their studies. Without those summer jobs, and without the CESB, debt will grow, and racial and social inequities amongst students will only deepen. Students without other support systems will fall through the cracks. The Green Party is calling on the Government to ensure all those eligible for the CESB receive $2,000 per month – the same amount as the Canada Recovery Benefit – and not last year’s figure of $1,250. The benefit should also cover both international and recently graduated students. “In 2020, the government justified offering students a discounted emergency benefit based on the promise of summer jobs,” said Ms. Paul. “Those jobs never materialized; the summer student unemployment rate was 40 per cent and many students were driven into further debt. We cannot make that mistake again. “Reinstating the Canada Emergency Student Benefit must be a critical part of Budget 2021. Supporting our students is one the best investments we can make in our future.” -quote taken from the Green Party of Canada https://www.greenparty.ca/en/media-release/2021-04-13/green-party-leader-annamie-paul-calls-prime-minister-and-federal-government
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    Created by Laura R
  • Close International Air Ports In Canada
    Covid 19 will eventually stop spreading. As seen in Australia. Australia has minimal cases. This is important because it will save lives as well and allow us to get back to life. It will prevent variants from coming into Canada and allow us time to Eliminate the Present Pandemic.
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    Created by Angela F
  • Get daycare workers immunized
    These front-line workers are caring for the children of other front-line workers but are all but forgotten. Emergency daycares are open and these workers were rly with children, staff and parents and need to be prioritized for the vaccine.
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    Created by Maureen Huddleston
  • Extend tax filing deadline
    It will help low income citizens comply with the tax filing laws and get their benefits.
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    Created by Erik Koudstaal
  • Close the Malls and Big Box Stores in Ontario
    The Premier constantly insists that his decisions are based on the recommendations of qualified doctors and on science. Across the board doctors have indicated that the current lock-down measures are inadequate. More people are becoming infected, Intensive Care Units are overwhelmed and people are dying. Whole families are being infected, are sent off to different communities as local hospitals cannot cope and many are dying alone. When Malls and Big Box stores are open and filled with shoppers, this risks not only the shoppers who have chosen not to stay home but also the staff who are exposed to significant risk if they hope to keep a job and income. We hear over and over a "stay at home" message but how does that make sense when we encourage lineups and shopping? It is time to stop this virus before there are more mutations, including some that may be vaccine resistant.
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    Created by Agnes Samler